Living in a World of Independence

Living in a World of Independence

I know its tough to face everyday living by your own, having so much time with yourself. And a silence of doing things alone.

It's pretty tougher to observe many couples around you that are together and wondering why the hell you don't have one.


I don't like to be in a relationship anyway, thats what crossed my mind when I saw couples, and I feel fine being alone.

I guess that being in a relationship just means a lot for me, that I don't want to have troubles getting in a relationship I don't really want(relationship that are stressful or lack of time for yourself etc.) there's so many urges of relationship that you have to be ready to get into, or else you'll end yourself heartbroken, i guess thats not healthy. We deserve to be happy, its fine to keep yourself reserved for a while

It's fine to be single, as long as you know you deserve greater, and you know that one day, you'll get into a relationship that would be fine to surrender your independence.


I'll admit it, sometimes I get bored of having so much time for myself, its too silent. And of course you can't talk to yourself. You have so much time to think things through, and boom leads you to anxiety haha but it's not so negative to have it. You have peace, you learn to dealt life to be peaceful.

We have friends, we have family, and of course we have ourselves. Every connection of people is a part of you.

When you get out of that house, you know you have threat of vulnerability, and all we can do to control it, is to be able to hold ourselves.

When you have time to learn, when you have time to think things through ,you wouldn't fear of anything else as you know, yourself enough and you have time to handle things through of making wise decisions.

When we are independent, we know the best for ourselves, and we wouldn't waste so much energy depending yourself for others, cause you're confident to yourself, you simply can. It isn't bad to be dependent to others. But when we live a life we could have independently i just know we have a lot of chance to study and bring out the best version of ourselves.


Every time we get along with other peoples we always give a little part of ourselves. Sometimes we are unprepared of things we can't predict. And the most problem we have is being incapable to handle our own life. Like you trust too much to others that they don't really ask for it, you follow too much others those people that doesn't care about you. I think people would care more, for the best when we are strong enough and able to keep things through with value.

Some people just don't have idea what the life you're facing through, don't let others trashed your time and effort. Your life is only yours, and people should take value of it like they take value of theirselves.

I believe that there are right people that will help you become the best you can be. You can have time to choose which people are right for you.

Having time, is being able to choose the best people around you whom you can give your trust and give your everything. Dont waste it on people that won't care a single thing about you.

Did you ever wonder why I choose this life of independence?


When you were young you get confuse of things, you don't know how, you don't know what to do and simply you fear a lot of things because you still lack of trust with yourself.

If you can be able to build a relationship of yourself knowing what you want, what you think of, you wouldn't worry much of others. It is Just because you know how to make yourself happy.

Life is so flexible that it is complex for you to understand it. But by having that freedom to discover and own it. You will live a life that you desire to own.

You can keep things you desire to yourself. You are capable of your own self. You have respect and values. That is what it means to truly have that independence in life.

Of course I don't want to live in a life of forever independence. I am still a human, still be able to catch cold. But when I do share my life with others. I know I could build a strong powerful life to live with.


People know you are independent most time of your life. People sees you and those people means so much to understand you. They are the only people you can rely on. It's better to build a life with them that keeps life with love and positivity.

Living in a World of Independence
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  • SkipStop
    Nice. I feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed and powerful living alone. I control everything in my house and don't have to share anything. If I want music in the background, I will turn it on. If I want to rearrange furniture to my taste, I can do it with no need to compromise. No need to do anything special on special occassions. When I lived with my grandparents, they always rearranged the kitchen, set up all the food they onto the table, special plates and cups, etc. etc. It was sooooo annoying. I'm a simple guy. It only gets tough when I get sick and don't have anyone to help me. That's the biggest drawback I can think of.
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    • Clinton321

      DammBro... u need love

    • MikkiM

      Can I marry you instead hahaa :P

    • Clinton321

      Mikkim.. not a big deal😜.. you can inbox me

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  • sidhesh
    You are a different person you should go for higher spiritual evolution
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    • MikkiM

      I have new stories about this :)

  • Nick2019
    Hi Miki
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  • Clinton321
    Wow.. amazing speech👏