Introducing the Me&Wo Movement: Offering Solutions to Issues Men, Women, and Both Genders Face


By transposing a couple of letters from "Men" and "Women" and mashing them together, I have arrived at Me&Wo. Short for Men and Women the Me&Wo movement strives to improve the lives of both men and women. If you're thinking to yourself "this is an absolute joke, an acronym of Meow and a picture of a cat are not going to translate into real, sustainable, meaningful change, rest assured there is an underlying logic behind the name and the representation. And, since nothing else so far has worked, I figured I'd dip my toe into the water- maybe I'll muddy it up some more, maybe I can adjust the flow.

Movements start small. If a movement is to grow everybody who believes in its vision will need to back it. This isn't some hail mary power grab. This is an actual proposal to address serious issues in society. If you are interested, regardless of how stupid this may look, I implore you to read on.

The cat, incidentally, is not a permanent fixture. To assist the reader in taking this seriously, here is a different picture I found that is more representative of what the movement actually could be.

Introducing the Me&Wo Movement: Offering Solutions to Issues Men, Women, and Both Genders Face

So, why the cat? As I previously stated, this is only the beginning. If this were to go anywhere, this movement would not be associated with the picture of the cat- it would be presented as a serious movement. But it is rooted in a philosophy that resembles a cat.

Let me just get straight to the point. Here are the core tenants the movement is built upon

First, that each member of the movement is an individual with different experiences, thoughts, and feelings not part of a collective or hive mind. As such, each individual- regardless of former or current political leanings- should be given the chance to speak their mind.

Second, this movement is very focused on one particular thing- that is, addressing issues men and women face. This is not a movement advocating for transgender rights or any other genders. This movement strictly focuses on men and women, believing that other movements can better address the issues other groups face. Racial injustices are not the focus of this movement, for a similar reason. However, where they pertain to issues men and women face, keeping them entirely separate is infeasible and unreasonable. This is not the gender-neutral version of white feminism. Everybody is welcome into this movement. Any man or woman will have a voice on issues concerning gender.

Third, the movement does not anticipate harmony. There are many issues, on both sides of the political aisle, that will likely cause tension and strife. Where necessary, this will have to be dealt with accordingly and denounced. The movement will initially focus on issues that are not at the expense of men or women and are less polarizing. If it grows, it will change to deal with other issues within the men-women realm accordingly.

Fourth, sole leadership is dangerous. A system of checks and balances would have to be implemented and the right people would have to head the movement. And, yes, I include myself in this. Good intentions can have bad outcomes.

Fifth, any individual addressing an issue should be given full, undivided attention.

Six, the movement does not rely on external sources to "clean" it. It will clean itself by denouncing bad behavior and self- evaluating its own goals

Seven- this is not a selfish movement, but everybody has done selfish things before that would not be entirely in line with the movement's goals. Attempting to present this as pure or holy in some way would be a mistake and will deeply backfire. This is a movement of people. It is flawed. It may be hypocritical sometimes. This must be realized in advance.

Eight- this movement must be able to "see" ahead, in detail, and anticipate potential changes and strife. Each action will have a reaction. If that reaction can be dealt with in advance, the movement will survive through hard times.

Nine- this movement will stay its own movement.

Ten- This movement must be able to balance itself and not lean too far or the other, though also expect shifts and cope accordingly.

Cat owners will probably better understand what I mean about the philosophy being "based on cats"

Introducing the Me&Wo Movement: Offering Solutions to Issues Men, Women, and Both Genders Face

It would be inappropriate for me to decide which problems men and women want addressed as a whole. Instead I will focus on how these problems could be dealt with. This is a work in progress and I am open to any suggestions.

First, evidence must be presented. Solid evidence, by both people who believe the stated problem is an issue or exists and people who don't.

Next, viewing this movement as a people based democracy (not communism) majority vote of the gender rules supreme.

Next, the other gender will review the issue and, providing evidence, review the effects it could have on that gender. If the majority of members of that gender believe it will negatively impact them, the issue is not addressed.

Finally, If the issue had the support of the first gender but was vetoed by the second gender, the issue would be put up for discussion to see if a compromise that helps the first gender slightly without impacting the second gender could be reached. If no compromise is reached, but the issue had the support of the first gender, the issue is tabled. Through this process, the issues with the most support will be addressed first and, over time, the other issues may be addressed as well. The two gender, diplomatic approach, is crucial to the overall success of the movement.

Introducing the Me&Wo Movement: Offering Solutions to Issues Men, Women, and Both Genders Face

Ok... Great. So two people from here support it. And then talk about it once. And then never do anything again. How in the world is this going to actually get off the ground?

The same way any other movement gets off the ground. So it doesn't seem quite so ridiculous/stupid and in case the hashtag already exists I would suggest using the hashtag womenandmen or something along those lines. I will check some of the hashtags to see what is taken and what it is used for and pick a good, catchy but descriptive, hashtag. I welcome any suggestions.

Once this is established, this is where you come in. You will have to promote this movement, in connection with stories or issues you feel need to be addressed. I, of course, will do the same. This is how many modern movements have achieved liftoff and it is vital to overall success. However, there is a significant caveat to this: DO NOT LINK TO THIS PAGE. The fact that it was created by one person makes it seem small and strange and the result of a strange dream or not a real thing. The important thing is the overall message gets out that, independent of other movements, there is a push for men and women to cooperate. This is just a model. Nothing about this is final. The underlying idea is this changing tide in society where men and women are coming together to cooperate. NOT THIS POST. I like cats, so I used the cat. That's not the overall image of the movement. This is a serious, much needed movement. If you like any ideas, copy them and spread them- and it is important for people to be on the same page. But don't link back to this post. A movement with one leader can be toppled- a movement led by multiple people will not be. Even leaders should be removed if that is necessary and conducive to the movement's success.

Introducing the Me&Wo Movement: Offering Solutions to Issues Men, Women, and Both Genders Face

Policy towards other groups Other gender based groups exist and take on each other. This movement strives to stay outside of all that. It is not against any of these groups it does not support any of these groups. By policy. Those groups exist and so does (hopefully) this. The movement has nothing to say about other groups. It is presented as an option. A different way of approaching issues. The movement is not trying to "tackle" groups and should not be used as a bludgeon. It is its own thing and it has enough of its own issues to worry about without focusing on outside groups. It is not perfect, it does not pretend to be. It is flawed, but it has good intentions. It is not called men and women because it feels other groups are at odds with the philosophy, it simply wants to make its own philosophy clear.

Introducing the Me&Wo Movement: Offering Solutions to Issues Men, Women, and Both Genders Face

Names are powerful. The original name I suggested was "men and women"- straightforward and to the point. However, "women and men" can also be recognized as the name and I will look for a second hashtag. Two hashtags, two choices, one movement. It means literally the exact same thing- it just allows some flexibility so if the order is swapped it is still getting the word out about the movement. The names mean exactly the same thing, but the movement does have two names. If there are any other suggestions, list them down below but I would like the name to be straightforward and to the point.

Introducing the Me&Wo Movement: Offering Solutions to Issues Men, Women, and Both Genders Face

Thoughts? As I said before, if you believe in what I'm saying share the ideas not this post. It doesn't look mature or proper for a movement and links to my profile and some comments I've made about one thing or another that could be problematic. Anything truly offensive or hurtful I apologize for in advance.

I honestly believe this could be the start of something great. And though I'll always be partial to these ideas, because they are my own, I recognize whatever movement comes out needs to focus on the greater good and am open to hearing and seriously discussing other ideas. Before the end of the year I would love to see a truly gender neutral movement take off... but if it takes two, five, or even ten years that's fine as well. Any movement should grow in a slow and controlled fashion, the idea being that if it accrues the right people it will continue to grow, however slowly, and blossom into something truly fantastic.

Introducing the Me&Wo Movement: Offering Solutions to Issues Men, Women, and Both Genders Face

Thank you for reading. Have a great day and please share your thoughts down below!


Most Helpful Girl

  • What's the obsession with these movements? Why not just "human rights"? Creating these movements and labels seem like a way to focus less on actually improving people's lives.
    "I identify with so and so movement, we believe in this and that, okay, but rather than putting your efforts into building a movement so you can feel like you belong to something righteous, why not just... Do shit? As a human, not as a feminist or an MRA or a what-have-you.

    I don't hate these things, before I get flack, I just don't understand the fundamental point.

    • @jellyroo I understand what you're saying but general concepts don't seem to encourage change. I believe, in order for a concept to succeed, it must have a label

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    • Feminism and LGBT turned equality into an absolute joke. This is why you're now getting idiotic movements like MRA and MGTOW that are cis-male versions of the bullshit Feminists have been spouting over the past 5 or 6 years.

    • @ronaldo75 It makes me sad.

Most Helpful Guys

  • The idea is good, except for a little detail: those movements you're fighting against (because they'll fight against you) are after political and social power. They don't want to help or make the world a better place. Therefore, their goal will be to eradicate anyone getting in their way.

    • The movements can't address every counter movement. They are less likely to address a clean movement that runs parallel to theirs than they are to address a dirty movement that runs perpendicular and blocks theirs. Don't know where I was going with that parallel, perpendicular thing or if that made any sense.

      Besides, they have to turn the public against the movement. They cannot do that if the movement isn't even against them in the first place. As long as the core movement holds together and makes its intent clear by action, I don't see it falling apart.

  • Feminists want to destroy or dominate men for womens benefit. So they think that MRA's are trying to do the same thing.

    When in reality MRA's want specific issues addressed and they explicitly do not want any of men's issue improvements to come at the cost of women.


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What Girls Said 4

  • You people really don't know what feminism or the mra movement actually are do you...

    Feminism is about freedom from patriarchal oppression, It is a legitimate movement with multiple different aspects and has legitimate history in academia, there is radical feminism, intersectional feminism, marxist feminism, queer feminism, anarcho-feminism, etc. It is not about simply women vs men, In fact there are lots of legitimate mens issues that are discussed in feminism, because, guess what, these issues are caused by patriarchy, for example, the reason why men have a higher suicide rate is because patriarchal society causes them to repress their emotions to avoid seeming ''feminine'', something patriarchy sees as week

    Now, MRAs on the other hand, is a reactionary anti-feminist movement that has roots in the misogynistic hate group know as The Red Pill, witch advocated for women to be a lower class completely subservient to men, these roots will be very apparent in a lot of mra terminology. Sure, the modern MRAs claim to care about mens issues, but as I mentioned, any legitimate issues are already being discussed by feminists. The real reason for the movement has always been anti-feminism and dismissal of womens issues, and if they really cared about men, they wouldn't celebrate the very toxic masculinity that oppresses them. But you constantly see MRAs talk about how men are being "emasculated" and how men should "act like real men", this movement is bad for men as well!

    TL:DR There already is a movement that is about liberating everyone, men and women from patriarchy, it's called feminism.

    • You haven’t even watched the red pill movement if you think it’s sexist in the slightest, maybe if you want to have an opinion on something you should know what your talking about

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    • @TiffanySnek sorry about the long post, I wanted to be thorough

    • You have no idea what your talking about. at all. like ZERO!! idea.

      You should be ashamed of your self for spouting and believe such hate and lies, very sad.

  • I hate this so much. Why are women in war with men? Why can't feminst accept that there are very cool and well-nuturing guys out there. I know they come from a place of hate n protection. But you got widen your eyes a little. Not every god damn man is out to get you. I swear some grown ass adults act like rebelious teenagers that don't know the full the story... Hence why I hate politics.

  • YAAAAAAASSSSSS!!! <3 <3 been waiting for something like this! finally focusing on EVERYBODY!

  • Nice my take


What Guys Said 8

  • It's still identity politics.

    We should just judge people by their actions.

    • @soyboy999 this isn't about judging people, but about actual change. I'm all for judging people by their behavior, but I'm not sure how anything changes or even theoretically could change

  • It would be good to try to make this world better for both men and women.

  • It sounds like a stepping stone to more harmony.

    I'm a male feminist, where do I fit?

  • We need another movement like we need another superhero movie. Enough already!

    • How do we fix the issues men and women face in society without a movement? An idea isn't enough

    • How about actually putting value in people as human beings, not just labels that should have no bearing on your character?
      If it was encouraged for the INDIVIDUAL to care and make clear the things they care about, rather than building movements so they can feel better about themselves and just SAY they believe in this and that, I think real change could be accomplished.
      Movements dilute things, they attract biased idiots and typically do very little to actually improve the social/political climate. (these days)

    • Making a million # movements doesn't do anything.

  • Peak liberalism.

    • You would rather see... what precisely?

    • I would rather see people stop whining to those in power and just take control for themselves.

  • I just want to walk up to a girl on the street or bar and say hello and not be labeled a creep (and I’m ONLY saying hello) without having to be a stand up comedian. It only works out well if the girl thinks I’m attractive and that’s always hit or miss.

    • Welp, that kind of already puts the damper on the feasibility of such a movement in jeopardy. I just don't see any women's group or proclaimed feminist wanting to have an argument, except for maybe the old-school or traditional liberal ones.

  • I really don't pay attention to any of that stuff

  • Nice myTake


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