‘Chivalry is an absolute poison in our modern society"

‘Chivalry is an absolute poison in our modern society

In the late 1800’s, it was expected of African Americans to serve and protect white people

African Americans were expected to hold the door and pull the chair for white people.

Not only that, but if a white person hit a black person, it was considered weird, but still acceptable. But, a black person could never, ever hit a white person, even in self defense.

And if a white person falsely accused a black person of a crime, society was so biased in favor of white people, that they immediately assumed the black person to be guilty.

Dear reader, does this strike anything to you?

Hint: Those codes are exactly what modern society expects of men to do for women.

Don’t believe me?

Men are expected to serve and protect women in a life-threatening scenario. A ship is sinking? Ha! Ladies first. Men later.

Men are expected to hold the door specifically for women, pull the chair for them, and lend them their jackets on cold nights. But women aren’t expected to do the same for men.

It is considered slightly weird if a woman beats a man, but it is absolutely depraved even if a man hits a woman in self defense.

If a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, then most of society will almost immediately side with the woman and antagonize the man, even if there isn’t sufficient evidence to logically do so.

The fundamental basis of chivalry builds on the idea that women are dependent on men, and therefore, men must kindly serve women.

This makes girls think that they’re somehow inferior than men.
Um, no, that’s not true. Girls are perfectly capable human beings. Girls are not some idiotic and inferior creatures dependent on men to pull the chairs for them.

This makes boys think that they’re charged with the duty to protect girls. They are taught to value a girl’s life more than their own.

Okay, now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that men shouldn’t hold doors to women or be polite to them.

I strongly believe that men should do so. But both men and women should do so, regardless of anybody’s gender.

Men should hold doors for women. Women should hold doors for men.

Men should hold doors for men. Women should hold doors for women.

The bottom line is, kindness and morality should apply to humans regardless of gender.

Chivalry clearly opposes that sort of justice and equality, literally in parallel to what toxic racism had done to African Americans in the late 1800’s.

I honestly believe that if future generations ever look back on us, they’ll scorn us for our sexism and hypocritical view on racism that existed in previous generations.


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  • You are using slavery as a comparison for chivalry! Slavery was exactly what it is, it was unfair treatment of African descendents!

    Chivalry is from medieval times, knights served by a social code, a religious stance and moral code which was known as chivalry. Knights were taught to be respectful and in that era people dreamed of being a knight so they practised the chivalry code.

    Equality is a man treating a woman with respect and a woman treating a man with respect! If a man opens the door for a woman, pulls put her chair, or anything else, a woman should respect a man by being kind, caring and loving towards him. Most woman call themselves feminists and use it as an excuse to yell, nag, and treat men like shit. Sorry but thats not feminism thats just being a bitch.

    Again, chivalry is a code of respect, morals and social upstanding. Both men and woman can now be chivalrous.


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  • Your entire premise is flawed. You do not understand the actual meaning of chivalry. I have to wonder, did you even look up the official definition? The most problematic part is when you try to equate old fashioned common courtesy with misogyny, and compare that to racism. I don’t think you effectively made that comparison with any real effort. Did you interview any experts in historical tradition? How about experts in public interaction...
    It does at some points, seem like you are saying men should not be nice to women ever again.
    I’m sorry, but you’re entire narrative seems unresearched and the original thesis isn’t stated clearly.
    I like that you seem to know there are only two genders, these days that’s not always a given, so maybe there’s a chance you’ll find the best direction for your ideas. Overall, interesting and written mechanically well.
    There’s for sharing this mytake.

  • I partially agree with your conclusion, but disagree with your reasoning.

    Kindness and morality should indeed apply to everybody, but I do not believe that chivalry is poisonous to society. Quite the opposite.

    Chivalry was and is not about treating women in a certain way; it is about treating everybody in a certain way. It was about respect, protecting the weak, standing up for one's beliefs and for what is right and about working diligently.
    In my opinion, chivalry is a collection of traits and actions that everybody should possess and display. Chivalry is - in my opinion - what the world needs.

    I think the only reason why chivalry is linked to men is because chivalry stems from a time when the world was still highly patriarchal. But the chivalric code can just as easily apply to women.

    • Totally agree, men treating women with respect is not the issue here. The issue here is more people from both sides need to learn to treat each other respect. Gender shouldn’t make a difference on how we treat each other, were all people.

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  • Dude I hold doors for whomever I feel I should, and I don't do it out of the fact that that person is a woman...
    And yes, men are taught to protect women, what can I do, a lot of women are not exactly john Cena...
    And women do usually come first before men, what can I do, if I love a woman I would give my life for hers, but first I'd try to save both of our lives so we could live together and she won't stay alone... and children as well, children are the future, children are mostly really innocent when it comes to the real world and they can't really fully face it and I'd give my life so a little dumb kid could live his, that's what I choose to do, not all men do that, and some women do it too.
    I think it isn't Chivalry, it's caring about other people, it's putting people's life before your own, it's loving, it's appreciating life, it's being nice and it's acknowledging you're not the only one in the world, and I don't do it because women are weak (they're not) or shit like that, I do it because I'm a none egotistical person, and I'd do it for a lot of people, no natter the gender or age or "color"...
    I believe people should have those qualities, people should care, people should care of other people even if they're capable of doing it themselves...
    People should care about other people but themselves and have the responsibility of caring about others.

    • Putting people lives before your own
      You are pathetic

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    • I don't just throw my life around for every person walking the streets...
      But I am willing to save a person I don't know from a burning building altho I may die.
      Aren't you?
      If not, I guess it's your choice.
      But then, that's why people like me are here (!

  • No, deal with it boy, that's how life goes if you don't like this you can find another planet to live in.
    I wished I went back to the 1800s anyway... and your example makes no sense. You're not forced to open a door for a girl but goddamit for christ's sake stop ruining the meaning of real relationships. The era Chivalry was abselutley glorious. I mean even the crusader states even the armor even how they treated women.

  • I have my own ways, i'd never do something just because some random people consider it a good thing to be done threw decades...

    Just be yourself...

  • Chivalry is stupid. Everyone should show each other a basic level of respect and prove themselves to one another if they want extra special treatment.

  • Comparing chivalry to slavery in that manner is utterly inacceptable and you know it. I'm fairly certain this is a shitpost just to farm some XP.

    • I urge everyone to report this question as spam and offensive.

  • I actually made a mytake similar to this. I agree 100%. You want equality, then you get equality.. not just the parts you want.

  • Chivalry is a last remaining pillar of decency and code of conduct in an ever more anarquical world

  • Wuss.

  • It's always been poison, it always will be poison.

  • Chivalry is an old custom that has nothing to do with women. What is termed "chivalry" these days is nothing but FEMINAZI BULLSHIT

  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with chivalry. It's a wonderful tradition. If you find that the women around you don't seem worthy of that chivalry, I suggest you need to find some new women.

  • Strongly agree. Problem is, there is a huge sense of entitlement among many women when it comes to these behaviors. Essentially, they believe that they are entitled to men doing these things for them simply because they have a pussy, and they are not obliged to do the same things for men. It's the same mindset that leads women to believe men should pay for dates.

    It's called FES... Female entitlement syndrome

  • yeah chivalry can fuck right off who tf needs any of that bs even flowers chocolates who needs it? the crap must be cut asap


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