Trump's supporters more mathematically talented!


It seems pretty obvious to me, that people who supports Trump, are in average people who use their minds and are able to mix using sense and emotions, when forming their opinions. For example I've always been good and interested about maths and things related to it, which is maybe the reason why I use sense over emotions.

Most loud people against Trump seems to be actors, and women who live in cities. That makes a prefect sense, because when it comes to actors, their whole career is based on showing emotions, and in their opinion, Trump is a bit too realistic, and not that mother Teresa character they're looking for. When it comes to women who live in cities, I don't wan't to make stereotypes, but politics are quite often not one of their biggest interests. It's sometimes enough for them, that on CNN news the reporter accuses Trump of being a sexist or a racist etc without any evidense. They don't question it, or search for the facts, but that's their final opinion about Trump. Also they are more interested about the emotional, than factual side on the politics. Call me old fashioned, but I would say that in average, women are not quite as talented to understand politics, as men are. Mostly, because men follow it more and often make decisions more based on their sense.

I think that among for example mathematicians and businessmen, Trump is very liked, because he is the kinda guy who can lead a country. For example Obama was a doormat and I'm not sure if even his own supporters respected him.

People are different. If I would be looking for a youth counselor and Trump would be competeting for it, he quite likely wouldn't get the job, but as a leader he is brilliant. Then some people can always say that maybe he's not classy enough, because he sometimes eats food that even the average people eat, he tells about his thoughts in twitter and he speaks to his supporters with a loud voice etc. You can't be a caracter like him, and get all the people on your side.

This story went a bit into sidetracks, but you can comment things about this that you agree, and the things you don't. I made a strong statement, so I know for a fact that some of you will think I'm smart, and some will think that I'm far from it. Exactly the same thing, that happens with Trump.

Trump's supporters more mathematically talented!
Trump's supporters more mathematically talented!
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  • Poormanscomedian
    Better than Cortes , who wants 41 trillion in social programs and thinks taxing rich people 75% of income will pay for it
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    • Yeah. It's absurd to even think something like that.

  • Nadim171
    I'll be honest... I hate math but I'm a trump supporter
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  • John_Doesnt
    I think the word you're looking for is "challenged" not talented. He's supporters are mathematically challenged and have a learning disability.
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    • That would probably mean that they're not able to think with sense and that would mean that they support democrats, or don't follow the politics at all.

    • You're right, they're not able to think with sense.

  • Lmao I wouldn't expect any less from you
    ~ Mrs Manson
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    • That deserves a like, because you clearly had a high expectations for this take and I met your expectations.

  • latinabutterfly96
    You’re attractive and quite handsome..., but you’re not that smart my dear.
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    • Thank you for thinking that I'm attractive. When it comes to politics, smartness is often a matter of opinion.

    • 🤣 your political opinion itself isn’t what is stupid. What’s stupid is *why* you have that opinion

    • anametouse

      Omg this is the perfect setup for a fanfic

  • RolandCuthbert
    Obama was a doormat?


    Trump's supporters more mathematically talented!
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  • 0112358
    You’ve figured it all out. The mathematicians bankers and businessmen mainly live in rural areas.
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  • DarkKnight01
    I love how the other side is so upset and love to call us "Trump Supporters" stupid and inbred and country. Man seriously suck it up already, I have a damn masters degree in Computer Forensics and have owned my company since I was 30, the reason I voted for Trump? That should be as plain as the level of your intelligence. I would have voted for a semi educated chimp over that lying piece of gutter trash that was running against him. Honestly, even if Russia WAS involved I would thank them. They saved us from another 4 to 8 year sentence with a woman who isn't fit to serve your drinks at a diner let alone run a country. So again, get over it, I say this to my left friends as well the doors to this country aren't locked to leave. So by all means, pack up and go somewhere you like. I will wave to you one the way.
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  • HereIbe
    Could you share the statistics and error bars on your conclusions?
  • anametouse
    I didn't know there was talent in math
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    • I think some people learn and understand it easier. I think that for example making challenging calculations in your head takes some talent.