Jeremy Corbyn: A Horrible Man?

Jeremy Corbyn aged 70-years-old, the current leader of the labour party, and "a horrible man".

Horrible. An adjective many would use to describe him. He's been labeled a racist, an anti-semite, a communist, the list seems to be never-ending.

Does he really hold all these qualities- or is he just a victim of media bias?

Jeremy Corbyn: A Horrible Man?

Let's take a little look at Corbyn's life before he was the labour leader.

An even brighter idea, let's start from the beginning.

Corbyn was born in Chippenham. Raised in Wiltshire. He joined the labour party at the age of 16 and joined Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament at the age of 17.

At the age of 19, he spent two years working as a volunteer for the charity Voluntary Service Overseas (VOS). VOS is a non-profit organisation with an aim to create "a world without poverty" and to "bring people together to fight poverty and marginalisation". Corbyn volunteered as a VOS youth worker and geography teacher in Jamaica, until 1969. From 1969-1970 Corbyn traveled through Latin America, visiting Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. Whilst visiting Brazil he participated in a student demonstration in São Paulo against the Brazillian Military Government. The Brazilian Military Government was said to be a military dictatorship that ruled Brazil.

Now before I continue, just pause for a second. Think back to when you were 19. Would you have given up a year of your life to go and teach children in Jamaica about Geography? What were you doing at the age of 19? What was Theresa May doing at the age of 19? What was Trump doing at the age of 19? Corbyn was educating the youth of Jamaica, for charity. I don't know many 19-year-olds who aspire to do that nowadays.

What will you be doing, or what did you do from the age of 20-21? Do or did dictatorships in other countries cross your mind? And if they do or did, do you think you would have the courage and selflessness to go a country who is a victim of a dictatorship and stand with the youth of that country and demonstrate for change? Corbyn had the balls to do that.

Now, let's take a look at some of his political activities over the years:

Corbyn returned to the UK in 1971, 22 years of age. He worked for the National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers, then he worked as a trade union organiser for the National Union of Public Employees and Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union. Not to mention he was also appointed leader a member of a district health authority.

At the age of 24, he was elected to Haringey Council in South Hornsey. From he was re-elected as a councilor in Harringay and held that position from 1978-1983. In 1978 Corbyn moved a motion stating dentists should be employed by the NHS, so dental is free for everyone and is not a privilege for the few but a right for all.

Fast forward to 1983, and Corbyn campaigned for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Because whether people agree with their sexual preferences or not, the LGBTQ+ community are still human beings before their sexual preferences and deserve rights. Humans deserve rights regardless of their sexual preference or gender.

Corbyn campaigned against the apartheid in South Africa (a system of unjust racial segregation), serving on the National Executive of the Anti-Apartheid Movement. He was arrested for protesting against the apartheid, protesting for the rights of black people in South Africa, outside of the South Africa House in London.

During 1984-1985 Corbyn supported the miners' strike, and invited striking miners into House of Commons gallery. These miners were expelled for shouting: "Coal not dole."

In 1985 Corbyn was appointed the national secretary of "Anti-Fascist Action." Now, the name of that movement is pretty self-explanatory, this movement was against fascism and racism.

Now... This is where it gets interesting, and dare I say it, controversial.

Corbyn and Ireland.

Many people accuse Corbyn of conspiring and being apart of the IRA terrorist organisation.

Corbyn has never intentionally met with members of the IRA, and he has committed no act of terror for him to be a terrorist.

Dianne Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary, clarified he had met with members of the IRA, but at the time he met them they were just activists and not terrorists. They became terrorists later.

Imagine you met someone, who was a murderer. But at the time you met them they hadn't committed a murder and you had no idea they were going to murder someone. But years later, a photo is released with you and the murderer. Does that make you a murderer? Does that mean you supported the murderer's crime?

Corbyn and Terrorism

Another thing people accuse Corbyn of supporting modern day terrorist groups such as Hamas.

He used the term: "Friends of ______"

But rather than automatically accusing him of being a terrorist supporter, why don't we listen to his side of the argument?

So, is Corbyn a horrible man?

He spent his final year as a teenager, educating the youth of Jamaica, as a charity volunteer. He spent two years after that traveling Latin America and protesting against a dictatorship. He was a colossal part of workers' unions. He fought for the rights of people who weren't even the same as him, the LGBTQ+ community, black people in South Africa. He got arrested because he was protesting for justice for black people in South Africa. Because to him before they were black, or before they were LGBTQ+, they were people. And people deserve rights.

Did the mainstream media tell you any of this?

Jeremy Corbyn: A Horrible Man?
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  • beancheese

    he's a victim of the main stream media. He is correct with whats going on in Palestine. The anti-semitism thing is because the Labour party is rife with Zionist. Being paid by state of Israel. Back handers to bring down Corbyn as he is a threat the the current establishment. he's more socialist you just need to look at the nordic system in the Scandinavian countries thats how he wants Britain to follow

    • Thank you for your opinion.

    • FatherJack

      " because the Labour party is rife with Zionist " ... Exactly !! so are ALL mainstream " political " parties in the West... puppets of the Rothschild Cartel

  • NineBreaker

    Such a vile, horrible man! *Hisssssss*
    In all seriousness, seems interesting. I don't kuts much about him, but what I'm reading here sounds great. Reminds me of Bernie Sanders a bit.

    • Smoothing

      I am a Brit and I can tell you that he is definitely the UK version of Bernie Sanders.

    • I love Sanders! :)

Most Helpful Girls

  • purplepoppy

    Most British newspapers, particularly the tabloids lean heavily to the right. They always do a hatchet job on whoever is labour leader.

    • Thanks for your opinion :)

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    • zagor

      @beancheese The Nordic system? The one that is going broke in Sweden and is heavily subsidized by oil (yes, fossil fuels!) in Norway?

    • xyz94

      @zagor haha right on the money

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

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  • tartaarsaus

    Well, it's an awfully nice thing you're tackling a miniscule part of the anti-semitism allegations against Corbyn 🤷

    To me, I don't really give a crap whether he has volunteered in Jamaica or not.

    If he continues to prop up anti-Semitism, he's scum, whether he has volunteered a bit or not.

  • Exterminatore

    After reading this I can comfortably say: “screw this fucking turd.”

    First let me answer your questions.

    What was I doing at age 19? I joined the U. S. Marine Corps.

    What did I do from the age for 20-21? I participated in Operation Southern Watch in Kuwait. Operation Safe Departure in Eritrea, Africa, and went to Asia as well.

    Did any dictatorships cross my mind? Yeah, Iraq’s.

    Do I think I’d have the selflessness to go to a country who is a victim of a dictatorship and stand with the youth and demonstrate for change? Well I stood with the whole country, not just the youth of Kuwait who was the victim of Iraq, and I demonstrated with rifle in hand, not pansy ass picket signs... so yeah. Sorry, not impressed by him protesting against Brazil’s government.

    Now first of all this Corbyn fellow promoted gay rights. So he’s a fucking degenerate and supporter of degenerates. No achievement there.

    He was part of the “Anti-Fascist Action” I don’t like that one bit. I consider myself to be a moderate fascist. Sounds exactly like something a communist would engage in.

    So... I don’t know much about the man. All I can say is his resume as relayed by you doesn’t impress me. He sounds like a typical left wing commie dick suck, and he’s a member of Britain’s liberal party, so... yeah, he can eat a bag of dicks as far as I’m concerned.

    • MarketData

      He's not a member of the liberal party. He's leader of the Labour Party. Just saying. Also you're against homosexuality but you want him to suck cocks? Downvoted, sorry not sorry.

    • Lol. Copy.

  • Edanurus

    I disagree with him on a lot bit mostly its not that he's horrible just totally out of his depth.

    he's just another posh twat who doesn't understand the working class, the problem is he leads labour which isn't the same labour as 30 years ago.

    • xyz94

      Yup. Can I like this twice?

    • He literally fights FOR the working class, and he's better than anyone standing for prime minister right now.

      I'd rather have Corbyn in than Boris Johnson, who admitted to being in contact with one of the worst drugs on the planet, cocaine.

  • Sevenpointfive

    i try not to indulge in what's wrong with politics, so excuse my answer with only a couple of minutes of research.

    what sounded like corbyn having connections because he was not in college at a young age means he probably has family in the fabian society. reading more on that it sounds like a cult. not too much different than deep state think tanks where i'm from.

  • deltad

    The only thing bad about him is that he's a communist.

    His heart is in the right place. His head isn't

    • xyz94

      His heart is in the right place except for Jews...

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    • xyz94

      I'm not a troll and I'm not Jewish. Different people have different views about Corbyn. Nobody can really know anyone's inner thoughts. Live and let live - others are entitled to form their own conclusions.

    • He is not a communist. He identifies as a democratic socialist.

  • MarketData

    I don't know him personally so I can't say how horrible he is exactly. He's an ageing radical and an albatross around the neck of the Labour party. If you think about it the Labour party was facing and open goal all the time Theresa May was Conservative leader but Corbyn still couldn't score.

    • MarketData

      * text should read: "facing an open goal". It's a footballing reference but Americans can think about hockey if it helps.

  • Lliam

    As an American, I assume that he is being attacked from all sides and by every possible means simply because he supports Palestinian rights and, horror of horrors, has criticized Israeli policy. The same thing happens here to any politician who goes against Israel's wishes. After all, Zionists control the politicians and media in both our countries.

    Going against the Zionists is political suicide. I'm working to make the opposite true. Support for Zionism should just as politically suicidal as support for Nazism.

    Down with Zionism! BDS !!!

  • Jackblue

    What you proved is that he is a hypocrite. And before you read this know that I am a foreign teacher too in China. At least in Jamaica they speak English. He protested against the military dictatorship in Brazil and apartheid South Africa, but not against the far worse left-wing governments. If they were communist states he would not have cared about what they did. For all of its faults the Apartheid government made South Africa one of the wealthiest country's on the continent, but in the eyes of the world these days it is better to be ruled by one black dictator, than an oligarchy of white men. Hamas does not deserve to be part of the conversations, they have discussed the massacre of Jews on too many occasions.

    • Name me a far left wing government which you feel he needed to protest against.

      And the Apartheid in South Africa was DISGUSTING. I don't care if it made them the richest country in the world, nobody can justify that kind of mistreatment to anyone, purely because of the colour of their skin.

      It was disgusting and he did right by protesting against it!

    • Jackblue

      the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, Hugo Chavez, Sadinista, shall name more

  • John_Doesnt

    He sounds evil.