53 Things You Can Do With Your Life Besides Having Kids


53 Things You Can Do With Your Life Besides Having Kids

I would first like to express that I fully support and respect those who desire to have children and commit their lives to parenthood. I realize that I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my parents making that choice of which they will always be appreciated for. However, I also understand that there is no one path to fulfillment and that a life of raising kids isn’t going to be for everyone. There are many ways of living a life of meaning and purpose aside from (or along with) having kids of your own.

1. Take up a fun new hobby you’ve always wanted to try.

2. Travel and explore the world to your heart’s desire.

3. Start a non-profit organization for a cause you feel passionately about.

4. Be an involved and loving aunt or uncle.

5. Start your own business.

6. Have an amazing career that you love.

7. Create the life you’ve always imagined, with your dream home, in the town you love most.

8. Become an involved member of your community.

9. Enjoy a child-free life with your partner and maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

10. Become an expert on a topic you love.

11. Finally finish your education and get that degree you’ve always wanted.

12. Embark on a journey to get in the best shape of your life.

13. Learn and master a new skill you’ve always found interesting.

14. Adopt and care for a pet.

15. Start a blog. Write about your experiences or what you know.

16. Set out on a lifelong journey of self discovery and improvement.

17. Volunteer your time or donate to a cause you care about.

18. Enjoy the freedom of staying home alone all day binge watching your favorite show and eating ice cream.

19. Save your money and use it help out your family and friends.

20. Get outside and explore nature.

21. Enjoy living your life, your way, no exceptions.

22. Create your own lifelong bucket list and commit to checking off every last one of them.

23. Sponsor a child for a year.

24. Take classes and join workshops on whatever you find interesting.

25. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to try something new.

26. Make a list of all your fears and phobias, then conquer all of them.

27. Reconnect with old friends you haven’t seen in a long time.

28. Educate yourself. Study art, science, philosophy, psychology, etc.

29. Take an RV and live a nomadic lifestyle.

30. Live your life spontaneously.

31. Meet a wide variety of interesting people from different cultures and backgrounds.

32. Dedicate your life to philanthropy.

33. Learn a new language (and use it).

34. Experience living in different parts of the world.

35. Teach others the skills you have acquired.

36. Help your family and friends accomplish their goals and dreams.

37. Stay in bed with your significant other all day on your day off.

38. Work towards an early retirement.

39. Mentor or become a Big Sister/Big Brother.

40. Dare to put yourself first.

41. Join/host a club or social group.

42. Write a book about your life’s adventures. Tell your story.

43. Treat yourself to luxuries you can now afford.

44. Become an entrepreneur.

45. Enjoy the luxury of sleeping in.

46. Dedicate your time to help other children or families in need.

47. Be (and stay) in love.

48. Have an amazing sex life.

49. Cultivate a life of fun, thrills, and adventure.

50. If long term relationships aren’t for you, have fun dating different kinds of people.

51. Work to maintain better relationships with your family and friends.

52. Learn to be child-free without shame or apology.

53. Do whatever you please, because you can.

53 Things You Can Do With Your Life Besides Having Kids
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  • Dolemite510
    Absolutely love this post 👍👍ur so right tho I love being the fun uncle that takes the nieces and nephews to do fun stuff but I get to drop them off at the end of the day 😂 I agree there’s so much to do in life but so many people sell themselves short by having kids.
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  • Ankitasingh466
    48. Im happy that i have an amazing sex life. It's actually oversatisfying
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  • Bluemax
    I sincerely hope you're not suggesting that having children means you can't do these things. Let's go down the list and see if my own parents accomplished these after having children.

    1. My parents did this. Moreover, they sometimes did it with their own children.
    2. My parents did this. They occasionally took their children with them.
    3. My parents didn't start a non-profit, but they volunteered for them. Does that count? by the way, most people, with or without children, wind up never starting non-profits. My mom's life long friend, who had four children, *did* start a non-profit.
    4. My parents did this.
    5. My mother started her own business. My father wasn't interested in starting his own business. My father worked for Frank Robinson (Robinson's Helicopters) and Mr. Robinson has children.
    6. My parents had amazing careers that they loved. Their careers took them all over the world
    7. My parents did this.
    8. My parents did this.
    9. Obviously my parents didn't enjoy a child free live because they had us. However, they *wanted* to have us. My parents maintained a happy and healthy relationship with children that lasted decades longer than you've been alive, MzAsh.
    10. My parents did this
    11. My parents did this
    12. My parents did this
    13. My parents did this... and they taught their sons and daughter as well.
    14. My parents did this multiple times (and pets are not any replacement for children, for reasons i'll get into later)
    15. My parents didn't do this, but it's because blogs weren't a thing in their generation. However, my friends who are parents have done this.
    16. My parents did this.
    17. My parents did this
    18. My parents did this... but my father never much cared for ice cream or watching TV, with or without children.
    19. My parents did this
    20. My parents did this... and taught their sons and daughter to do the same.
    21. My parents did this
    22. My parents did this. They checked off most of them. Most people, with or without children, never check off everything on their bucketlist. And my brother, sister, and I were part of their bucketlist, since one of the boxes was "Have children of our own"
    23. My parents did this (as have MANY other parents I know)
    24. My parents did this... and sometimes included their sons and daughter
    25. My parents did this
    26. Well, my mother never conquered her fear of heights. My father was phobia free. What on earth does this have to do with having children? Most people don't conquer all their phobias, with or without children
    27. My parents did this
    28. My parents did this... and encouraged their sons and daughter to do so as well
    29. My parents had a trailer (they were more popular in the 70s). They didn't live a nomadic life style because they didn't want to. by the way, most people, with or without children, can't live a nomadic lifestyle simply because nomadic lifestyles aren't conducive to having an income.
    30. My parents did this
    31. My parents did this
    32. My parents did this (the overwhelming majority of people with or without children don't dedicate their entire lives to philanthropy)
    33. My father did this. My mother just couldn't learn languages, with or without children. She didn't have a knack for it.
    34. They didn't do this, but they didn't want to. However, several of my friends with children have done precisely that
    35. My parents did this. My mother taught us, my father taught the junior engineers who worked with him... and he occasionally taught at Caltech. Both my parents were frequent guests in my classroom, where they taught many children.
    36. My parents did this
    37. My parents did this
    38. My parents didn't do this, but my father loved his work. However, my sister is doing precisely this and she has kids
    39. My parents did this... and not just with their own children
    40. My parents put each other before their children. A wise policy.
    • Bluemax

      41. My parents did this
      42. They didn't write a book. They did tell their stories. Moreover, they told their stories to my class. What do John Grisham, J. K. Rowling, Robert Conroy, Carl Sagan, William Shakespeare, and Richard Dawkins have in common? They've all written books and they've all had children. Most people don't write books, published or unpublished, regardless of child status.
      43. My parents did this
      44. My mother did this. My father wasn't interested in becoming an entrepreneur
      45. My parents did this
      46. My parents did this
      47. My parents did this. They were in love longer, by decades in fact, than you've been alive
      48. My parents did this
      49. My parents did this... and happily included their sons and daughter
      50. My parents were definitely long term relationship kind of people
      51. My parents did this... and were quite successful
      52. My parents didn't want to be child free
      53. My parents did this, including having children because it's something they wanted. by the way, no one, and literally mean no one, can do what they please all the time, with or without children.

      Virtually EVERYTHING you listed here can and has been accomplished by people WITH children. I work with parents. I've known many who have accomplished way more than I ever will and I don't have children (not by choice, btw).

    • MzAsh

      And as I stated in the article, you can also do them along with having kids.

      I’m glad your parents got to do all these things.

  • esotericstory
    I dont think any of these can replace having children. I also oppose child-free ideology.
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  • Nik1hil
    If you weren't married..
    I would propose to you 😂😂
  • CosmicMind78
    You're part of the problem. Western countries are having fertility collapse because of feminist propogandizers like you.
    • MzAsh

      Why would you want to force parenthood on those who are not going to be happy with that lifestyle? We already have way too many people being raised in unhappy homes.

    • that is because of modern degenerate society, not people having children. don't make false equivalencies/correlations.
      and it should be socially shameful to not have children, so we are not overtaken by the African monkeys or the muslim tusken raiders or the mexican legummanoids. Believe me they wouldn't be so tolerant of your feminist bullshit 😂😂😂😂

    • MzAsh

      What about people who can’t have children? Does your duck head shaming logic also extend out to them?

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