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A Brief Analysis of MGTOW and Feminism and the Ties That Bind

Ho boy, isn’t this a contentious topic. Needless to say, this Take is purely for opinions and discussion. This is not a forum to slam or shame people. Be polite, act like you were raised with manners, and we can make this a positive discussion. Make it personal and mean, and I’ll personally see to your ejection from the conversation.

A Brief Analysis of MGTOW and Feminism and the Ties That Bind

So, before we get started here, I just want to set some baseline definitions here. MGTOW, or Men Go Their Own Way, is a movement involving men reacting to feminism by encouraging other men to part ways with standard relationships with women: eschewing marriage and the prospect of children, and altogether severing ties with non-familial women. The more extreme end of MGTOW calls for a celibate man, one who minimizes all contact with women, while the more moderate end pushes for a de-emphasis on relationships and manhood, defining men by things other than the women in their lives.

A Brief Analysis of MGTOW and Feminism and the Ties That Bind

Feminism, on the other hand, is an ideology born of people, particularly women, who fight to relinquish themselves from the oppression of a “patriarchy”. This patriarchy is not just a group of people, but a set of societal norms and rules that oppress people’s rights to function as they see fit within the society, especially in reference to their gender. On one end of feminism, we see an exclusively female viewpoint that lifts aloft womanhood as the ideal, the exclusive beneficiary of feminism, while others see it in a broader spectrum as part and parcel to the civil rights movement that sees people of all marginalized backgrounds making progress toward equality.

While it would be interesting to compare and contrast the differences within the two extremes of both, I believe that this discussion has happened ad nauseum. Rather, I would look to the two more moderate ends of the philosophical spectrums. Particularly, what they share in common.

While, by its own admission, MGTOW stands opposed to feminism, MGTOW shares some distinctive features with feminism. For one, it calls men of all backgrounds together. It does not believe people should be divided by race or sexuality. It calls for a de-emphasis on the value of relationships: in MGTOW, a man should not be defined by the relationships he has with women. They even go so far as to promote the reproductive rights of the individual as they want, not as society expects. Change “man”, into “woman” and the narrative fits mainstream feminism.

To me, this is a poignant acknowledgement: both want to see the individual raised up in favor of social expectations, and, because of this, both could benefit from each other but for one thing: the us vs. them mentality. I honestly believe that if both came to define their movements for all people, we would see much progress in the world, one in which expectations focused on the content of the person’s character as opposed to the gender they present as.

A Brief Analysis of MGTOW and Feminism and the Ties That Bind
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  • Anonymous

    Nice take. I think you touched on the most important point in all of this, and the biggest problem with both feminism and MGTOW, which is the us-versus-them mentality. Contrary to what @MzAsh states, the source of the us-versus-them mentality is feminism itself. MGTOW is merely a reaction to it.

    Feminists work very hard to create and foster that mentality because they benefit from that anger and hatred toward men. Without that sentiment, feminism would have shriveled up and died years ago. Feminists know they cannot remain relevant based on facts alone, so they need to continue indoctrinating girls and young women with that hatred in order to survive.

    MzAsh's characterization of the source of men's discontent today is not accurate. It has nothing to do with women wanting to wait until later to marry or have children. Men want that even more than women do. The problem is marriage itself and the fact that it has become so unfreindly to men. Marriage has become increasingly hazardous and costly to men over the last 50 years, while at the same time the benefits to men have largely disappeared. The expectations of marriaed women have changed significantly. Much less is expected of them these days. The standard is much lower. Men are expected to share the traditionally female responsibilities, and most women these days can't even cook. But the expectations of men have not changed. They are still expected to be the primary breadwinners, but are also expected to do all the same things a woman used to do.

    So no, it is men who are avoiding marriage in record numbers, not women, and the reasons are obvious.

    Bottom line, the hypocrisy and gynocenrism of feminism needs to go away before men and women can fight on the same team against sexism and gender inequities.

    • Pump the brakes there. Firstly, I think it’s fair to say that feminism came as a response to gender inequality way back when. The movement has been about erasing the effects of socially enforced gender bias for the past century and more. Feminists on the whole do not hate men, but rather hate that which limits their freedom of choice, something I think all of us can respect. Only a small minority, who speak loudest because of how outlandish their ideals are, truly hate men. Because of this minority, MGTOW came into being as backlash for man hate, which has been summarily generalized about all feminists, there, and again, because of the vocal minority.
      So too is the general disdain for MGTOW sown within the feminist ranks. They hear from the most radical MGTOW spokespeople, who lambast women, using the platform MGTOW provides as a means by which they can spread their hatred of women.

      In all, the conflict between the two is a series of misappropriating negativity from the extreme upon the majority. Feminists do not hate men, MGTOW do not hate women, but each other thinks the others do because they hear divisive speach from a violent, vocal minority.

    • Anonymous

      The majority of MGTOWs do indeed hate women on some level.

      The same is true of feminists hating men.

      As long as we continue to deny that we will continue to experience the gender hatred and us-versus-them problems we face as a society today. What we need is some honesty and realism fr a change. Until we face these facts, we will continue to just see more of the same.

    • If MGTOW truly do hate women and feminists truly do hate men, then isn’t the standard narrative of them hating each other truthful and realistic? How much more realism and honestly do we need in that case before we reach your supposed watershed moment?

      I think that simply because they believe they hate each other, they resent each other, but I do not believe there is an inherent hatred. I think if a dialogue of openness and acceptance were to come forth between the two, acknowledging that each side doesn’t actually hate each other but rather is resentful of what some have said using the guise of each philosophy, we can realize that we stand upon common ground, as opposed to being inherently contradictory and set against one another.

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  • Passinggas

    MGTOW is not organized so I put that aside since it will have no effect on me. Feminism, on the other hand, is a political movement disguised as women's rights. It is about infusing Cultural-Marxism into the system and bringing it down to eventually strip everyone's rights away so that someday a commissar comes along and orders you to do something or forfeit your life. Analyzing this façade of feminism as genuine is idiotic. An appropriate quote being “It is a quite special secret pleasure how the people around us fail to realize what is really happening to them.” Adolf Hitler


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  • MzAsh

    The us vs them mentality I think is a result of the fact that certain female objectives of women today conflict with male objectives.

    One example being that women want to delay marriage and babies, have fun in their 20s and many men don’t like that because they want women to commit to them in their 20s, marry them, be housewives, and have their babies. These men feel as if they lose out when it comes to career or free spirited women.

    • No, I don’t think that’s fair or accurate. Most men I have interacted with or heard from want to wait until they are older before they want children. I do think that men are raised to think that their worth is based on their relationships with women, specifically in regards to sex. Therefore, rejection and relationship failure is a significantly worse blow to them because they believe that it reflects on them as a person. They either internalize this as self-hatred or push this feeling upon the closest individual, the woman, blaming her because she is the perceived reason for his suffering when in reality it is society’s unfair standards that have put him down. It’s not fair to the woman, to be sure, but the man is a wounded animal, deprived of self-love because of his position within society.
      Just as for women, who are made to feel lesser because they fail to meet social expectations of being a mother and a housewife, so too are men made to feel lesser when they are not the provider and stud.
      Ultimately, feminism, and MGTOW seek the same thing here, but MGTOW blames women and feminism blames the patriarchy (read “men”).

    • MzAsh

      Men want themselves to wait until they are older to settle down, but they want women who are younger. That’s why there’s so much backlash against career women.

      But the rest I agree with what you’re saying.

    • Again, I would not say all men are like that. I’ve dated older women before, and I know that it is at least a kink for quite a few men, if not an outright romantic preference, but I can agree that the social stereotype is an older man with a younger women.

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  • CoffeeWC

    MGTOW is similar to early feminism. It has good intentions and foundation. But over time I believe MGTOW will become toxic much like feminism has.

    • 2kAj2k

      Will? It already has

    • CoffeeWC

      Not to the degree of modern feminism, since it hasn't been around as long.

    • 2kAj2k

      Care to explain in further detail?

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  • Dargil

    I would be more sympathetic with MGTOW if I didn't think it was retreating from relationships with women without examining other alternatives.
    I emphatically agree that Western women are widely infected with Feminist Derangement Syndrome (FDS). Like other mental illnesses, Racism and Jihadism being prominent It is a combination of cultural conditioning and self-radicalization. One characteristic, placing feelings over reason, opinions over facts, causes it to be almost irreversible. Another characteristic, endemic self-victimization, makes it dangerous to be around because, like Obama and Leftists, it's goal is to dismantle the status quo, place itself in the advantage and destroy it's opponents by any means, including deceit, necessary. It is also insidious because even non-adherents are tempted by its angst and will not contend with it just as law abiding Muslims will not face down FDS's radicalism. FDS has rendered Western women almost useless.
    Whet do men really really want? This may sound schmaltzy, but also familiar. We want them to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient* cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. Since women are not Boy Scouts (although they are admitted into it now), some addenda. A good woman loves and honors her man, loves family and children and strives to be helpful and skilled for them for herself in a family context. *Obedience does not bean subordinate. It means cooperative... and it goes both ways.
    Modern women are rarely these things now. They are cynical, self serving and anti-dependent. Their only value to men now is sex, which they use as an instrument of control and manipulation. What do we do with them? Quarantine them. I regret that there will be good women that are caught up in this, but if they have not demonstrated opposition to FDS, they cannot be trusted.
    Have sex with them if you must (why the hookup culture emerged), but don't marry them, let them raise or teach children. Do not let them be in positions of authority over men. Do not hire any under 30 and extensively check the backgrounds of older women for hostile job actions or accusations which can destroy a man's career, family and even his life.
    So how do we replenish our country, which we have a responsibility to do? It will require patience, sacrifice, expense and a changed outlook. Life will be harder, but better. Devise a plan to recruit a Life Partner overseas. Western Europe is as bad as America, but farther into Eastern Europe, women still have traditional values and good work ethics. There will be a language issue, but it can be worked out. Ditto South and East Asia and Latin America. They must be foreign born to avoid FDS infection. The good side is that you will feel you are cheating fate every day. Are there bad eggs? Sure. But your offs are far better than with Western women.
    THIS is my positivist MGTOW. Put simply, start swimming in another gene pool.

    • Marry eastern I completely agree, but don't bring them to the west that's a huge mistake. Move to the east instead like I plan on moving to Russia soon, that's the only answer.

  • nightdrot

    With no offense intended, this is a rather unusual MyTake that is based on good intentions but a faulty premise. That erroneous premise being stated here: "To me, this is a poignant acknowledgement: both want to see the individual raised up in favor of social expectations, and, because of this, both could benefit from each other but for one thing: the us vs. them mentality."

    Quite simply, the notion that the individual can live with other human beings outside of his/her social context is impossible. The roles and responsibilities that any man or woman takes is defined by the culture and is rooted in the anthropological and historical experience of that society.

    Indeed, the irony of feminism is that the very rules that it objects to as restrictive originally evolved to protect women. The point was to facilitate the role of women to bear children - only they could it - and to regulate the behavior of men to women. It was only as Western society became wealthier, as technology facilitated other options, and as the philosophic developments of the Enlightenment postulated the assumption that man was spontaneously rational and free absent historical context, that women came to see those social conventions as restrictive.

    Thus was feminism was born, and in dialectic response to feminism the more recent MGTOW movement. The latter being, so far, in embryo and in a legal context primarily zeroing in on issues like child custody, father's rights and the reaction to the (debatable) criminalizing of certain sexual relations.

    That all said, the MyTake makes a valid point. There is a certain commonality between feminism and MGTOW. However, it is a commonality postulated on the separation of that which, in a spontaneous evolutionary sense, cannot be separated. Men and women, by any scientific standard, do not exist in opposition to each other but rather are complementary to each other.

    If men and women, in evolutionary terms, are opposed to each other, the human race will, in due course, cease to exist. Quite simply, they need each other. This not to mention the fact that the scientific data is clear. Men and women who lack a relationship - yes, including a sexual relationship - tend not to do as well, measured in terms of health, wealth and other such factors, as men and women who have relationships with their opposite gender.

    Men and women are irreducibly social beings. Society, then, establishes rules and customs to help regulate their relationship to one another and prevent those relations from degenerating into one based on the mere assertion of will and power. As indeed, the relationship of male and female exists in nature - as can be seen in animal, especially primate, behaviors.

    The flaw in this MyTake is not that there is not a commonality in the interests of men and women. Rather it is in the mistaken belief that Feminism and MGTOW are, at some level, inherently designed to emancipate the individual from social roles that are really central to women's and men's identities.

    In fact, such emancipation would not enhance the status of men and women, but rather reduce it to its most primitive and spontaneous. Suffice to say, that would not be a pretty picture.

    It is the hopeless romanticism of a flawed understanding of the role of society - that it is inimical to the individual rather than a buttress to him/her - that is the basis of feminism and MGTOW. To be sure, society - the flawed product of flawed beings - does not always get it right and that is why it is continuously evolving and changing, and gender roles with it. (Compare, for historical example, the role of women in the Victorian age as against the Roaring 1920's.)

    Bottom line, Feminism and MGTOW are inherently extremist. They assume something about the human condition that is not true. That man in the state of nature is somehow freer than man the social being. They forget that, as Hobbes said, that life in the state of nature is "nasty, brutish and short."

  • lernulo

    I think you made a good summary, it isn't perfect but the base of both movements are the same us against them about a subject in which we really must be divided.
    I wouldn't have borned if it wasn't for a man and a woman, and when I see all of this... I don't know what they win, but I'm very concerned about what they lose, love, to begin with...

    Feminism,( to me is the third wave of feminism treated here), is different to equality movements which pretend to have the same rights and it's just and good, but feminism nowadays...
    I think this phrase of them summarize it very well :extinct men and not panda bears...
    It's clear that same rights aren't their objective.

    About MGTOW... To me they are most incels, and men too busy to get compromised, in fact a girl said that for men we wouldn't like not having babies when she were 20s, in fact, MGTOW it's just what they want I come, I do, You search your life.

    As if you could have intimacy by that way.

    To finish, I wouldn't change love for fake individuality.
    Would never change trust and support for dominance and anger.
    I would never change those happy moments with my ex for those creepy theories in which those movements are based and of course, I will never change my hability to love for their excuses to not to love.

  • Texaskid1

    Feminism i the result of a tiny minority of women who wanted a share of male power. The vast majority of women on the planet are followers. They will do what ever it is that there husband / boyfriend tell them to do. Women , by their very nature are like the water in a vase ; they adapt to the shape of the vase. , i. e if the husband likes football than all the sudden she magically likes football. Women as a gender have been genetically programmed to follow , to always play it safe and follow instructions , and to value safety and security over freedom.

    Does anyone really think that most positions of power in the world are due to men discriminating against women or due to the fact that men are , n average , more aggressive than women and are more likely to seek out such high positions of authority in society. This is not the result of intentional discrimination but of genetics.

    But as always , there will be a small segment of any given species that can be considered oddballs. Feminism is a club for oddball women ; women who want power and want to lead and make big - time decisions that can effect the lives of millions. These types of women have always been in the minority but through several decades of social engineering have been able to convince women that they should separate themselves from men and do their own thing. One could say that this has provided women in general with some measure of success and some power.

    But these women are not the majority.

    MGTOW , as far as I am concerned is the response to feminism. Many men have observed that much of the current zeitgeist is dead set against men ; the media , the courts , the political system Many men observe how marriage had ruined many of their fellow men , how women are let off the hook for crimes that would get a man locked up for a long time , how divorced men pay through the ass for alimony and child support ( placing them in financial ruin) , how any man accused of rape is automatically deemed guilty even before he sets foot in a court room. With the advent of the #me too movement in the last few years it has now been amplified ten fold ; now every man is a rapist , now any women can ruin a man with just one false allegation.

    Men might not discuss this openly but they see it and say "Fuck this , I am going to avoid women " Thus the MGTOW movement is formed. More and more men are avoiding women because they don't wan to deal with any issues involving women.

    MGTOW = not dealing with divorce rape , reducing the chance of false allegations , and keeping your very hard earned money.

    MGTOW is men's response to feminism. If you think about it this is what the feminists wanted ; to separate men from women and create discord between the sexes.

  • ThisAndThat

    To start, MGTOW is not a movement, it is a philosophy. And feminist have never been about equality and it never will be, either. To simplify feminism at its roots, feminism is purely Marxism IE socialism communism. Marxist were the ones that started feminism and they did so to destabilize society in order overthrow the government of France. Feminism's Marxism roots is why it's acceptable for feminist to use indoctrination and lies in order to promote the Marxist socialist communist agenda. This is why the patriarchy and wage gap myths exist and feminist push them along with the false narratives IE all men are rapist pedophiles abusers predators and murderers. The feminist agenda is why the system is rigged and biased against men and it's why men are viewed with the above vilification and demonization and men stood by and said nothing nor done nothing about it for years except for a few men which were the ones that formed MGTOW. Things finally reached a boiling point with Me Too and the amplification of false accusations along with zero accountability on women's behalf. Then add up all the unwarranted unprovoked attacks on men and boys too, the whole toxic masculinity thing. Those things have lead to a huge rise in MGTOW with men now in the millions and around the world. Feminism seeks to dominate men and oppress men which is has done while giving women special privileges and advantages. MGTOW is about protecting men from the damage feminism has done to men and society. History and statistics prove that women have always had it better than men though the feminist agenda and narrative has deceived and convinced women and girls the opposite was true, the facts, REAL FACTS in history says otherwise though women easily took the bait Marxist knew women would easily fall to get hoodwinked in the beginning which is why women were their target. Had feminism never existed or been a thing, MGTOW would have never existed. But it is what it is and the damage has been done.

  • normalice

    At root, feminism is about the wage gap between genders. Fix that and feminism loses it's steam. MGTOW, on the other hand, just seems like a bunch of incels who want to convince everyone they are just 'cels'.

    • First of all there is no wage gap, that's been proven. Secondly, you're giving your incite on MGTOW and it becomes quiet obvious you don't even know what you're talking about. To prove this point, how about Leonardo Dicaprio, do you think Leonardo Dicaprio is an incel?

      How about the doctors lawyers CEO's and engineers etc that are MGTOW, do you think they're all incel's? If anyone fits the incel profile, then that's you. Otherwise you wouldn't be trying to make points against your fellow man for simply trying to protect himself against the feminist Marxist agenda.

    • normalice

      @ThisAndThat Your 'incite' on the wage gap makes it 'quiet' obvious you have a pretty heavy bias that you were trying to disguise with a quasi-objective tone. And your grammar tells me you're probably another russian troll. Or the same one with a new account.

    • And your deflection makes it obvious you have nothing to base your argument on and I'll give the perfect example or your feminist wage gap.

      A guy goes to his job, he is a miner, he makes $30.00 per hour because his job is very dirty stressful and dangerous. There is always the possibility he won't make it home to see his family again ever and that's his every day odds. He works his fingers to the bone each and every day working 12 hour shifts and he makes $360 a day less taxes.

      Meanwhile a girl sits at a desk and answers the phone for 8 hours a day making $25.00 and hour because she's attractive. She' has very little stress if any and she's guaranteed to return home safely each and every day with a smile on her face. She makes $200 a day less taxes and takes home $160 dollars less than he does.

      And do you see her or women applying for those jobs? ABSOLUTELY NOT. They are applying for and demanding those desk jobs, those CEO jobs, but wouldn't touch his job if they were paid more than he gets. And the difference in what he make verses what she makes is what YOU and THEY are referring to as the wage gap.

      Now to address your Russian comment. No I'm not a Russian, not yet anyway. But Russia still has morals over there and their women look like and want to be women, they don't compete with men or hate on men like they do here in the west. They are smart to know better than feminism and in a why you are right to a degree, I am a future Russian, that's where I'm planing on moving soon, loads of men are doing the same feeling to countries like Russian and in Asia to escape the feminist misandry west.

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  • standardguy

    Both extremes are wrong. Ignoring the fact that women were created by God for men is the main problem today. Nowadays they don't believe in God, nor in a creation during 7 days nor in the universality of God's rules shown by the bible. These rules hinder hate women and hate men.

    • Don't blame MGTOW for the things that have happened. Feminism IE socialism Marxism is to blame. Men did nothing to provoke the things that have taken place, women and feminism did that purely on their own. MGTOW is men's defense from a unprovoked attack and tyranny on men. In fact the Bible references the actions of MGTOW and what this attack on men is leading to. Men are the victims here, so don't blame the victims.

      Isaiah 4:1 In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!”

      Isaiah 13:12 will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity. I will end the haughtiness of the arrogant and humiliate the pride of tyrants. I will make man scarcer than pure gold, and mankind rarer than the gold of Ophir. Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will be shaken from its place at the wrath of the LORD of Hosts on the day of His burning anger.…

  • Billybob643

    Defining yourself by ideology is always bad. It creates a tribalist atmosphere and will often lead people to see someone disagreeing with them as bad or evil. Because when you identify yourself with ideology, an attack on ideology is an attack on you. I hate to break it to some folks but all ideologies have flaws, including feminism and MGTOW. I think we can learn from both ideologies and form our own conclusions of the world.

  • MackToday

    MIGTOW is a reaction to feminism for which it holds women accountable. But, what is called feminism doesn't come from women, it comes from somewhere else and sucks women in. People don't realize that but look at the rapes in Cologne Germany. There should have been world wide outrage from these feminists but you hear crickets. Take a good long look at so called feminism, it's not feminism and it doesn't give a damn about women. This is Marxism , class struggle between groups men , women, whites, non whites. Redistribution of social power rather than of wealth as in the Soviet Union. These people are communists, look at them in the street flying hammer and sickle flags right in the open, calling for communist revolution and the overthrow of the government. They are all connected behind the scenes.

  • DWD94

    This is a fairly reasonable take on MGTOW, however I do not really agree with the general premise I'm getting from this in how that MGTOW and feminism are just 2 sides of the same coin.

    They're not and I will explain why.

    Feminism is a militant group. They not only push for legislation that harms men, but they also engage in harassment campaigns/witchhunts, support doxing and send death threats. The Warren Farrel Talk for male suicide in 2012 was stopped when feminists pulled a fire-alarm and proceeded to harass and bully men attending the event to the point where the men needed police escorts.

    MGTOW's on the other hand, literally just make youtube videos. There's no comparison between the 2 because MGTOW isn't a militant group. Its more of a passive aggressive group.

  • Notallways

    Both groups seem quite angry and weak. Some for reasons understandable, some for childish insecure reasons. I choose neither group as a viable option. Though I empathize with some of them to some degree. I was brought up to be independent and cautious of who I let into my world as it is ultimately me and the god I have faith in that helps me. I take great pride in having married my wife who I helped and vice versa. I could have been bitter and jaded after many bad relationships and divorced parents. No regrets. 14 years with my non feminist, self reliant wife. We have built a life together.

  • Everything in moderation. Moderation is the key 🔑!

    --- Scene #1

    Normal man: Good day ladies! I love women 😗😘


    Normal MGTOW: No comment / Good for you.
    (I'll just be careful when it comes to women and be up to date with some of their shenanigans.)

    --- scene #2

    Normal woman: Hello boys! I hope you are all fine and well 😘😘💕


    Egalitarian woman: Just be safe and fair to each other! That is all we want you all to be.

  • MightyMikeMason

    On both side it's people whining about a system they took part as a collective in creating. They still think the date scene or world of relationships works the same way as it did in 1789

  • Sensmind

    You make a very good point - Lots of movements not just MGTOW and feminism when you refine them to their basic simple ideals, you could live with them as they would not impinge on anyone else, probably not a bad idea for all people to aspire BUT you just have people who go crazy horse and some MGTOW go virulent misogynist while some feminists go "Feminist Nazi".
    Others stand in the middle and paraphrase Shakespeare "FFS a plague on both your houses" knowing not an inch of progress if anything more likely a slide back is more likely by a destructive polarisation.

  • A-man-22

    I think the major differences between the two are:

    Realisation of corruptness, most mgtow people I have met understand that there are bad eggs in the movement and they need to be dealt with.
    While there are some feminists who feel this way they are way more prone to saying that the movement is perfect.

    Respect towards others , if they can't win an argument feminists will often result in throwing ist's and ism's at others. While in the opposite side mgtow will often get very angry instead.

    Feminism most of the time gets its views to be heard in some form of media. Mgtow doesn't and that's often because feminism doesn't want them to grow.

    I'm not a mgtow but even I can see men need a movement that helps them, like feminism helped women. Some feminists just don't want that to happen.

  • TheUglyMan

    At least feminism has some legitimacy mgtow is just a joke

  • Ultimate_Gohan

    Feminism is cancer mgtow is the cure

  • Anonymous

    Feminism wants men to be slaves. Mgtow just want to be left alone.

  • Anonymous

    MGTOW isn't a reaction to feminism. MGTOW is a reaction to the basic gynocentric society where men are seen as disposable, providers and protectors of women and women are seen and treated like children in need of protection and assistance.

    Men are tired of being treated as disposable for the sake of women.
    It's on the backs of men that society is created, advanced, and maintained.
    We provide a world for women to live comfortably and easily but many of them have become entitled, spoiled, narcissist who have forgotten that if it wasn't for men they would live in grass huts, surrounded by their own shit. The lack of respect that many women show towards men these days has elevated the MGTOW movement, which is why feminist try and shame it using all their media and social power.

    MGTOW doesn't hate women, it simply feels that women should be responsible for themselves, their actions, and their choices.

    * Yes, I get that there are some pathetic male children who use the MGTOW idea to spew their hate and anger about women, but that is to be expected.

    • MzAsh

      If that is true then why am I often shamed by mgtow for having a job instead of being at home cooking and cleaning for my man and raising kids?

    • All very good points. I can relate to MGTOW to a high degree, due to seeing the life my father lived, and the fact that I worked a grueling painful job that I hated while my wife went to school. However, she also has been faithful, worked her ass off and takes care of me and my son in ways I rather not spend time on. I see us as a team. She sees me at the team leader, most if the time we are co-leaders, but she prefers I take the final call on decisions. It would be hard to steer a boat with two apposing rudders. I suppose we are more like Married “Red Pill” couple without forcing it.

    • @MzAsh , why are you interacting with MGTOW? Why do you feel shame from people who are on the internet? If you are on the internet interacting outside of your social group be prepared to be mocked and hated.

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  • Anonymous

    nothing to do with feminism
    women in general are the issue lol

    that simple
    women need to change or keep getting killed


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