You have any 1st Amendment Rights. As long as you support me and only me.
President Trump Says Only Trump Supporters Deserve Free Speech

President Trump held a confab at the White House Thursday to promote his Orwellian notion of “free speech” online. It confirmed yet again the president’s implacable hostility to basic liberal freedoms.

Trump has repeatedly accused Facebook, Google, and Twitter of carrying out a secret agenda against him and his supporters, by hiding the president’s tweets and covertly banning his supporters. Trump presented his position as a defense of free speech against some secretive form of censorship, and warned, “I’m directing my administration to explore all regulatory and legislative solutions to protect free speech and the free speech rights of all Americans.”

And before you sheep cry 'fake news"

You have any 1st Amendment Rights. As long as you support me and only me.

So lets get this straight....

This is only applicable to Trump Supporters?
This is only applicable to Trump Supporters?


You have any 1st Amendment Rights. As long as you support me and only me.

Only the best followers....

You have any 1st Amendment Rights. As long as you support me and only me.
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  • Kas19

    Trump followers are a bunch of hypocrites so this honestly doesn't surprise me.

    • It amazes me how many Liberals I used to know have done a complete 180 on free speech as long as Corporations are Censoring conservatives. If one supports this censorship one was never Liberal one was, nothing but a fascist.

      The Corporate attempt to censor free speech will fail!

    • They ARE but so are Liberals

What Girls & Guys Said

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad

    So in other words if you don't support Trump , you don't have freedom of speech.

  • Puppylover_129

    That's just society and people as a whole. The side with the greater amount always has a higher voice over those who disagree

  • markscott

    Trump is always saying nice things about dictators, because he has an affinity for them. Trump doesn't understand the freedoms that Americans have under the constitution, and really, doesn't car to.

    • You mean like the freedom of Speech/Press which is being denied by top 1% corporations? It seems he has a better understanding of the Constitution than many people who call themselves "Liberal".

  • The Censorship, election meddling, racketeering, fraud, false advertising, of the corporate Robber Barons of big tech are not in any way secret, nor will they succeed in taking away our freedoms.

    I am still waiting for the clip of him saying "Only Trump supporters have free speech" this take, much like when he supposedly said all Mexicans are rapists, is Yellow Journalism.

    Google Executive "Head of Responsible Innovation" (Head Censor!) admitting to all the crimes not yellow journalism.

    You want to talk free speech/press? You can't even say the NAME Alex Jones on Facebook!

  • True, but so are Liberals
    But Republicans can't stand when someone insults their precious flag, God or beloved rapists, eh I mean, soldiers.

  • yah says 1 thing an does another