Politics, The Future, and The Divided States of America

Politics, The Future, and The Divided States of America

It's late at night so I may be rambling but being a younger person in America right now is fucked. I'm so scared as to what will happen to our country, I don't know if it's just because i'm finally old enough to care about politics or if it's because something really is happening but America is deeply divided. Now I am aware that america has basically always been "divided", there's always been Republican's and there's always been Democrats, and both parties have different beliefs. There has also always been Radicals on either sides, it seems like more of them are popping up though.

It feels like both sides have stopped communicating and they're now just chanting one liners at the other party wanting change desperately but the other party is doing the exact same thing back so no ones even listening! It's like when an argument happens and you have to scream louder and louder just to be heard, like were all screaming into a void but the only real way to get noticed now amongst all the noise is to do something big and crazy.

You have your opinions and I have mine but for fucks sake why does that mean we can't get a drink and talk together? You don't have to like me you just have to listen to me! Everyone's scared now of what others would think or would do if they knew what you believe, I'm scared that no ones even listening to reason anymore, i'm scared that were all devolving into scared animals that feel the need to growl at other animals to guard our territory.

I see all these supposed leaders of our country not able to get along, not willing to meet up half way, to mend the divide and make a solution that would align with most people. I thought this was supposed to be civil professional people working to build ALL of America up, no mud slinging low blows and fake misleading news that targets one party.

I just don't know what's gonna happen and I don't know what to do about it but boy do we need a change. If we don't realize that were tearing america apart we will never be able to heal and we will only get farther apart further cementing our place as The Divided States of America.

Politics, The Future, and The Divided States of America
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  • MercuryG
    Honestly I'm so tired of this system of indoctrination and blame. I love this country and what it was intended to be. But like most governments through history, great concept, horrible in execution. At least parts are, the parts that involve people arguing who's 'right'.

    The whole two dominant party thing had gotten out of hand. And if you try to participate with views that don't solidly land you in one party or another, you're subjected to ridicule, abuse, and worse from BOTH sides. Believe me, I've tried to find a place on both sides of the isle. Their system is meant to indoctrinate you into their whole viewpoint and ESPECIALLY their derision of their opponents.

    An opposing political party and it's members are NOT enemies, they're people just like you trying to make ends meet and make sure the future is the best it can be for themselves or their kids. We've all come from different places and experiences, yet more often than not we find things in common with our fellow citizens if we're honestly trying to connect.

    I would bet that every person who condemns members of their opposing political party would make fast and true friends of them if they were never made aware of their chosen political affiliations. We're all people, that's what we do.

    Now let's see how unpopular my opinion is because people want someone to blame more than they are willing to be accepting of others differences.
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  • Dude_1820
    Yes! You but the nail right on the head. I completely agree. I'm a Conservative. But I've been able to enjoy a drink with people who are Democrats and either we have an intelligent debate for fun or we agree to disagree and just socialize. It's refreshing too. But there are so many that aren't like that.

    Personally, I pride myself on trying to remain neutral. I have my personal political views. I'm not a Rep or a Dem. I will support who I think is the best fit. I will be the first person to call out people on my side too. I consume news from both sides as well to get both sides and make an informed judgement.

    Given your remarks, check this out. I think you'll like it

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  • Epbrooks302
    It’s all about the money honey. I’m independent so I see both sides. The republicans are so brainwashed by Trumps lies and bigotry that they see nothing else. On the other hand Dems are easily offended and want to take away our own rights to put their minds at ease like it will solve all problems. The media is not helping matters either. All of the one sided stories are just a diversion to hide something bigger. Although they say they care about our needs and spew all these big promises, all they really care about is the money. The best thing to do is be aware and not let the media influence your decisions. Look independently at both sides from an unbiased source and decide for yourself. You can’t help what others do or think. You’ll worry yourself to death over this if you don’t chill.
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    • Trumps bigotry? Lmao. Wtf.

    • Kaazsz

      Trump isn't a bigot. You’re still drinking the liberal Kool Aid if you still believe that and you’re not really seeing both sides.

  • Agape93
    Political polarization and partisanship makes it damn near impossible to get along anymore. It divides us, nothing more. It’s modern day tribalism. As long as your beliefs don’t harm me and mine, I couldn’t care less what you believe in. Believe in a pasta monster god? Cool. Believe in anti choice? Cool. Believe in removing my rights or calling for my harm, that’s when I have a problem with someone.
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  • NearlyNapping
    Here's my point of view as one of those "radicals".

    The divide between liberal and conservative has gotten greater and greater. Why blame the liberals? Because liberals, by definition, are the ones constantly pushing for change. They are the ones "doing". Conservatives are not against change. They just take a much slower and more cautious approach. They are not the ones "doing". If they aren't doing, then they can't be responsible for the divide.

    You could break it down to "doing" vs "not doing". So what is a compromise between those two? It always means "doing". Maybe not as much, or as fast, as liberals would like. But it always means "doing".

    What this means is that compromise always means liberals get their way. Liberalism used to be a good thing. That's in the past though. It does not justify liberalism in the present or the future. The problem is that liberalism has gone too far, and that's been true for a long time. It's moved to the point where conservatives have drawn a line and said enough is enough.

    Compromise always means liberals get their way. But no more. Enough is enough. No more compromise. No more dialog. Compromise and dialog in the past has only led to way too much liberalism. It has to stop.

    Conservatives are tired of liberals ALWAYS getting their way. Conservatives are going to get their way for the first time in the life of anyone alive today. That means putting a complete stop to liberalism. And as far as I'm concerned, that needs to be done by any means necessary.

    Oh, by the way, I'm not even all that conservative. I'm a moderate. However, due to the reason stated above, I'm very anti-liberal. They are the enemy and must be stopped. Yes, the US is very divided and liberalism is to blame. It's hard to say that conservatives are to blame when the country was less divided when it was more conservatives. It's only liberalism that's done this.

    Enough is enough. No more compromise. More liberalism WILL lead to more division. You can only stretch a rubber band so far before it snaps.

    • zollo

      I feel like Your anti- Liberalism approach is just as divisive though. To me being Anti any political group just seems ignorant and stubborn, sure you don't have to like them but to say they the group should be completely eradicated is discrediting a large group of people which like I said causes more division.

    • But I didn't cause the division. What you are saying is that liberals should continue getting their way, which causes more division. My view does not cause division. My view wants to keep the divide from getting any wider.

    • zollo

      No i'm not saying you caused the division but I feel like isolating a whole group of people isn't exactly going to do any good. Saying get rid of this group their bad isn't going to make them change their minds or just back off, if anything it'll just cause more problems because you're trying to get rid of a whole group of people. Does that make since? It's logical that if someone tried to get rid of your group you'd fight back because you believe in your group, thus causing more fighting and division.

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  • invalid1
    I'm not an American, though intellectually interested in its politics. But relax calm down.
    Division is the core of democracy. I drunk coffee once with an American who told me there's gonna be a civil war there. And then I -Being from the middle east- ... I exploded laughing.
    Apparently you're very influenced by the media, you don't know how a divided country really looks like. Just turn off the TV. It's Fox News and CNN who are divided. so why are you so emotional about it? the media's job is to make you stressed out, and annoyed. Politics sucks, I know how hatred feels like. We've been there before our cities turned to ashes. I'm not saying it's gonna be the same god forbids. But in the end, young people, don't just swallow what the media tell you, don't be so ideologists.
    You're saying this now. What would you say if you lived during the Vietnam war and the blacks slavery. and so on. So as long as democracy is above all. everything is fine. You can have some kind of dictatorship where you can't have this division, and you all be the same opinion, uniformity, America is all that's there. and you be so loving to each other, no arguments and debates (Otherwise you'll have ur bullet in the head) . But believe me it's so damn boring 😂😂😂
    Just enjoy this right now.
    • zollo

      Very interesting point, I like it. Thank you.

  • Dargil
    I won't bother elaborating because unlike historic Liberals and Conservatives, there is no middle ground. The Left wants to dismantle America. The Right wants to preserve it. Civil war is approaching. If Trump loses in 2020, there will be Civil War. If he wins, there will be Civil War. The Right possesses the vast majority of privately owned weapons and the skills to use them. The US Military is predominantly Right and will not suppress the Right and will stand back as best they can from the Left and let us settle the matter with the Left.
    Politics, The Future, and The Divided States of America
    In the process, the rule of law and the Constitution will be suspended while the Right cleans up the mess. We will declare Red and Blue America and we will require allegiance to Red America or give you the option of deportation to Blue America. Insurrection within Red America will be suppressed with prejudice and the Leftist corruption of our laws will be erased. starting with the First and Second Amendments. Dangerous days are approaching and it will not be pretty. But it has to happen if the USA in some form will live beyond 250 years.
    Now, where's my meds?

    • Dargil

      +1 for a worthwhile dialog.

    • zollo

      So take out all the people you don't agree with or convert them?

    • Dargil

      Naah.. Just deport them.

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  • sawno
    Blame the left on this one, the right is more than willing to engage in civil debate but the left shuts any sense of reason out of the window to protect their undefendable idea's. I recently experienced this first hand where a popular left wing run instance on the platform Mastodon banned me for desiring to follow people on Gab. Meanwhile Gab was very open, tolerant of all opinions and had left wing users debate me on the platform.
    • zollo

      But I feel like that's just so divisive and gets nobody anywhere. (╯︵╰,) Hating a whole group of people just seems rash, there's always bad eggs but that doesn't mean they spoil the whole basket.

    • sawno

      The problem is its systemic, there are plenty of reasonable people who wish to debate on the entire spectrum. But the left is shielded off by tyrants who do not tolerate opposing opinions on their platforms. It caused the left to get extremely radical while the right has been kept in check for the most part since they are exposed to the entire political spectrum.

    • zollo

      Well agree to disagree then.

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  • Kiran_Yagami
    Echo chambers are a problem, but the divide is deeper than that. It's a fundamental difference in our interpretation of the constitution and the rights we should have as Americans. I will never even entertain supporting the Democrats again, because they are anti-free speech, anti-gun, which are the single two most important amendments in the Bill of Rights. And the Dems will happily loophole their way to destroying free speech by using private monopolies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google to deny your right to be heard instead of doing it in law. Yes, the law was intended to prevent the government from taking your right to speak, but when giant corporations want to act like the government then they should be treated with the same heavy handedness. But no, the Dems like it that way. They like big tech stepping on our rights, just like they like big tech trying to take our guns by having banks no longer accept firearms transactions. Without a bank or financial institution to exchange cash, a business cannot run. Again, Dems using third parties to step on our rights. I will never approve of such a behavior.
    • zollo

      I feel like all Democrats aren't like that though. Saying an entire group of people is "This" seems wrong. Saying all republicans are racists just because some of them are isn't right either. I used to think I was a democrat because it seemed to mostly align with what I thought but now I honestly identify as nothing because I would get lumped in with things I simply didn't at all believe. Like someone would say "oh you're a Democrat? So that must mean you believe our guns should be taken away and we should let all the 'Mexicans' into our country." I don't like that people have this rooted idea that just because some people from a group act and think a certain way that all the people in the group think that way or just that the people that do think that way just get more coverage because it'll spark more debate.

    • If they aren't like that then why is EVERY SINGLE 2020 CANDIDATE anti-gun and anti-free speech? During the debates every candidate trips over the next to prove how "progressive" they are. Who wants open borders? EVERYONE DOES! Who wants free health care? EVERYONE DOES! Who wants to ban guns? EVERYONE DOES! There's not an ounce of nuance between them. They have the same talking points and just compete to see who can do them to a more extreme degree. So please, don't tell me not to say "they're all like that" when they are literally all like that. And then you have extreme extremists (absurd that I have to be redundant to distinguish) like Maxine Waters who want you to harass Republican law makers in public, like at restaurants and shopping malls in order to intimidate them. Or like Nancy Pelosi who promote milk shaking. That is fucking wrong.

    • zollo

      Well agree to disagree then.

  • AmandaYVR
    Damn, Girl, you're a great writer. Are you really only 19? Got a good head on your shoulders.

    I agree with everything you said. My only comment is remember that the louder shouting voices come through more, we hear them on their soap boxes, but there are still calm, reasonable moderates out there. The proportions suck now, things are devolving, but not everyone's driving off the cliff just yet (fingers crossed). You should keep writing and spreading your well thought-out words.
  • Sensmind
    I don't know has it always being there but the whole 24/7 nature of TV and social media today has amplified the polarisation - The "Narrative" becomes more important than policy - Politicians obsess over who controls it but that seems a nonsense as most people are breastfed news from sources that mirror their own - Populism especially right wing populism has turned politics on its head, most countries had a fairly even split and whoever won the election was the side who picked up the swing voters but I think populism shows that if you have a fervent base say 98/99% turnout and the other side's turnout is 85%, you will win so this leads to strategies of both sides playing purely to their base and the poor swing voter in the middle going "Hello... Remember me... Is anyone going to try to convince me"
    I do somewhat fall into the trap myself but I think it is best to get out of the sandpit when the squabble is on. The future I honestly don't know, short of a mythical type character that maybe could unite both sides into constructive policy, I am like you with a lot of fears about where we are going.
  • BCA6010
    "I don't know what to do about it but boy do we need a change."

    Well, you just summed up a problem right there- it's easy to complain about something without offering solutions, and that's a huge problem in politics. It's very difficult to get anyone to sit down and talk about something when all they do is recognize (or assume) there's a problem, and b*tch and moan and point fingers without proposing anything resembling a viable plan.

    So here's the situation: you are partially correct, although it's mainly the Democrats who are refusing to budge on any issue whatsoever, while the Republicans refuse to give up anything in exchange for nothing. This is an impasse. How are we at this point? Well the Democratic strategy right now is to oppose any and all things President Trump does purely for political reasons, which is nonsensical since he's actually pretty moderate and an easy guy to negotiate with, who has given them every opportunity to do so. In response to what the Dems are doing, the Reps are doing more or less the same thing. If you want to fix it, mobilize voters and get rid of your congressmen if they're part of the problem. Less than a quarter of our voter population pays any attention to congressional and senatorial elections but that's where almost all of the problems are.
  • bamesjond0069
    We can't all be friends because some people believe most of my money should be forcibly taken from me to pay for things such as murdering babies and providing penis removal operations for very mentally disturbed men.
    • Xyline789

      True, I'm taxed at ~30% without including sales tax and other random taxes they want to tack on just because the politicians need some extra pocket change. It pisses me off especially when the money isn't even used for the original purpose of the tax.

    • zollo

      Regarding the Transgender claim, I think the tax money being paid is only to those who have government insurance. If you don't have medicaid then you would have to pay out of pocket or get help from your own insurance.

    • Ok but i dont want to pay for even one trannies pee pee.

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  • oddwaffle
    Couldn't have won the war for Independence without the French. Maybe try to ask what would the French do...

    When those who hold people powerful positions care more about keeping their seats than the betterment of their people, they should be replaced.

    Too bad, most of them keep going for decades and nobody cares.
  • LesterJester
    Unfortunately, the only real time the United States is actually "United" is when they're attacked by another nation or foreign group.

    Unless the US has someone to fight and kill outside of the US, they begin to fight each other.
    • "is when they're attacked by another nation or foreign group."

      We're being invaded by Third Worlders and the Democrats are supporting it.

    • @ForbesMagazine first world problem? 😜

  • Liam_Hayden
    The problem I see is that politicians have forgotten that their primary responsibility is to make sure the government protects people and their property. It has morphed into a scam where each side attempts to extort funds from the other through taxation and then uses the funds to reward its own supporters.
    • Not just from taxation but also from mutinational corporate donors.

  • IreallyhateGAG
    Doesn't it sound kind of fucked up to you? Why would we be split down the middle like this? The 2 party system is a way to scam us and trick us. To make us fight with each other over everything possible. Meanwhile as we fight with each other the government is planning to put an RFID chip in our arms.
  • Nikkiyogi79
    That’s how the ruling class operates they divide us having us fighting with each other instead of our government.Politics, The Future, and The Divided States of AmericaPolitics, The Future, and The Divided States of AmericaPolitics, The Future, and The Divided States of America
    • True but also George Carlin was controlled as well. He did all the Illiminati hand signs sometimes they put truth out there and why? So we have something else to fight about. So truthers fight with non truthers.

    • I just sit back watch the shit hit the fan.

  • francis51s
    Well the left is on a landslide to destroy themselves by throwing anyone moderate under the bus. The right is slowly adopting the center. And even classical liberals and libertarians. Which will slowly start to polarize the right into real conservatives and fake conservatives until there is a middle a right and a left. But that will happen after the left eats itself
  • Thatsamazing
    Well... yeah. This is because of the Internet. The Internet makes conversations into nonversations, where people can block each other for no reason or devolve complex issues into fucking memes or whatever, for God's sake. So... have important, difficult, listening discussions in person when you can, and things will slowly get better.
  • ManOnFire
    Republicans are the problem. They want to maintain cruel, antiquated values and policies in a world that is changing and becoming more and more diverse and connected. Republicans would like to move backwards.
    • Thotkiana


    • Dude_1820

      And here ladies and gentlemen is the epitome of what the post author is making as her point

    • ManOnFire

      @Thotkiana Are you a black Republican?

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  • MarketNews
    I'm not American so I probably shouldn't be commenting but I do have a sense of perspective that most Americans don't. You can't understand what's happening in America until you realize that politicians on both sides are lying to you, even the ones you voted for.

    George Carlin was right when he used to say politicians don't care about you. None of them do, except maybe the odd crackpot like Bernie Sanders. Certainly not Nancy Pelosi and certainly not Mitch McConnell.
    • Bernie sanders? Lay off the drugs. He's the worst of the worst.

    • @bamesjond0069 He's an idealist. He wants to give America back to the people.

    • First i thought it was pot but now I'm sure its meth. Get help.

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  • isweatergawd
    America is not scaring its people anymore and too many people are becoming "woke".

    Look up the book white fragility it will help you understand a little bit about whats happening in America. Also it really hard to talk to people because as soon as you have a different view your the enemy. We can't talk if one person is talking and the other person is trying to get points or be right or change your perspective.
  • maxambit
    Actually the parties aren't that different minus a few fringe Democrats. They are just putting on a show to distract you as they sell you out. As an example the wall trump keeps pushing for was approved by Democrats during the bush era. Look up the secure fence act
    • Dargil

      That may have been true in the past, but look how Democrats vote as a bloc on the most absurd legislation.

    • maxambit

      Legislation that everyone knows wouldn't pass the Senate. Means absolutely nothing except they put on a show for you.

  • JohnAlaska43
    We all just know a two party system doesn't work and blaming each other and hurting one another doesn't work either.
    We need to stop hating one another and fixing the problems.
  • Cybernizer
    You and I both. Wish I could make money appear so I can hop on a boat and move to Europe right now.

    Well, if the next civil war breaks out I will steal myself a boat and run like hell!
  • ENalls
    I'm 38 my boyfriend 29 we been dating five years I'm gemini he a sagg anyways he didn't come home last night he work yesterday haven't heard from him last night or today what should I do
    • zollo

      Sorry, what? You know you posted this on another persons post right? You can make your own post if you want help, tag it under Relationships.

  • Landshrk0068
    And you have just summed up why I left America 7 years ago. Something really bad is going to happen in my life time, and I know that I'll be safer out of the country than in it.
    • Sorry man but it is going to happen everywhere RFID chips in everybody. Socialism everywhere.

  • penguin_14
    Yup your right. I feel half the time im not safe and that something bad will happen to me
  • Fuentes
    Poltics has always divided America, what year or what rock have u been living under?
    • zollo

      Like I said, I know it's always been divided but I felt as though it may be more divided than it has been previously but I wasn't sure if that was true or not because this president s really the only president that iv'e actually known about. When Obama was elected I was still in elementary school so I wasn't exactly keeping up with politics, now that i'm finally getting somewhat interested in politics it seems like America is more divided and full of hatred than before. But again, I don't know if that's true or not because Obama's presidency seemed perfectly fine to me but that may have just been because I wasn't evolved with it.

    • Fuentes

      Thats weird when you think about it i was in elementary school when it was Bush vs Kerry lol

  • ChiPaPa
    I severely doubt we'll ever have a civil war again due to so many different views on issues. Paul disagrees with Trent on abortion but they both agree on gun control, that kind of thing.
    • We won’t have another civil war because it’s not feasible in modern society. Liberals and conservatives are never going to square off at Gettysburg.

      Modern civil war is bombings and shootings at political conventions. Modern civil war is cars ramming into protesters. Modern civil war is homegrown domestic terrorism.

      And if you’ve seen the news, you know that we’re already in it.

    • ChiPaPa

      I disagree. It's usually just a few disgruntled idiots.

  • katiesmuff
    I think you are very close to being totally right. The big issue is why do we STUPID citizens keep electing the same clowns term after term allowing them to continue spewing their BS on us while also filling their pockets with money. Even though most of the politicians and electorates won't consider enacting term limits on all Federal. State and County elected positions we the citizens could get this done ourselves as they come up for re-election. Should never be an elected person in that position for more than two terms. It would make a tremendous difference on the way our country would operate.
    • Are there any better options?

      If you don't want clowns to run for president, you literally have no other options than what you currently have, otherwise a rebellion is what you can do 🤷

    • It is actualy our right and responsibility to do just that. Problem is our youth is too concerned with likes on instagram amd fb. And our working class citizens are too busy surving in this economy to care. the only people left are the middle class and upper class which is who the media targets with propaganda. And believe every word like theyre being spoonfed a golden truth.

  • MackToday
    The beginnings of the red pill I see. Follow the rabbit hole deeper like we all do. Here's a good place to start as you move away from the normies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPojltjv4M0

    Here's another good one. I'm on here now and then, message me if you want help studying this.
  • zagor
    Too much stupid in play. People take political sides with religious fervor.
  • jarredcbizzle
    It is actualy our right and responsibility to have had a revolution by this point. Problem is our youth is too concerned with likes on instagram amd fb. And our working class citizens are too busy surving in this economy to care. the only people left are the middle class and upper class which is who the media targets with propaganda. And believe every word like theyre being spoonfed a golden truth. If u read the constitution amd the amendments ot is actually designed so that we actually have all the power. The moment we were forced to pay taxes by the irs... Which by the way is a total scam we should have revolted. Legaly we shouldn't even have to pay taxes. Only government officials and jobs are required to pay a income tax. But weve all been doing it for so long we just accept it as normal. I encourage some of you to read some of our laws in the constitution and amendments. here's a website with truth and sources as proof. Famguardian. org
  • demonics
  • BigJake
    There is going to be some sort of political violence in this country. At this point, it's inevitable. People are too entrenched on both sides to ever really work together anymore. The left is full of moralizing prigs who want to push the country into socialism, and the right is full of angry nationalists who feel we're losing the country to globalist social engineering run by Soros, Inc.

    What makes me believe there will be conflict is the commitment level of both sides. I know plenty of people in my hometown who are ready to fight and die if need be to save this country. I also know that there are plenty of people on the left who feel the same. They feel they're moral crusaders against the racism and "injustice" they see all around. Neither side is willing to back down, and both feel as though their cause is just. That's a recipe for war if there ever was one.
  • Djaay
    The division is caused by political correctness. This is exactly what put Christ on the cross . It can also be translated as ( the opposition against GOD ) .
    Our future in this country without GOD is ; Is eventually the anti-christ as a one world order.
    It's now the Devil and darkness against the light against God and his righteousness with his chosen souls.
    This country isn't United at all right now and I'm afraid it never will be the same.
    The right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird. A evil vulture who chastises the lives of the living , only to consume those who are presumed by they're own standards as dead.

  • Jason___K
    The reason why we have so much problems is because the United States has changed so much in almost 250 years of its existence. But what if the entire concept of the United States is nowhere close to what you’ve learned in school. What I am getting at is the United States was never supposed to be this idea of One great big country, but a collective group of countries who each have the Individual Sovereign right to govern and legislate themselves as the Independent Sovereign States that they are. But who come together United in time of need for when it serves the best interest of all the States as One Common Union. To put it simply, the US was the first and original idea of what is now known today as the European Union, but with a small Central Government with the Member States checking and balancing its power. (State Means Country... FYI)
  • Yupo120
    I don’t have to listen to racist opinions.
    • I don’t listen bitches who can’t come up with opposing opinions! so they falsely accuse people of being racist.

    • zollo

      @ConstantPain Hey now, that was quite uncalled for.

  • anametouse
    Preach queen you are absolutely right
  • PrinceOfAljazeera
    blame the libtards.
  • Anonymous
    It's funny how people try to push the blame to one side when both Republicans and Democrats are fucking stupid. The left and right are both part of the problem and you can see it in the self rightous nonsense some of them are posting.
  • Anonymous
    What happened is this, blacks, women and gays wanted equality and when they got it they insisted on superiority. Now we will become a fucked up nation like in Africa or Central America. Unless we simply fight it out and that may happen.
    • zollo

      ... So you want to fight black people, women and gay people?

  • Anonymous
    Divided States of America. I like it lol
  • Anonymous
    Why do you care? Do you think it's going to lead to the abolition of the US? The United States has always been divided, and it makes sense as it becomes more diverse that it would become even more so.

    There's nothing uniting "Americans," all you need is a sticker on you saying you're one.. like what do you expect?
    • Dargil

      Which is why partitioning is necessary. And since Leftism is a cultural virus, it can be permitted to infect the "other" side.

    • Anonymous

      @Dargil I'd rather just chase the Leftists out of the country.

    • zollo

      Why do I care? Well although I think it's quite obvious, I want people of all sex's, races, religions, and genders to be able to co-habitat together in America instead of fearing if thy neighbor will kill you, or in your case "drive them out of the country". I personally am more left leaning than right but i'm not "infecting" you with some leftist cooties or degrading your values trying to push you out of the country. I suppose your slightly right about nothing uniting Americans together except the fact that you just are one but I don't think that's a bad thing. If ISIS kidnapped a KKK member of the united states I would still want to get that person back because above all else their still an American citizen , their not the best person but they still don't deserve to be left behind by their country. Same with you, even though I don't agree with your views I don't wish any harm on you. Your an American, you obviously care about our country enough to want to change it because you ultimately want what you think is best for the country. So even though you are technically my competitor I don't want to just get rid of you, I want to talk and discuss with you, I want to be able to come up with a mutual solution or at least genuinely understand what and why the other person thinks the way they do.

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