El Paso Texas shooting is just stuck in my head...

El Paso Texas shooting is just stuck in my head...

I live in Texas and tonight I am so saddened by this shooting. 20 dead and 20 injured at this point. In the U.S. we keep having these shooting and daily we have domestic abuse shootings and individual school shooting where one or two students die.

About 4 years ago there was a shoot out in front of my apartment. Luckily I was gone at the time but if we had been home the bullets could have easily gone through my daughter's or my bedroom walls. The people involved were described as teenagers by my neighbor upstairs. Every time we say things must change.

Can't we figure out how to at least reduce the chances of this happening?

El Paso Texas shooting is just stuck in my head...
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  • TenderFantasy
    I'm not sure, but I feel that we should have stricter gun purchasing laws. I think that's one way. However, a lot of people who DO want to do harm can find other ways to get guns illegally! I don't think it's just mental health we have to deal with in terms of making the country better and safer because a lot of people are angry and frustrated for some reason and it doesn't help that these people are loaded! Often times, we need to prevent Step 1 from happening so we don't have to deal with Step 2, which is the after math of these shootings.

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    • sejla

      Thank you for your reply.

    • Girther10

      Are you even aware of how strict gun purchasing laws are? @TenderFantasy

    • sejla

      @Girther10 In Texas we have some loop holes. People who buy guns at gun shows sometimes have a much easier time of buying guns. It depends on the dealer and how he or she handles a sale.
      From what I heard people can basically walk off without the normal checks but I'm not sure how accurate that is. I'd say a very large percentage of people in Texas have guns. Much more than is necessary for normal protection and hunting.

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  • Channing5000
    Research "mk ultra" online and understand they want you to agree to kill the 2nd amendment. Hitler and those with him took the guns away from the citizens on their way to seizing power.
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    • sejla

      I don't think removing all guns is a viable compromise but the reality is there are too many guns in circulation right now and not enough safeguards to properly evaluate the people buying guns. There are some guns that are not necessary for providing security or for the purposes of hunting.

    • Girther10

      You are correct Hitler realized he could not take over his own nation when they are armed

    • Girther10

      Here in America there are reportedly more guns then there are people that make it pretty hard for our government to become authoritarian and lead us astray as long as we are armed we have a chance

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  • Passinggas
    For one, I believe the police ignored a warning on this one and thus vigilance could have reduced it in this case. The continuous media coverage of making a psycho infamous obviously instigated copy cats. Some responsible media regulation laws are starting to make sense. The CEOs of these media outlets need to get this under control.

    • Girther10

      I agree

    • Girther10

      The media causes many of the problems in our society faces today they definitely had a part in this one

    • sejla

      the problem was that when the mom called they told her that he had the gun legally. What we need is stricter restrictions on what type of guns should be available to the general public and requiring extensive psychiatric evaluations before one can have a gun.

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  • Girther10
    Yes of course. I’d avoid making any knee jerk reaction yo this shooting, until the full facts come out. I’m in favor of common sense legislation. That means we have to first, enforce current laws. I’m not aware that any more laws will stop these things, we have enough laws. More laws only punish law abiding gun owners. Would you outlaw cars so easily? In the wrong hands, cars are killers. Same as guns. But the car doesn’t kill, people kill. Same with guns.
  • Rangers
    Yeah, we need to focus on mental health, especially for men as they've always been dismissed and the "help" they do get is horrible. Go online and read the reviews of institutions if you think I'm lying, it's absolutely horrible and reading the reviews makes me want to burn the institutions to the ground with the employees inside it.
  • Nadim171
    Well, the only way it could have not happened is civilians themselves carrying guns. Stay safe and don't put your safety In the hands of the police. They do what they can and they did save the day but they still can't save everyone.
  • oldoldold
    Please build your wall
  • Poormanscomedian
    most people are evil , so this stuff happens
    • Girther10

      True As long as there is evil in this world things like this are bound to happen and you cannot legislate evil out of existence

  • bigboobemma
    @sejla you want me to play with you
    Move to the country if your afraid?