El Paso Isn’t Just Another Mass Shooting- It’s a targeted hate crime against Latinos

God Bless El Paso but thought and prayers aren’t enough
God Bless El Paso but thought and prayers aren’t enough

Words matter, words have weight, especially when coming from on high. It deeply saddens me that this racist act of domestic terrorism was perpetrated by a young 20 something year old.

We think of the youth in the US as being progressive, but young people are also malleable. For a 21 year old his whole adult life has been spent under the leadership of one US President, one Governor and one alt Governor.

That Lt Governor responder to this act of domestic terrorist by telling “Antifa” to scratch Texas off its map. As if anyone who wishes to protest to slaughtering, this act of terrorism, this hate crime is “Antifa”?

Antifascist used to be a given in this country, not a slur. To use any word describing a person who is not down with white supremacy groups as a slur is absurd, but especially at a time like this.

Dan Patrick- If you want a protest, you’ve got one, right on your doorsteps of the Governor’s Mansion.

Mira your job to stand up and advocate for all Texas citizens, regardless of skin color and you’ve stood down for too long.

El Paso Isn’t Just Another Mass Shooting- It’s a targeted hate crime against Latinos
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  • lightbulb27
    Sounds like you are right it was a targeted crime? I don't know for a fact.
    People are impressionable by words, words are powerful and they can convert them in their minds and hear them how they want to hear them. Who knows what hate this person harbored and why? e. g. was he a victim of some of these people.. did hejust hate them like some southerners hated blacks, etc?

    Presidents tweet seemed appropriate... maybe too light, I havent' looked for a video yet. There were massive shootings under Obama, for who knows what reasons... and Palestine vs Isreal before that, etc.. People will come up w reasons to share their anger and loathing.

    It's all twisted in someones mind... what do we do about it? I'd like to hear the facts before I say anything.

    Some people feel very deeply when they see things like this. I haven't looked... I only read a few lines... I can't feel the terror. I used to live not far from where the 2nd shooting occurred. Dayton is a mess.

    The other factor here is the one also tuned out... massive shootings in other cities on a weekly basis... just 1 by 1 or up to 7 at a time, like Chicago and Baltimore. Humans have moved towards depravity. The solution of take guns away... not sure that works for criminals will always want power. But arming ourselves also doesn't work that well, sometimes helps, causes lot of problems. More police? people don't respect them anymore in some cities. I don't know what does other than reforming the human beings... which is timely process.

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  • grega239
    I heard that it was.
    This is why I'll never go to America.
    This race shit is fucking retarded
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  • SpiderManFan2002
    The shooting was also a terrorist attack against Latinos.

    All the love to the victims of this horrific attack, from the UK.
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    • sjoes006

      😭😔😘 thanks for the kind words. It does my heart good in times of trouble to feel the love expressed between the US and UK citizens.

      Our governments my falter but as people we are mostly one, it truly does bring relief and trust it goes both ways.

      Thanks for sharing, it’s been rough with many Americans acting as if this is okay and justified.

      I’m helping people sign up for passports. They need them under this presidency. I had someone who works under me ask if I could help her figure out the application process, just in case.

      One smart girl, she is asking about asylum if it comes down to that for her and which countries would possibly even accept a US citizen’s application for asylum. Not now but maybe 6 months from now.

      I was basically like, everyone needs a passport so let’s start there. Let’s get you a passport and that will at least give you the peace of mind that you can run if you need to.

      These are not jokes, people are scared.

    • You sound hysterical. Why would people need a passport considering there's 50 states, where are they going to go to Mexico, Columbia, Brazil?
      El Paso Isn’t Just Another Mass Shooting- It’s a targeted hate crime against Latinos
      But yeah if you plan to immigrate have a passport as most countries are not as soft on ilegal immigration like here in the United States, try illegally crossing into Mexico without a passport or visa lol see what happens.

    • @sjoes006 Firstly, ignore that guy that just replied. You don't at all sound hysterical. It's understandable I've seen some sick minded people acting as if it isn't a hate crime or a terrorist attack and acting as if it doesn't matter.

      And I can understand you being scared and you're good for helping people get passports because you never know.

      But no matter what racism goes on, I always remember that I'm British and nobody can change that England belongs to me just as much as everyone else.

      America is your country. Don't let this presidency, scare you out of your own country because racist terrorists like this shooter- that's all they want. They want fewer people of colour in their country and that's what they hope. You all run.

      You're scared, I understand. But remember that America is yours too. Don't let the racists chase you out, stand your ground and peacefully fight for your country.

      <3 <3 <3

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  • White-American89
    I dont see what makes any worse than any other mass shooting or mass terror attack. Calling it a hate crime seems pointless. Sure the killer had his motives but like the Dallas murder of 5 police officers or the las Vegas shooting that killed 58 people or the Boston bombing, the Oklahoma bombing, the Orlando nightclub massacre by an afgan muslim, the San Bernardino attack by 2 Pakistani Muslims or 9/11 the end result is the same regardless of race, religion, sexuality or culture the end result is the same- innocent people dead and other wounded & maimed.
    As for Antifa well they brand anyone who isn't them as fascists. Fascism is a European ideology not an American one. We in America reject both facism, Nazism, imperialism and communism. We fought and defeated them.
    Three people were shot in a drive by shooting yesterday in South LA 2 are a dead & 1 will likely die. Does their deaths mean less because their murderer was of the same race as them? If the shooter was white would this crime be more important and given the title "Hate crime"? Is this just another everyday black on black shooting because the motive wasn't racial?
    Crime is crime no matter the motivation or the race of the victim and perpetrator.El Paso Isn’t Just Another Mass Shooting- It’s a targeted hate crime against LatinosEl Paso Isn’t Just Another Mass Shooting- It’s a targeted hate crime against Latinos
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    • Britantic

      I agree with most of this. MHO^.😇

  • AllThatSweetJazz
    “Anti fascist used to be a given.”
    Antifa made it a slur.
    It’s still a given not to be racist to anyone else. But Antifa are some of the few that don’t think it’s a given while also missing the irony that they are the fascistic people.

    Antifa aren’t there to protest over the shooting, they’re their to fuck with the border. That’s who was told not to come.

    Being “antifascist” in the most literal sense isn’t being “not down with white supremacy”, your conflating those things.

    You can be a facist and not a white supremacist. You can also be a white supremacist and not be a facist.

    You don’t get to just make the word good and noble by taking it out of context. Not being a fascist is good, being against fascism is good, being Antifa is fucking awful. It’s just a convenient label to be a fascist under. Just like The Ministry of Truth has nothing to do with Truth, on the contrary, it was ingsoc’s dedicated propaganda institution.

    Someone calling themselves anti facist doesn’t excuse them from being mighty toxic douchebags.
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    • I was going to explain all this until I saw that you beat me to it, thank you lol

  • Xlink
    Lol it is another shooting Dylan roof shot up a bunch black people at church.

    White incel and nazi are scared of automation and minority's being better than them. These nazi just realized they are mediocre and a minority who started with less are now above or equal to them.
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  • Vallius86
    Census recently showed that the Caucasians are failing to keep up the population. All we have to do now is wait.
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    • Preachy about "tolerance" and "anti-racism".
      But hates White people at the same time.

      Typical cancerous Liberal.

    • Vallius86

      I hate liberals almost as much as conservatives. But I don't hate whites. They just need to be controlled better.

  • selfdestruction
    Here we go. All white people are bad. Take all the guns. Every time it’s the same fucking thing.
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    • Britantic

      ... yet she explains away & makes excuses the racist targeting of young white women here in Britain by Pakistani rape gangs.

    • Are you surprisedv

  • SassyAzz05
    I need to move out of America like Canada or something
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    • zagor

      They have shootings (and guns) there too.

  • Britantic
    Sounds like just another shooting.
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    • If it wasn't a hate-crime/terrorist attacks then why were the majority of the targets Hispanic? The man was against ethnic mingling too? You think it was "just another shooting?" Are you okay?

    • Britantic

      @SpiderManFan2002 on 22 May 2017 at Adrianna Grande concert in Manchester Twenty-three people died, including the attacker, and 139 were wounded, more than half of them children. Several hundred more suffered psychological trauma. It was just another Islamic terror attack much like the London 7/7 attacks by Pakistanis.
      How can you on one hand say that the race & ethnicity of Pakistani gang rapists & their white female victims in Britain doesn't matter & the fact that Pakistani men are targeting young white women isn't a hate-crime/terrorist attacks when the majority of victims are white? Why are these gang rapes just another rape?
      Are you racist against white women? Are you ok?

    • sjoes006

      Maybe look a little bit further into what happened in El Paso and the ongoing rhetoric spouted at rallies by POTUS.

      Texas is a HUGE state so driving from Dallas to El Paso is at least 10-12 hours with vast nothingness for at least half the journey.

      I would love to go to Big Bend but it’s hard to get to even by plane.

      It had been made center to these border wars not because it is the main crossing point but because certain US leaders made it so through public appearances.

      The Southern tip of Texas is the easiest crossing and busiest.

      Please just maybe sit this one out since you don’t understand the dynamics required for this kind of hate.

      Texans have always been familiar with and enjoy the biculturalism of their state/ independent country/ then US state eventually.

      Tex-Mex isn’t just a food, it’s an attitude. How dare you dismiss any mass shooting, but particularly one where you have no skin in the game.

      People are afraid, people don’t feel like people under the law right now because it has been made clear that laws don’t apply to you even if you were born in the US if you’re brown.

      Respectfully, perhaps just sit this one out.

      You’re lucky not to remember The Troubles. I hope with every bone you don’t have to experience that fucking hell but that’s what’s on the table right now, at least it seems, if the UK goes no deal Brexit in October.

      A hard border in Ireland will be a shit show for sure, plus you’ll help further lead the West into a recession.

      White on white violence, you’ll be screaming domestic terrorism which is a thing in the UK.

      Trump mistakenly assured people a hard border in Ireland will be good thing but fortunately no one else agreed.

      Stay safe and best of luck.

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  • anametouse
    No idea what antifa has to do with this, but damn we need psych evaluations on people buying firearms. Too many crazies with guns
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  • jimmy2
    This is a time for prayer for all involved