Here's who REALLY needs to wake up!


"Any government which would strip the people of the right to bear arms, it becomes the duty of them to deprive that government of the right to govern."

- George Washington

All these same guns existed 20 years ago, and only a fraction of these shootings.

This isn't a gun problem. It's a SOCIETY problem!

Moreover, these recent shootings were staged.

It's all staged

Antifa actually stated 15 days in advance that they were gonna do it - down to the letter of detail identically to how they did! And yet, Facebook and Google denounced these threats as "fake." It was a cover-up! Democrats, Antifa, and every corporation in their pocket! A COVER-UP!

See, the CIA has several agents in hot water; because of their ties to child trafficking around the globe. Epstein's trial is going to get a lot of the Deep State in worse hot water! Hence, why they tried to murder him in his jail cell. He knows too much. He's a liability to them and to the Clinton Mafia. To the Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, Soros clan, etc.

So they need a distraction. Mass shootings are their favorite. Every single time some sex scandal threatens the cabal of elites, the ones that cowardly NPCs like LegalBoxers refuse to talk about and will ban you in advance for acknowledging - all so they can print anti-American garbage takes and not allow anyone to contradict them - every single one of these times, the next thing that happens is that Democrats talk about gun control. LIKE CLOCKWORK!

And also, LIKE CLOCKWORK, no sooner do they start talking about gun confiscation, then a mass shooting occurs. Except, no one on the right would carry it out the way that these shooters do. Earmuffs? Nope. Weird glasses? Nope. Cargoes? What the hell?

Also, if it really were someone on the right snapping, don't think they'd so readily and easily surrender to police - as the CIA stooge shooters staging things so oftentimes do.

Nothing to see here...
Nothing to see here...

Revenge of the Tories

Real terrorists don't stage mass shootings. They use bombs, fire ants, molotovs, memetic devices, poison, kidnappings, knives, etc. The only terrorists that use elaborately staged shooting incidents, are CIA stooges that want to stage a coup and overthrow America itself - replacing it with the Globalist Neo-Babel cabal that is based out of....*drummroll*...the British House of Lords!

That's right. Revenge of the Tories! 252 years of holding a grudge, because they think that the land of Bradlee Dean is an "abomination" to even exist!

It's the NPCs who need to wake up. And stop trying to cut throats like mine. That is the way of cowards. They were never the only ones who get to tell you what's going on. They only want to imagine it so, because they're too weak to stand up under scrutiny. Let them shit their pants. The truth will not be denied!!!

The real-life Hydra

Like Hydra in the Marvel universe, the Globalists, CIA, Antifa, Soros, the Clinton Mafia, Baltimore Mafia (Pelosi), etc...they all want to strip you of your freedoms.

If they can't make like Red Skull and take it by force, they'll take it by spreading chaos and convincing you to surrender your sovereignty and right to self-defense voluntarily. Like Arnim Zola. This is Captain America: The Winter Solder all over again!

Give in to the anti-2A crowd, and it'll be "Hail Hydra, dumbf*ks!"

Like the NPCs blocking me in advance on this site, they want to mass murder their critics, placing them in mass graves. Just like every single 20th century dictator did!

Without the second amendment, the first is unenforceable. Period.

Only eager buffoons think that the second amendment says ANYTHING about the type of gun involved. If the founders had known about tanks, they'd have said every American should have the right to own a TANK!

That's right, you heard me!

The constitution is a RESTRAINING ORDER on government so, government doesn't become just the legalized version of ORGANIZED CRIME! So whom do you think would take issue with that the most?

Well, Baltimore Mafia (Pelosi) and others would! Because they are ALREADY organized crime! And they're not about to let some transtemporal, transcultural truths inspiring some 252-year-old document that has withstood the test of time tell them that they, organized crime, should have any restrictions to what they do whatsoever!

Sheep giving their horns to the wolves will not stop the wolves from eating them. Ever. It will only mean the wolves have ALL the weapons, and the lambs are free for the taking.

Instead, those calling for such a thing are the evil we are commanded by a holy God to purge from among us! (Deuteronomy 21:21)

The amendment never specifies the type of gun; BECAUSE the founders KNEW technology would evolve!!!

It was never about the type of weapon, but the PRINCIPLE that we are to be free citizens, NOT slaves!

Government is supposed to be a TOOL to ASSIST us, NOT a god that we are subservient to at all times for our every need! If this weren't so, the American Revolution would have never happened in the first place!

That is what YOU, NPCs, can't wrap your heads around!

Our corrupt politicians and shadow government have wanted to enslave you and me since at least the Lyndon B. Johnson administration! They do it, by convincing you to give up your freedom; by staging these shootings to convince you that your freedom "doesn't work." Then, they incrementally take it all away.

We have ALREADY given away far too many freedoms; yet the shootings only increase. Why? Because they are STAGED! And the government guys who have unlimited weapons are the ones STAGING them!

Enough with the tired, gagging, wheezing, longing to die, racist "redneck" stereotypes

That line has gotten old. Execution of sedtionist utterer by way of steamroller rage levels of getting old!

Can't happen soon enough.
Can't happen soon enough.

Plus, the redneck militia picture in LegalBoxers' take betrays his stereotyping prejudices. Rather staged ones. NPC ones.

Some of us are anything but "redneck." Instead, we are the "other reasons" why Japan didn't dare invade America. They knew that real American patriots with guns would be "behind every blade of grass." A larger army than the official army. The unofficial militias of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio combined ALONE, would be the largest unofficial army in the world. And walking on their turf is how you provoke them.

If simpletons like LegalBoxers think we're all "rednecks," such ignorance will not avail them in the end if they try to start a civil war.

Yes, I'm picking on him. He wouldn't let me respond to his drivel of a take.

Get over here!!!

- Scorpion, Mortal Kombat

About the police

Police were only told of one shooter in El Paso. Camera footage revealed two men in similar outfits; yet one was distinctly wearing different pants from the other. One was wearing cargoes, the other clearly not.

Both men were dressed like ANTIFA - which ISSUED A WARNING that they were going to perform such a hit!

And for the Tide zombies

Tiiiiiide...Trump!  Russia!  Tiiiiiideee.....
Tiiiiiide...Trump! Russia! Tiiiiiideee.....

This has all been going on since long before Trump was relevant. So get your heads out of your Trump-hating asses and get with reality: Soros and Antifa, the Bilderburgers, Schumer, Pelosi and the Baltimore Mafia, etc., have been the chief engineers since at least 40 years ago.

Yet, for that long, you continue to elect them and their stooges to power, BLINDLY!

Ten years ago, you were blaming Bush for Katrina, and NOT those idiot activist judges from the 1970s that forbade repairs to the levees, because some tree-hugging nutter said some otter would lose his home!

YOU guys, back then, had majority blacks want to settle in the hurricane-susceptible zone, but then blamed Bush when it was mostly black families that CHOSE to live there, and faced the logical consequences, and said that hurricanes are "racist"?


And why have Pelosi and Schumer and their ilk not yet died of strokes or heart attacks? What's keeping them alive?

Adenochrome. Which they pay a fortune for. Harvested mostly from babies born live in "abortion" mills, then brutally traumatized and murdered anyway - to yield the maximum dose.

This is the true, ugly nature of the abortion lobby. A racket for the Baltimore Mafia and the crime families that run the modern DNC. Tied to global satanic pedophile rings - which also yield adenochrome from the sexual torture and murder of children.

THEY are the ones that will ALWAYS engineer mass killings!

Usually, as a distraction when one of their own, high-profile, is about to bite the bullet. Such as Epstein. Why do you think guilty-as-sin execs at Google started erasing themselves and the Clintons from photos with Epstein?

Here's who REALLY needs to wake up!
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  • ThottiewitaBody
    The guys look like they’ve always wanted to be a popular in school
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  • Intraluminal
    You rock man! You've got 5 different types of paranoia going.
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  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    It's ironic that for someone so into conspiracy theories, you led off with a quote that George Washington never said. It's entirely fabricated. In fact, if you were maybe more familiar with our Founding Fathers, you might know that Washington's political views weren't exactly friendly to most modern day Conservative ideas. If Washington (and Hamilton) were alive today, there's a very good chance they'd be Democrats ;)
    • That is, if you get past the near certainty that the FF's would be unilaterally appalled at the platforms of both major political parties in the United States right now.

    "They knew that real American patriots with guns would be "behind every blade of grass.""…🤔?
    I staged or not, i dont care. We are going the way of Europe they say. open borders dems want proves something evil is at work to overthrow usa. I probably will move from America one day. Dont care.
  • yeahguy2
    They all have no chins and are caucasians with glasses. Maybe bullied.
  • Passthatdurhang
    Found the next shooter
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  • Cuppo_Mode
    Erm, not be political but what's a political talk?
  • Anonymous
    That was hard to digest.

    Rise and shine! *wakes up*