American Politics or Cancer, which is worse?


Well, there are so many factors to consider that this might be difficult to bring the point across. Also, this is my first mytake, but literally nobody cares. Let's get right to it.

American politics, the equivalent of cancer. So much social change on the table and yet society seems to be getting sicker. Why is that? It seems using the wrong buzz word might instantly shut someone off from someone else's perspective. Feminism! Nah get outta here snowflake. Trump! Nah suck my left leaning toe you racist. I believe the bigger issue in politics is perspective, and it's why I chose to label myself as a centrist. Whatever your views are, here me out, and meet me in the middle, perhaps we may both learn something.

It's strange how we seem to deify politicians, never mind that Trump openly spoke against racism, he is the personification of racism according to the left. Much like how the ancient Greeks refer to Zues as the God of the Sky, even though we know he spent much of his time on the ground, getting laid.

Another example. Barack Obama, the real and true enemy of the religious conservatives, a Muslim seeking to destroy America, even though we know America is still around yee hawing as ever. Oh, and he is a Christian.

This is the idea I would like to touch on. Individual perspective. It's fair to say that I don't know you, and you would be right. It would also be fair to say that we all, at some point in time, have not always been intellectually honest with ourselves, and the world around us. Is that our fault in the realm of politics? As someone who has worked in government before, you truly don't know what goes on behind the scenes until you really see it for yourself. A lot of people adamantly claim to know things they don't actually know. "I can fix the economy!" Well have you taken an economics class? "I will be the voice of all women and minorities!" Well have you actually spoken with every single one of them? When speaking to people on their views, you will find that they are very unique from each other. Which brings me to my next point/rant.

Political parties. We might as well call them what they are, cults. It doesn't necessarily matter what your name is as a politician, what matters is if you drink the cup of the donkey, or the cup of the elephant. And this in turn, is why America is so divided. I would like to bring up an example to illustrate the point. Tomi Lahren, whether you agree with her stance or not is not what I want to convey. She was fired from The Blaze, and American conservative media company (the fact I had to put conservative ironically adds to the point), over her views on abortion to which Glenn Beck was not a fan over. This was back in 2017 if I remember correctly. Now, please tell me why, someone who identifies as a conservative or a liberal can't agree with a view on the "opposite" side? I know someone will bring up the point that The Blaze is a private company and not government, but let us be honest for a second, if Bernie Sanders made the claim that he was actually pro-life, do you really think the Democratic party would keep him around?

I believe that the political system needs to revolve around the unique perspectives of individuals and their views on how the system should operate. Views that should be unique to themselves, and not unique to a political party or entity. Because, when you start looking through the lens of left vs right, you fail to see the spectrum that people are actually on. Perhaps that's why less people are voting now in days, including myself. I personally feel like there isn't a politician that represents my views so I don't vote. I'm also not interested in being lied to.

But maybe I missed something? What are your thoughts?


Tomi Lahren and Glenn Beck

Less people voting, wut?

American Politics or Cancer, which is worse?
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  • Liam_Hayden
    Cancer. American politics is just the natural result of the tension between people who pay their own way on the one hand with the freeloaders who are trying to gain control via their so-called "Democratic Socialism" which is really just the Americanized version of the philosophy of Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci.
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    • anametouse

      Did you watch the Democratic Socialist conference? It was quite the cringe

    • Yes. A bunch of envious and greedy lazy people who cannot succeed on their own so want to use government to steal from those who are successful. Communism is a pile of manure. Democratic Socialism is communism with sprinkles.

  • jasco
    Well cancer can't be treated without having side effects and politics is something that can be cured but it depends on people really
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    • anametouse

      And if the people are too divided to talk?

    • jasco

      Then country is ruin

    • anametouse

      I agree. And it's that reason why I'm distrustful of political parties and entities

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  • midnight_1443
    At the moment, American Politics, and I live in America... sigh... Cancer is terrible, as well, but I think our politics may lead to more deaths in the next year, and if we continue with the fool, it will likely lead to another white supremacist society that may cause another holocaust. I would rather not live in a society that generates as much hate as I have seen these past 3 years.
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    • anametouse

      I disagree on the white supremacy part, but I agree with the rest

    • Maybe not the society, but enough to be a problem. The groups that fell they can show themselves and require acceptance is disturbing.

    • Feel* autocorrect... 😖

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  • MiyaguiSensei
    Politics is the worse historically. Even more letting old people work in that are after the age of 50. After the age of 45 approximalety, most of the minds of a person starts deteorating, won't accept new ideas and will stick to their old ones. You may have notice with elderly people you have met.
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  • OzzieTheSlav
    Let's just sit back and acknowledge that cancer although body ripping and horrific, cannot be changed into something pleasant. The U. S. political system although hard to change is possible to change into something pleasant. The real issue comes from the citizens and their toxic mind sets, the mind sets that produce the constant argument and that glorify war not realizing we are currently fighting a war at home, mass shootings, drug violence, police brutality, attacks on governed officials. This can all be changed but no one is talking.
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    • anametouse

      For sure. These are issues that the left and right need to meet in the middle of. Otherwise nothing will be done

  • Spiritwander
    American Politics; hands down.

    At least you can cure a cancer; politics are both persistent and malignant...
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    • And transfers from one generation to the next, if not treated.

    • Lol Even WHEN treated it just skips a generation... (we're seeing that now)

  • Cruizer
    You realise that America is one of the worst nations in the world. The people and the country are absolutely garbage.
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    • anametouse

      Lol hey not all of us are bad. Some of us want a better society

    • Cruizer

      For sure. I just am so unhappy with America.

    • anametouse

      Me too bro

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  • Dongtai
    Ask a cancer patient and I’m sure they’ll say politics.
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  • WhiteMageDende
    Politics can't hurt you if you ignore them. Try and ignore cancer and itll kill you
  • Pamina
    Ask a cancer patient.
  • Vallius86
    I just read Cancer twice... What's going on here?
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  • Chadnelson1973
    American politics is a cancer
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  • johnieohm
    politics gives you stage 4 brain cancer
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  • m15teen
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  • singleshooter
    About 50/50 right there
  • Garlan
    What's the difference