What we can learn from Gillette ad?


The way men are viewed by feminism

It doesn't really matter what color you are. If you're a man you're guilty. Although in the ad colored men are demonstrated as less evil and occasionally the ones who "hold other men accountable", all men are innately flawed according to the feminist ideology.

What we can learn from Gillette ad?

Feminists can shout about quality as loud as they can but their actions show that ultimately they will blame men for simply being manly and they don't care about race, social status and sometimes even sexual orientation. So why should we be surprised that an ad created by a feminist attacks masculinity and manhood at its core and questions masculinity altogether?

Kim Gehrig, the director of toxic masculinity ad, A feminist
Kim Gehrig, the director of toxic masculinity ad, A feminist

What happens when men respond

Gillette basically took back their words and men forced them to do that. Although they didn't publicly admit that the change in their policies is caused by the backlash from their toxic masculinity ad, it's obvious they are afraid their losses would grow if they don't change their way and that's still good to hear.

What men can learn

We come from different backgrounds, we have different political and religious views but lots of men objected to the way Gillette portrayed masculinity and men. It wasn't just conservatives who boycotted Gillette. It was all MEN. We need to repeat that every time a media company or corporation of some sort decides to join forces with the man hating feminists and persecute manly men. This incident showed everyone in company boardrooms that men won't put up with everything, that men have purchasing power and they're willing to take their money somewhere else if they don't get the respect they want and guess what? Many companies changed their tone since the Gillette fiasco.

What we can learn from Gillette ad?
What we can learn from Gillette ad?
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  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    At this point, I've forgotten most the details of the ad, so any reaction I have to it is at this point a 2d/3rd hand reaction to my original reaction. But I remember feeling a distinct aura of smugness about it, especially in the social media sphere. It was clearly spearheaded by a feminist who doesn't actually care to understand men's issues, and instead just used Gilette's marketing budget to finger-wag at their customers for the actions of a VERY SMALL minority. And people defending it saying "all this toxic maleness is so normalised in society", like, NO, it's not, you have no evidence for that, and I'm sick of the anti-male rhetoric surrounding the advert (setting aside even the contents of the advert itself, which are only a symptom of a larger ideological narrative). And then of course there's the strawman of "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear". Like, if this ad isn't meant for me, or the VAST MAJORITY of men, then who IS it for? I'll tell you who it's for: the twitter mobs and blue checkmarks who are just waiting to dump on all the men who are rightly irritated by the advert's insidious rhetoric. The Gillette advert I could give two shits about; but the never-ending tirade against men is getting pretty disturbing. But they get away with it coz they have the defense of "oh well we're not saying ALL men", but then in the same breath they say it's "normalised", which implies they ARE referring to all men (otherwise how could it be normalised if it were only a minority?). That logical inconsistency tells me all I need to know about this "movement". I wash my hands of it. Oh and I don't see Gilette calling out the "minority" of women who act "toxic" to their husbands, children, colleagues, neighbors, and relatives. Why is it always a one-sided thing where men "need to be better" but women are "just fine no matter what they do"?
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  • Anonymous
    "We need to repeat that every time a media company or corporation of some sort decides to join forces with the man hating feminists and persecute manly men. This incident showed everyone in company boardrooms that men won't put up with everything, that men have purchasing power and they're willing to take their money somewhere else if they don't get the respect they want and guess what? Many companies changed their tone since the Gillette fiasco."

    Amen to this^ brother.

    I am one of the men who boycotted Gillette after the ad and I will continue to boycott their products until they formally apologize to all the men they unfairly characterized in the ad. I don't expect that will ever happen so chances are I will never buy another Gillette product again as long as I live, and that is fine with me.

    Men deserve better than the treatment they have been receiving in the media and society in general over the last decade or so, and we should have enough self respect to stand up to it. That's the only way things will change.

    The boycott of Gillette was clearly very effective, to the tune of an $8 billion write down for the parent company P&G. We should take note of that and be ready and willing to flex that muscle again any time a company decides to jump on the SJW bandwagon and slap men in the face like Gillette did. There are plenty of options available to us and we should have enough self respect to stand up against companies like Gillette and not give then a fucking dome of our money.
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    • Anonymous

      i honestly wish all men thought like you

    • Anonymous

      I think most men do. It's actually women pretending to be men on GAG who say things like this: "I guess I don't really get what the problem is with this ad. Is the objection that men don't actually act the way the ad portrays, or that the things the ad shows is okay?"

      She has been posing as a man here on GAG for a long time. It's surprising more people don't call her out for it.

      Thanks for posting this MyTake bro. Great work.

    • Anonymous

      thanks man

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  • sageevalentinee
    It makes me annoyed because of course toxic masculinity exists. But being masculine in itself is not toxic masculinity!

    I went to go watch the guys from uni play a rugby game, some other girls with me to cheer them on. And some guy tackles another and breaks his jaw, ambulance is called. And the girl next to me it like tut tut toxic masculinity. And I just said wtffff, 2 seconds ago you were all fangirling over how fast he could run are you having a laugh?

    I mean imagine me picking nice flowers and putting on a little dress and baking cupcakes. Does that make me toxicley feminine? I don't think so. Femininity is attractive to men the same way masculinity is attractive to women! So we are we condemning masculinity? Are women afraid of being attracted to violence? It's the way we are, we can't help it! It's natural! Ladies, face the truth! Two big guys brawling a bit is kind of hot!

    Of course toxic masculinity exists. There are wife beaters, there is domestic and emotional abuse, women aren't taken seriously etc etc. But like with all other walks of life, the minority is always the loudest! It's only the bullied that complain about bullies. That doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it, it means we should be sensitive about it, because putting it in a shaver add is just plain rude and insulting. Trying to say that all men are lowlife toxic masculinity scum?

    I mean sure men can cry. Whenever I see a man cry it breaks my heart. Seen my dad do it once, and boyfriend do it once. When they cry, it's so heartbreaking, I fcking start bawling my eyes out too. So like, please don't do it very often.
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    • FatherJack

      A smart , mature head on young shoulders !!

    • I agree, but there's no such thing as toxic masculinity.

  • holograph
    Crap like this makes me want to go buy Gillette products. When will some men learn that we can discuss our problems without implicating that every single man is bad? How many men have to take this ad personally? If it didn't describe you then it wasn't aimed at you. If you want to act like such a man then man up and get over a stupid TV ad.
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  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    I guess I don't really get what the problem is with this ad. Is the objection that men don't actually act the way the ad portrays, or that the things the ad shows is okay?
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    • Anonymous

      people have so many issues with the ad. one of them is what you said. another one is the obvious racism, the patronizing tone of the ad, and one of the big reasons was that people didn't like their razor manufacturer to tell them what to do. i guess there are other reasons too but these are the ones i remember

    • I mean, it *sounds* like it's the former - that the ad shows men behaving in ways that isn't representative of the ways most men behave. But then you (and other comments on this post) complain about Feminists criticizing all things "manly".

      So... are the things in the ad "manly" or is it a misrepresentation of manliness?

    • So are we saying that men don't actually get peer pressured into not appearing weak or feminine? And that it's okay to cry? And that a lot of men aren't horrible fathers?

      I mean, right here on GAG there are hundreds of posts by men, for men, that claim the opposite.

  • MajesticTwelve
    To hell with Gillette.
    I used to buy their razors to shave my legs with, and now I don't and I never will. I buy BiC. They're based in France, and yeah they make pens mostly but the French don't seem to have lost their minds with PC culture, but legitimately, you are a COMPANY.
    Your job is to sell. That's it.
    Why the hell are they getting involved in politics? It's idiotic. If I make a razor, I don't care who buys it as long as they buy it. I'd never choose sides or try to make a statement beyond "Our product works well at a reasonable price"
    So for Gillette and indeed any company that tries to get with the times, you won't get a dime out of me.
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  • sawno
    What we can learn from Gillette ad? Not to buy gillette's overpriced razors.
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    "The best A MAN can get" has been their catch phrase forever. BIG DEAL if a razor targets only men! What feminists call Toxic-Masculinity isn't offensive to me. If they want a girly man... Rock on!! I think it kinda goes with the whole "GAYING OF AMERICA" thing that's seemingly taken over. I'll NEVER STOP BEING A MAN! REAL LADIES DONT WANT A WUSSY GIRLY MAN WHO WEARS TIGHTER JEANS THAN THEM
    Just Sayin
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  • bolverk
    This is what happens when you let a rabid feminist and sex offender Kim Gehrig (if you don't believe me do a deep search on Duckduckgo) do an advert for a company that relies on selling razors, blades and other consumables to men,
    Why did Gillette find the blow-back so surprising? Their ad attacked their main customer demographic, what else did they expect laurels and accolades?
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  • Kiran_Yagami
    We can learn that taking a dump on your main demographic leads to disaster. Gilette has lost $8 billion since their SJW ad campaign started, and they've now publicly stated that they're going to abandon it.
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  • Guanfei
    In fact it wasn't just men who boycotted Gillette. I took a long time to read the comment on the ad on youtube.
    Of course, most of them were from men, but there was quite a good number from women who were not very happy with the way the ad portrayed men.
    And of course they weren't. Because talking about men, is talking about those women's fathers, brothers, son. They couldn't accept that a brand openly insulted and blamed people who they loved and cared about.
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    • Guanfei

      Also, if they wanted a good example to give about what a man should be, they already have a perfect ad for it, which they made long ago (sorry for the quality, but it's from 1989).


      This one was just made to hate on men, not "set an example".

  • cloud9vortex1234
    I never really purchased Procter & Gambles products that much to begin with. Store Brands do the job at a more affordable price. Also, Walmart is generic about things and won't use my money to try and spread a Warped Ideology. I don't care about that shit. What I care about is a product that works and does a good/exceptional job.
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  • pervertedjester
    My response to Gillette has normally been... Beards are Better!What we can learn from Gillette ad?
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  • SkipStop
    I'm glad you check out Timcast. He is like a news source. Wish more people viewed his videos.
    The Gillette ad was a complete disgrace and I am not surprised it was made by a feminist aka misandrist. What I am surprised is how and why all the participants agreed to do it. Even little kids. Ridiculous. It's great that there was so much backlash to the extent where P&G lost a lot of customers and money. Masculinity is a gift and very important to every man and society. Masculinity is what drives men to success and progress in society. Feminism aka misandry is the destruction of society. A few people made pro-masculinity videos and anti-feminist videos but unfortunately got taken down from YouTube. We need more MRA's to join the movement and fight back. If only misandrist and gynocentric judges got thrown out of court and stupid people stopped listening to feminists and liberals.
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  • Unit1
    Are we talking about this Gilette ad?


    If so, then here's what we can learn from that ad:

    People are overly sensitive crybabies, who take offense left and right like they take in oxygen in their lungs.
    • Anonymous

      so now your blaming the people who were offended by this? didn't the ad and it's attack on men seem uncalled for to you? i mean if you haven't raped anyone or bullied anyone why are they criticizing you as an average man? that's what i don't get

    • Unit1

      I don't get what's there to take offense from. I don't see anything, no attacks, shame, bashing, whatever on men. Nothing.

      I see a school boy running from the bullies, biased media & news fragments, boys will be boys (who play fight in the yard), men grilling, men greeting each other.

    • Anonymous

      okay so those men who are grilling are shown as mindless robots repeating boys will be boys. the ad suggests these men don't know how to live so we-feminists- need to teach them. and the scene where the two little boys were wrestling was portrayed as something horrible. can't you see these days everything that we men do is bad? i mean men did not care about all this man hating until it has reached the highest levels of corporations. now men react and everyone blames them

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  • ImJustCurious13
    What I learned from the Gillette ad is that real men use straight razors and safety razors. What we can learn from Gillette ad?
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  • Miristheiss
    This was roughly a year ago.
    To me it meant I stopped buying Gillette and Procter and Gamble products.
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  • oddwaffle
    Yeah, pretty much the whole point why I don't like feminist. Nothing against equality but feminists nowadays just aren't about equality.

    A man chooses, a slave obeys.

    A man has the right to like what he likes. He gets to think what he thinks. He gets to choose what he wants to do.

    If he doesn't like a fat girl then nobody has the right to make him like her. It's his choice. It's his thinking. And a proper person will honor the guy preference.

    If a girl is fat and none of the guys like her then it's the guys fault. If a guy is stinky and none of the girls like him then it's his problem? What kinda logic is that?
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  • Texaskid1
    That with time this 3rd wave feminism will fail. The pocket book will always speak louder than any ideology.
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  • YHL6965
    What did I learn? Get woke, go broke. This also applied to things like Battlefield V, and it broke my heart as a Battlefield fan to see this franchise ruined by progressists.
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  • FatherJack
    Switched to Harry's / King Of Shaves well before this , their German made blades are way better. Gillette can suck a large one !!
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  • Rangers
    I always wondered why Gillette was still in business since multi blade razors are just obsolete cash grabs, but this might've done it.
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