Saving The Libraries: Round 4


Hi guys! This MyTake isn't about something which happened today, but something which happened on Wednesday- but I didn't have time to write about it on Wednesday, so I'm writing about it now, so let's get started:

Saving The Libraries: Round 4

What Happened:

I didn't get up until like 11:00 am on Wednesday because I only had one afternoon class, and I came downstairs, watched some news, talked to my dad and then I went upstairs to get changed into a t-shirt and some leggings and then I headed to the bus stop at 12:15.

That was when I was expecting a call. From the union people, and luckily one woman from the union called me!

I couldn't really hear her too well, because I have one of those old Nokia phones where you can play snake on- so audio isn't the best, and on top my bus stop is near a really busy road- I could just about make out what she was saying!

And we're going to meet on Tuesday, to discuss the issue with the libraries. She talked about setting up some workshops in the city center and explain to people what is happening with the libraries and why we need them.

I'm going to give her the idea of visiting a few primary schools, and not having an assembly because in reality I know kids don't listen to those. I was thinking more about engaging with the children in some kind of classroom activities- making them actually feel apart of something rather than just me or someone else blabbing at the front about how important libraries is.

Rather than doing a talk, I think we should discuss with the kids about why libraries are important and include them in discussion.

So, that's my idea we'll have to see how it goes on Tuesday!


Saving The Libraries: Round 4
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  • Sevenpointfive
    one more idea if you're comfortable doing it.

    contact the local news station that aired the story if one did. tell them your story and why it's so important. they might do another piece about you and what you are doing to save the local library. being on the news and showing support would reach so many new people that you haven't and would encourage them to rise up against your fight to save the library.
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    • The news are already reporting what is happening. It's not just one library they plan on shutting down, it's several in our city- but they don't know which ones.

    • put yourself at the forefront if they haven't reported who's trying to save them. it would be good for your career to step out into the open this early in life. be the face of change and you'll come into your profession this way a lot easier. people will be willing to help you more knowing that you take action.

    • It's not just me alone though, it's lots of people.

      And I don't really know if I'd be comfortable with that kind of attention.

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  • Blitzkrieg_88
    Where I live libraries are full of drunks and drug addicts not ideal to go or take kids.
  • Waffles731
    Good take
  • DubzUp
    Knowledge is powerful