Germans are terrible at small talk


First off this is my first myShare

Today we were talking about small talk in school and came to the conclusion that Germans are terrible at it

Many Germans will be honest when you ask them how they are. I've experienced this first hand. Once I called my grandmother "How are you ?" and she was telling me about her health and what she's been doing when I just wanted to be nice

If you're trying to have some small talk with a German don't expect a long conversation. We're used to get straight to the point instead of trying to be nice

I once tried to have some small talk with another person and they just brushed it off without me letting me finish my sentence

So all in all we're terrible when it comes to conversations in any kind of way 😅

If you read this text thanks for reading it

German small talk in a nutshell
German small talk in a nutshell
Germans are terrible at small talk
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  • Avicenna
    I had lots of great convos when I lived in Germany, but they weren't small talk. That's where I think people there are great to talk to- the more involved, intellectual convos.
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  • Good Take. I'll keep it in mind if I come across one.
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  • October808

    German 1: Ist dat MG-42?
    German 2: Yah. Smoke?
    German 1: Yah danke.

    Unused scene from Call of Duty United Offensive.

  • Nat3OOO
    Germany have gave legends like Albert Einstein , who cares how they talk , they are more straight and less irritating it means

  • jayden12
    yes this is true

    I have had literal debates from people in that area
    OHHHH it was terrible

    they hated the reality I was showing them
    they could not deal with it
  • xyz94
    Aha really? All of the Germans I've known were good to talk to!
    • They might be nice but most Germans are terrible at small talk. Believe me I'm a native German so I know what I'm talking about