Saving The Libraries: Round 5


Hi everyone, so I was meant to meet up with the people involved in the library campaign last week, but I was sick so I didn't go then, and I went today instead. And honestly, it's been an amazing day, college was great with our (mine and my classmates) presentation, I finally got to talk to these people- and plus, I had my first ever starbucks so... Today was good! :)

So, here we go- saving the libraries round 5.

Even Spider-Man goes to the library xD
Even Spider-Man goes to the library xD

So I finished college at around about 11:30 am and I headed to the library. There I just went on G@G and wrote a MyTake about my presentation today because I was BUZZING. xD

Anyway, it was getting closer to the time where I was supposed to be meeting the woman who is apart of the campaign, so I headed outside and looked for the woman. I was so confused because I couldn't find her at first, but then I saw two people in red jackets and with clipboards so I assumed they were the people I was supposed to be meeting, and I was right!

The woman I was meeting was there, with this young guy. At first I thought he'd be a couple of years older than me, but it turns out, he was 24 and a councillor.

I greeted them, and then we decided to go into Starbucks and get some coffee. At first I thought I'd look stupid because I had money on me, just not enough for Starbucks, but the lady I was meeting (we'll call her H) paid for me and the councillor guy.

We sat down, and at first it was just me and the councillor guy because H, went to order our coffee. I felt kind of awkward at first because I didn't know what to say to him- but luckily he started off the conversation asking me why I want to get involved in the campaign, what college I go to, what I study at college- and I asked him stuff about his college, his old secondary school, what he studies and so on.

Eventually, H came with the coffees and they were so throffy and the mugs they were in were so big! Anyway whilst we were having coffee we discussed what we could do to help this campaign and they asked me a little about myself and why I want to get involved.

I explained how I'd been going to libraries ever since I was a baby basically, and how they've helped me in my studies, with borrowing books and internet access, and how I see happy little kids there all the time begging their parents to let them stay for "just five more minutes" and hide behind the bookshelves so they can't go home, and how I see the elderly always going there and it all kind of just poured out naturally.

And for ideas to help the campaign, I suggested taking some petitions to the library I live near, and getting the locals of my area to sign, and I've got stickers for kids to make them happy because for some reason kids love stickers.

And it turns out, they're planning to shut down most of the libraries in my city - including the local one I live near which I have been visiting ever since I was a baby - and they're only going to leave three open, that's what the councillor guy told me and I was disgusted and triggered.

My local library has so many people attending regularly. Kids, the elderly, and other people. People make use of the free wi-fi, there's clubs running for kids, work clubs running for people who aren't knowledgable about technology so they learn how to use computers, and apply for jobs online, people are borrowing and reserving books there all the time- even teens hangout there, and it's better teens hanging out in the library where they are safe where staff can supervise them, than on the street. So I don't see why this is getting taken away from us- it isn't fair.

Another idea for the campaign is going to primary schools, and engaging in conversation with the kids because lots of kids use the library, and getting them to write about how they feel about the libraries, because they're going to be the ones that grow up and use it for things such as studying and hanging out with their friends- it's going to affect them the most, and they might be young, but they deserve a voice.

Then this other woman (we'll call her L) came Starbucks, and she was actually going to do a speech at our city hall, she is a library worker.

So we discussed some more things about the library, then headed to the city hall. It was so huge it was unbelievable! I'd never been in a building so big! I was told I could join the L as moral support listening to her speech (not actually saying anything) with H. So I did.

And the speech was in the councillor's room and oh my goodness it was so nerve wrecking. It looked like an older version of the UN and everyone there was so much older than I was. We sat on some chairs at the back, and when it was time for L's speech we had to walk up this little path thing and in a place like the ambassadors at the UN sit. And it was so nerve wrecking just looking at all the councillors, I was shaking a little bit- they even got a photo us sat there and I look so depressed- but I wasn't that's just my face, I was nervous.

Her speech was brilliant- it even had some interesting facts about my city that I didn't even know. And she told this anecdote of this woman who has just had a baby that comes to the library she works at with postnatal depression- and a quote from the postnatal depression woman was something like: "I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't come into the library for a chat once a week." So that's another use for the library I didn't even consider. The staff, support those who are vulnerable.

After the speech, a councillor said she would further this petition to save the libraries, and the rest of the councillors voted to either support or not support our campaign and guess what? I didn't see a single person who voted against us.

After that, we were dismissed by the Mayor and we went outside of the councillor chamber, and there was this reporter woman waiting for us. I was confused at first, so I just stood there in silence but I soon figured out who she was and what she was doing. The reporter woman even asked me as a library user to speak about why libraries are important and affordability- so I explained how libraries benefit our community, and for the affordability part I gave an example of how I borrow my textbooks from the library because they're so expensive, and how I'm lucky enough to have internet but not everyone has internet and how I know students who use the library because they don't have internet at home.

I thought it was a little bit of a mess, because I kept on stuttering and stammering and I did not sound like I was 16, but the people who were listening told me it was "amazing" and that my "true passion shines through".

And that recording will be aired on our local radio station tomorrow sometime, so we'll see how that goes haha.

Then I went home, and just put my feet up for a little while, watched some news, told my parents about my day- none of the city hall stuff was in my plans by the way, I just thought I'd be going for coffee and a chat and coming home at about 3:00 pm. But I didn't get home until 5:00 pm.

And on my way back, I had to run for the bus because I didn't want to miss it- and I look like bambi when I run so make what you will of that😂 And I didn't miss the bus!

Any Last Words?

I'm just super pleased with how it turned out today- the councillor guy added me on social media and he's added me to a few campaign groups so I can help support the cause even further and he actually goes to meetings on my day off of college about this cause so I can go with him! ^_^

I didn't expect today to be such a good day, but it was and despite the negativity on here about libraries- I'm still fired up no matter what and I cannot wait to visit my local library on Thursday, and get some signatures. I'd go tomorrow but I've really missed out on some college work, so I'll have to spend the morning tomorrow doing that.

So yeah, today was actually really useful and I was told I helped a lot- so I feel satisfied. There's still a lot of work to do, but I plan to talk to both the young and elderly at my local library- I can't wait to hear their opinions and get some quotes from them, there are such nice people at my local library too.

But it seems we're making progress slowly but surely.

So with all that said... #SaveOurLibraries


Thank you for reading! :) <3

Saving The Libraries: Round 5
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  • Lemia
    The problem with Libaries is the same with High street shops and Travel agents, we living in a high tech world where everything is online, with Ereaders etc Most people can download a book or look online and dont have to worry about late fees.
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    • People are still actively using our libraries which they want to close down. :(

    • Lemia

      Probably Not enough people that use them

    • There are many people that use them, trust me on this one.

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    Where is this library. Because my city has no plans for removing our libraries this is crazy.
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  • Pink2000
    I prefer the library... it’s a great place to study.
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  • i had to stop about halfway and realize that it's really budget funding. i know that you've said it was, but you didn't make enough noise. strap yourself to a book, a parking space... you have to be passionate to get passionate people to listen. some of them are crazy so be careful.
    • I'm making noise in other ways, I don't think it has to resort to that. :)