Twas The Night Before Christmas Original Parody


Twas The Night of The Election

A Parody by Xavier Steele

Twas The Night Before Christmas Original Parody

Twas the night of the election in 2016

All the liberals were happy, a victory they could see

Hilary had done it and look like she would win

No matter what she did, the crime or the sin

There were no protests and the air was electric

The republicans seemed to be quite pathetic

There is no way that man in the red hat could win that prized seat

Especially when all the news stations said he was beat

Twas The Night Before Christmas Original Parody

The wine and beer were abundant in bars

Surely, he would end up at home tending his scars

The polls were astounding and all had said no

We don’t want you in Washington, you will have to go

When Donald looked over those numbers they spouted

And thought back on all those promises he had touted

He wondered if there could be some mistake

Surely the people wanted America to be great

Twas The Night Before Christmas Original Parody

When all of the sudden the news rooms got quiet

You could see the worry on those guys that could use a diet

The numbers from all of those once blue states

Had begun to turn red, it must be the fates

Hilary supporters got really quiet too

They had not one clue on what they should do

They were promised a victory that may not yet come

Some even began to realize that Hilary thought them dumb

Twas The Night Before Christmas Original Parody

The American people had come to the rescue

They knew Crooked Hillary’s beliefs were a little eschew

They poured in the Ballots, illegal immigrants be damned

Into those boxes’ votes were rammed crammed and jammed

As the final counts were taken and it was clear she had lost

Donald J Trump looked at Hilary and said “Baby you just been bossed.

“The American people who are patriotic and true,

Have stood up quite loudly for the red, white and blue”

Twas The Night Before Christmas Original Parody

You see all my friends this wasn’t done in malice

It wasn’t about who got to sit in the white palace

It’s not about the color of your skin

It was about lying politicians whose rhetoric is thin

So, when you think you have beaten the man with a plan

And that your candidate will win just because they ran

Know there are those that who are loyal through and through

And will vote for Trump again, we will never turn blue

In 2020 you will see that we won’t be denied

There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide

As President Trump rides off for his next four years,

We deplorables will be happy to drink your liberal tears.

Twas The Night Before Christmas Original Parody
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  • shyapples2
    Trumps reelection depends on who the democratic nominee is
    Is this still revelant?

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  • KaraAyna
    Good take
    Is this still revelant?

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