The Real Origin of Christmas

So it's Christmas..... but you know what it isn't? Jesus' birthday. Let's talk about why.

Firstly we can see that Jesus wasn't likely to be born in the winter because the Shepherds were watching over their flock of sheep. It is likely Shepherds would have had a shelter for the sheep if it was in December. Also Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem to register in the Roman Census which didn't take place in the winter. You can check out this link to read more about it in detail.

Now why is Christmas really on the 25th? Well it all starts with the Pagans celebrating Yule/Saturnalia/Winter Solstice. These days range from like the 20th-25th. The Christians wanted to convert the Pagans to Christianity so they made Christmas a day close to or on the Pagan winter holidays and kept a lot of the traditions. After threatening any heretics' (anybody who didn't believe in Christ) life a lot of the Pagans agreed to convert.

So what traditions did the early Christians take from the Pagans you may be asking. Well let me tell you. There are your yuletide carols, the yule log that you burn, yuletide greetings, wreaths, decking the halls with boughs of holly, the yule tree, St. Nicholas, Odin's 8 legged flying horse (your 8 reindeer), the sun god mithra born of a virgin and had 12 disciples, feasts, and so much more.

I hope you guy learned some stuff about what this time of year is really about. Happy holidays.

The Real Origin of Christmas

(Odin/Santa flying on Sleipnir/8 reindeer)

The Real Origin of Christmas
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