The New Economy is Not Working for the Middle Class


Today's laws allow corporations to make rules that take money from the middle class and put it into the pockets of the wealthy. The average American makes less money in ratio to the rising costs of living. When corporations are allowed more power to interfere in politics with secret PACs and less restrictive campaign finance laws it's the middle class that gets ripped off.

We need to be politically engaged in order to see changes.

- Get big money out of politics
- Remove voter suppression
- Improve opportunities for middle-class
- Remove stagnant wages
- Remove tax cuts and loopholes for large corporations, the financial sector, and the wealthy
- Instead of corporate bailouts introduce consumer assistant programs
- Reduce homeowner property tax
- Remove increasing barriers to labor unions
- Replace authoritarian populism with progressive populism
- Stop assuming that all we need is better education and skills training
- Stop aiming to redistribute from richer to poorer after the market has distributed income
- Stop thinking the goal is *only* to create more jobs. America needs *better* jobs.
- Without a large an growing middle class there is prosperity
- Build a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, coalition of the middle class, and poor
- Don't let monied interests divide America along racial and gender lines - America united has more power over big corporations

The New Economy is Not Working for the Middle Class
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  • Anonymous
    Man... this guy.

    Implies Trump is "authoritarian" especially in contrast to progressivism.
    Thought you could sneak that shit in there didn't you? I'm not buying.

    Funny how he just randomly injects "multi-racial" and "multi-ethnic". The framing of the argument was not racial, yet old-mate thinks he can just drop that in like it's relevant. Those are manipulation tactics. It presumes racism and sexism.

    "Guaranteed basic income"
    Are you talking about UBI?
    How much?
    How are you paying for it?

    "Guaranteed jobs"
    That's an excellent way to keep the middle and lower class down.
    Fucking beautiful irony.
    Obviously it doesn't work because it ignores demand, capability and progress.

    "Progressive wealth tax"
    Depends on where you apply it.
    You can't just tax all the rich people and corporations because you don't like them. They'll just take their ball and go home. That is to say, it incentivizes them to just leave and set up shop in another country. So what do you do about that? Stop them from leaving? i. e seize the company or individual's property. Ah, nationalize every thing centralize wealth and power in a governing body that you're apparently going to be totally reliant on for income and work. Fucking genius, now we're all worker bees for an institution we can't hold accountable because we're all wholly dependent on it like slaves.

    "Stronger unions"
    What does stronger unions mean?
    You can look at NBC right now who have workers working *against* their union. They don't want to be in it. A lot of unions restrict the kinds of work you can do and limit your options and potential pay; often preventing meritocratic progression. You want to pitch something to your boss that is beyond your job description that you think would be great: "nuh uh, don't talk to me. Talk to your union rep." You want to take time off for some special purpose? "nuh uh, I don't want to hear it. Talk to your union rep." Collective bargaining is one thing. Empowering unions to tamp us all down into mediocrity? Fuck that.

    "New corporate organization"
    What does that even mean?
    Is he talking about worker co-opts?
    He just drops it there like a corporate buzzword.
    Or is that straight up talking about restructuring as in government owned?
    Apparently the government is guaranteed to give you a job, the government has to pull that job out of somewhere.

    At a glance it doesn't sound bad, but in context with the rest of it, what does this all mean? My inclination would be to believe that it ends up in the hands of the government. So now we rely on them for work and income, they bring corporations into their fold and can monitor our internet usage and communication. Mhm, this is going to work out great.

    "Big money out of politics"
    Sure, but who doesn't say that?

    "Voting reform"
    I'm wondering if the implication is the removal of the electoral college. If so, fuck you Bob.

    How creepy and culty does that end bit sound about trying to bring everyone in the fold? If this was a leaked Scientology video addressed to it's followers, wouldn't it sound the same? It's interesting how "being a leader" and "spreading the truth" comes after he'se just finished telling you to *follow these rules* and what the "truth" is... according to him.

    It's really tough for me to feel left-libertarian when progressives and socialists are stinking up the left.
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  • Anonymous
    you're right. Facebook, Twitter and Google should not be allowed to interfere in the elections against President Trump this time. I agree with you 100%, although I have a sneaky suspicion your motives for posting this are more on the "blame white people for everything and Orange man bad" side of things. ;) Let me guess, you also think it's important that we create a "wealth tax" that taxes people yearly on their POSSESSIONS? Am I right Elizabeth Warren shill? lol. So people will be penalized for investing or owning things? Yeah, that can't end poorly.
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  • Rissyanne
    Stop wanting everything for free.
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  • KaraAyna
    Good take
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  • WalterRadio
    That is all baloney.

    Robert Reich is a Democrat talking head. He was the Labor Secretary under Clinton.

    Businesses get money from people, including the middle class, because people voluntarily give it to them in exchange for something that makes their lives better. The key word here is "voluntarily".

    Anyone is free to live completely self sufficient of any business and without having any money. Life will be hard and there will be no liesure time. Most people want a better and easier life than that, so they work to obtain money to buy thing and services to increase their standard of living.

    "makes less money in ratio to the rising costs of living"
    That is disingenuous. It isn't the cost of living that should be measured, but the standard of living. Today is the best time to have ever been alive. We have so much food, we get fat, even poor people get fat. We have so much free time, we waste it on video games, facebook, random websites, and other frivilous and worthless activities. We have things that were luxuries not long ago, like cell phones, more than one bathroom in a house, and houses that are 50% bigger than our parents. Our cars are far safer, more fuel efficient, and far more reliable; they have magical technology beyond an AM radio, power brakes, and air conditioning. Medical care today is incredible. Doctors can see inside our bodies and there is a medication for many previously untreatable, often fatal conditions.

    "Get big money out of politics"
    Infringe upon free speech.

    "Remove voter suppression"
    Encourage voter fraud.

    "Improve opportunities for middle-class"
    To do what, exactly?

    "Remove stagnant wages"
    The Republican tax reform led to increased economic activity, which has led to rising wages for all.
    • WalterRadio

      "Remove tax cuts and loopholes for large corporations, the financial sector, and the wealthy"
      Only if you want to see millions of people laid off and wages drop again.

      "Instead of corporate bailouts introduce consumer assistant programs"
      Consumers merely need to not spend more than what they earn.

      "Reduce homeowner property tax"
      Watch teachers scream bloody murder.

      "Remove increasing barriers to labor unions"
      Free association is a right to join and also a right not to join.

      "Replace authoritarian populism with progressive populism"
      That didn't work so well in Venezuela or Cuba.

      "Stop assuming that all we need is better education and skills training"
      If you want to make more money, then increase your education and skills in fields of demand.

      "Stop aiming to redistribute from richer to poorer after the market has distributed income"
      This contradicts the previous statements.

      "Stop thinking the goal is *only* to create more jobs. America needs *better* jobs."
      This contradicts the statemet on better education and skills.

      "Without a large an growing middle class there is prosperity"
      This contradicts previous statements. It seems to be true. There is increasing prosperity because so many people are moving up fromt he middle class.

      "Build a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, coalition of the middle class, and poor"
      Democrats have the lock on the poor and white elites. Republicans attract the middle class and the merely rich.

      "Don't let monied interests divide America along racial and gender lines - America united has more power over big corporations"
      Democrats are the the ones dividing people that way. America is corporations. The majority of us are owners.

  • talloak
    A good and long list. Most are not achievable directly. One simple way to get money out of politics is to levy a straight 90% tax on any increase in salary of office-holders, their companies, their spouses and adult children the moment they take office. It would discourage both legal bribery and greedy politicians.

    What happened during the Great Recession is that most of the layoffs were preemptive. Most companies were not losing enough business to justify layoffs; they did it to keep the stock prices high. (Most of the executive income is as stocks because they are taxed so much lower.)
    Since business demand did not go down, the remaining employees had to put in more hours to cover for the laid off. Those who refused to work harder without more pay were fired in the next round. Productivity hit record highs, which makes zero sense in a deep recession, except this an artificial recession. Executives realized that they could keep this up indefinitely as long as they did not hire back fast enough to keep up with demand. They also refused to raise wages as unemployment dropped (again, violating all economic principles) so they keep the record profits. By employing these tactics the one percent managed to garner 110% of the recovery for a doubling in income. The rest of us lost ground.
    Congress members are the very same people created the mess and then manipulated the economy to devour a much larger share of it. There’s a reason that the sole achievement of Trump and his Republican stooges was a massive tax cut for billionaires and major corporations. This was the perfect crime: some 10 trillion dollars was stolen from America and voters put right back in office. They deserve to be poor after helping to bring this on all the rest of us.
  • Unit1

    Sounds good and easy on paper (and in theory)

    but it seems that carrying this out in reality turned out to be a much bigger challenge. Money is power and excessive power corrupts. It may even be used against the competitors because they call competitors "terrorists" instead of opponents or just... you know... competitor?

    My personal solution?

    Stop making fatal choices to the money: Stay childfree (get sterilized), never marry (marriage is on average like what? $30K for 24-48 hours? also you'll never divorce), be the dragon on the peak of a mountain of gold. Buy a place you call home, so you'll never have to pay rent. Get some extra to rent it out to the others. What? You got to work 40 hours regardless of job title? May as well pursue the highest paying job instead of whatever thankless it is, that you are doing.

    Boom! You're middle class!

    Better overdosing on anti-depressants than watching your children suffering from poverty, starvation and permanent diseases while being depressed from school and lack of ordinary job opportunities.
  • Massageman
    Uh, no.

    Let's just take a peek here. You said - - - -
    "Improve opportunities for middle-class.
    Without a large an [sic] growing middle class there is prosperity."
    Well, which is it?
    Let's call it the "career middle class"- - bookkeepers, executive secretaries, payroll workers, etc. - - - This group has been largely wiped out- rendered all but obsolete- due to computer programmers. Data is entered and seldom needs any further manual entry/word/adjustments. Well, that leads us to another fallacy in your thinking, that we don't need training-- "Stop assuming that all we need is better education and skills training". Training in computer-centric fields could save employment for many of the career-middle-class who have been thusly displaced.

    Take away the career-middle-class and you have positions- such as clerks in dollar stores and similar entry-level jobs. These jobs were never meant to be careers. Homemakers would take them to get some spending money, or to save up for the family trip. Now, single-parent households are trying to get by on such jobs ass a "career". And stagnant wages? Since when does wiping a table at MickeyD call for $15 an hour? It never did and it never will!

    If someone wants to be a success, they should focus on a problem and find a marketable way to solve that problem, and then generate a product /service to solve it. If it becomes a big enough hit, one of those big ol' nasty companies will buy them up for a few million and the creator can live happily ever-after!

    As far as myself, I have worked as a store clerk and became a department manager and "closer" within a few months. I maxed out my allowable "union raises" in a small company within about 4 months (so much for unions helping me). I worked my way up from a low craft title to management in a rather large corporation. I was out of work four times and called back three (do the math), forced into an early retirement before starting a new career- all with corporate-paid training.
    Still, I was able to pay for a house, get two kids through college with no loans, buy them each a car and give them each $5K to start life. So while I agree with some of your 15 points (reduce property tax prominent among them), your plan of progressive/ socialism just doesn't wash in the end.- or the middle- or even in the beginning.
    Thatcher had it right: "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.”
  • Bananaman177
    Everybody for the last 50+ years who warned that this is exactly what was going to happen was ruthlessly and savagely mocked for it. Including and ESPECIALLY Donald J. Trump, but also Ron Paul, Ross Perot, lots of people have been outlining this in exact and precise detail for DECADES.

    I don't hear you stupid bastards laughing now.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Reich is a hack. His tax plans will collapse the economy, but at least that will fulfill his Leftist plan of getting a lot more people on welfare.

    But it is true that a lot of the working middle class is about to meet obsolescence. Those over 50, even if they get training, are not likely to get good jobs ever again.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    People shouldn't be workaholics and should be satisfied with their own work.

    By overworking, you are damaging your own body and you won't get the sleep needed. God expects us to be good stewards with our health and not work jobs we know will cause us strife and jobs not in our skill range.
  • Shamalien
    tl; dr, government promised us it would protect us from corporations and instead enabled them to become more powerful than ever... anyone who ever thought government was a good solution to protecting ourselves from rich, powerful entities was A FUCKING GOOF AND SOO, SOOOOO TOTALLY WRONG!!!
  • andreasderjuengere
    Is there such a thing as 'middle class'?
    In the first part of this clip I was reminded of Marx's 'the capital', and also Ford's 'International Jew'.
    I was later 'shocked' to hear the suggestions for changes.
    I don't believe that 'the System' can be altered or improved - it needs to be replaced.
    Otherwise, you (we) will only replace one 'oppression' with another one; recent history indicates that, too. Problem being: we presently DON'T know this 'better system'; no one thought it out yet - me included, unfortunately.
    We are trapped. It's perhaps time that all collapses so that we are FORCED to make some REAL changes.
  • MoscowMitch
    This is a timely and important take and you are correct. Although I'm always confused by the way Americans describe the working class as "middle class". Is there a class under them?
    • It's basically funny that a society that promotes 'equality' is having CLASSES in the first place :)

  • Nik1hil
    Just switch to decentralized economy.. Soon it will dominate the globe..
    • Good: Let the rice be eaten by those who grow it. Localize, instead of globalize.

  • demonics
    So you're putzing around in your front yard, maybe playing with your dog... and along comes this little girl selling cookies. 'How adorable,' you think to yourself as you reach for your wallet but, instead of some cute sales pitch she spent hours cooking up, from out of her mouth comes a nails-on-a-chalkboard screed about racism, sexism, global conflict, rental prices, glass ceilings, Title IX, and scotus appointments, things clearly beyond her scope of understanding as a nine year old. This is O'Sullivans Law at play and this is what this post is. It has consumed Okcupid, Tinder, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, damned near ever interaction one could have on the internet today...
    The New Economy is Not Working for the Middle Class
    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming of "Boyfriend wants to do butt stuff but i'm not ready."
  • bamesjond0069
    This is written by someone who has no understanding of how the economy works. Most of it is total crap.
  • DJZest
    This is why we have President Donald J. Trump in office!

    All of the points you listed are being tackled, and quite successfully so!

    As a further positive note: 2020 is going to be a devastating cataclysmic tsunami in terms of decimating corruption. I am, of course, referring to the political left.

    It goes without saying that the right has its problems, and that the whole two-party system is a hoax, etc. etc.

    But for those who know, we know that things are looking incredible positive.
  • jimmy2
    Well i work overtime on my job. I make more on overtime rhan regular pay so life is good
  • razzamatazzp01
    Okay College McLeftyliberal
  • Anonymous
    Stagnant wages? It is hard to debate with someone who deceives. You are more like Trump than you think.
  • Anonymous
    Why people still believe that politics matter?

    They only Muppets for you to show on TV with fancy titles and talks, promises that most of times not get done.

    They only tell you what you need to hear to get them there at every elections and you swallow it...
    • Sabretooth

      it's one of the reasons why my religion doesn't vote, i don't trust politicians-most people liked that about trump. you might think i agreed with them-but i saw it as a red flag... along with his craziness.

    • Sabretooth

      that he wasn't a politician.