A Time of Uproar

A Time of Uproar


If you guys notice, there's been a lot of political unrest, uproars, and chaos. The world has gotten a lot louder than it usually has been before. There's more people than usual on Earth and more people are getting sicker. Pseudoscience is on the rise with bigger companies (pharmaceuticals, research, businesses). It is definitely a beautiful time to be alive at this moment because I believe that each and every one of us are brought here on Earth for a soul purpose to create peace and harmony and teach kindness, compassion, and treating each other with respect. Many people are coming together to fight for justice and fight for the things that we need in our society today. It's a time for personal freedom and to express our needs and wants as a society as a whole. I believe if each and one of us are able to do one good deed a day, it could make such a huge impact in the world.

Changing History As We Know It

Many parts of the world are dying because that part of history serves us no longer. I've always loved learning about history and politics so it's always nice to think, wow I was a part of that time period and this happened during that time. But sometimes, I think to myself, wow I feel so archaic. It's definitely hard to adjust to the rapid pace of how quickly the world is progressing now. It used to be the US at one of the top, but now other countries like Asia are really progressing forward at a rapid pace. There's definitely still a lot to do, but it's always important to help out in the community as much as possible if you have the time or even read what's going on in the news to know what's happening in your community and in the world itself. We are all here to help each other out. One of the greatest inventions on Earth was google because I almost call it like the bible in a way. It has an easy access to everything you may possible know to mankind. It has your history, politics, entertainment, finances, shopping, education, world news, forums, blogs, and so many other possible things you could even imagine. But the most important thing is that it helps brings us together as a whole universe and really enabling us to share our thoughts, opinions, and expressing ourselves as an individual and what we can do better serve our communities that we live in. It's like the saying goes, "There's always a stillness before the storm." But after the storm comes a rainbow and sunshine.

The Beauty in the Chaos

The uproars may be giving a lot of people uneasiness, but I know that God has an almighty plan that He will reveal to each and every one of us if we only hear His voice in the moments of stillness. In a time where we are constantly keeping ourselves preoccupied, it is only because we choose to avoid our internal problems that is constantly warring on each other. But if we continue to do that, your problems will still arise in different situations until you face that inner problem in your own inner world. I have found that during this time of uproar, I find the beauty of the chaos because within that beauty reveals how we truly as a society and how passionate we are to create the change, express our individual freedom and authenticity and to bring love to the rest of the world. And another beauty that I see is that we have so many different perspectives on everything, different personalities, different beliefs, values, morals, ethics, and so many other things goes into one human being. But, pseudoscience and society wants to label all of us into one category and try to control us and have us live in fear.

In the Eye of the Beholder

The beauty in this is that it's almost like reverse psychology. The more they try to have us live in fear, the more fear that they have of us really finding the truth to everything. The more they try to control us, the more we want to rebel and protest. It's that beautiful balance of power dynamics that we are trying to really balance as a whole Universe within itself. Because as a human being, we are created from a single cell organism that is created with full of life and energy. It is this energy that brings us together. Hence, it is why only one sperm can make it through. That really is the first test to see if we are able to be strong enough to survive that acid environment and really that's the first part of learning how to live. It is really up to each and every one of us to make a difference in our lives. Our choices are based on how we feel as a soul entity. The Universe manifests what we desire the most. It is based on the law of attraction. Hence, it is why we see many things that are based on fictional books and movies and whatnot are actually true. That is why we have to be really careful of what we think because you may never know what someone can manifest that can really cause destruction in our society. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A Time of Uproar
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  • Lliam
    I like your optimistic attitude but I'm afraid that I'm not as optimistic.

    A few ultra-wealthy and powerful people want to monopolize the Earth's natural and human resources. They see people as nothing more than commodities; factory farm animals to be exploited and disposed of.

    They have control of all mainstream media and use it to control the narrative by repeating lies and omitting/censoring information.

    The name of their ideology is neoliberalism, which is essentially fascist, not liberal. They spread it through organizations like the IMF and World Bank, which offer loans to governments in exchange for imposing "austerity measures" on their citizens. Again, this is a means of harvesting citizen's wealth and labor.

    When people democratically elect progressive leaders who implement measures to benefit the people of their countries, those leaders are demonized as oppressive by the neoliberal elites, led by the U. S. and western nations who think it's oppressive to limit corporate control.

    Deadly, illegal sanctions are imposed; regime change schemes are employed; and, when all else fails, military is brought to bear to "restore human rights and democracy" to those nations. Yes, people are starved and bombed, and their cities and infrastructure are destroyed as a means to "help" them. Oh the irony!

    When people rise up in peaceful protest against neoliberalism, they are brutalized by fascist governments and ignored by the media. However, when racist elites engage in violent protest against progressive governments, they are portrayed as freedom fighters.

    The unlimited wealth of the relatively few global elites puts every possible means at their disposal, including the most advanced technology. They can monitor every person's activities; control the narrative; sew disinformation; infiltrate protest groups and organizations; employ agent provocateurs; arm police with advanced weaponry; use death squads and terror tactics; arm, fund and train proxy armies of mercenaries; foment fake rebellions against progressive governments; engineer violent military coups; employ deadly sanctions; employ the military power of western nations; and control NGO's and even the UN.

    I'm not sure what average people can do, other than to try to educate themselves and resist by every possible means. In the meantime, those average people have to find the wherewithal to remain sane. They just want to live in peace and happiness without having their prosperity stolen.
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  • nightdrot
    This is mistaken on so many levels. The world has gotten a lot louder than it usually has been before? You mean compared to the civil war when 650,000 Americans killed each other, so robust were they divided politically? You mean compared to two world wars when thousands slaughtered each other daily?

    There's more people than usual on Earth and more people are getting sicker? Actually no, lifespans are longer, the population globally is aging. As to sickness, you mean compared to the Black Death that wiped out about 1/4 of Europe's population?

    The list goes on. It is well to keep in mind that the nation lacks historical perspective and because it lacks such perspective, the media focus makes every dispute look unprecedented. When you have no standard to judge against, each headline makes the world look new.

    The gravaman of the argument here comes down to an old French expression. "Mon Dieu, conserve le chaos!" It is well and good to assume that God's plan will make all well and good, but that assumption leads to a bad habit of accepting much misery. It is, in a sense, the mindset of the Middle Ages when the assumption of God's plan led to an age of superstition and tumult.

    This is not an attack on religion or the idea of God. Rather, my argument is that scope must be given to human agency and human reason. As Edmund Burke put it, "A disposition to preserve, and an ability to improve, taken together, would be my standard of a statesman."

    That is rather hard work than a sunny optimism about mayhem wedded to an obviously mistaken sense of where the world stands. Ferreting all that out - making reasoned distinctions between good and evil, reform as against revolution - is man's purpose. If you are religious, it is defined as the struggle to discern and conform man's will to God's plan.

    The best can be said of this piece - with no offense intended to its author - is that it confirms an old axiom. "The optimist believes that we are living in the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears that he is right."
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    • HerryBells

      Oh snap

    • nightdrot

      @HerryBells Had to laugh at your remark. Many thanks.

    • HerryBells

      I was glad you already rebutted the drizzle up there. I don't understand why people always have to believe the worst time is now just because they are not certain about what's happening tomorrow.

      Thank you for saving me the time 👌💪

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Most Helpful Girls

  • BlacklightShade
    What if it's the world WE made and it's up to HUMANS to fix it? That makes it a much more bleak challenge, doesn't it?
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  • KaraAyna
    Good mytake
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  • IAMNathanael
    I like this opinion. Definitely, this is a noisy time to be living in and we can't control what other people do. Whether they choose good or bad, we have our own agency and I hope we choose to react in a positive way.
  • Thatsamazing
    "The world has gotten a lot louder than it usually has been before." This isn't true at all, unless you are only specifically referring to global overpopulation. But in times past, most of humanity had experienced violence or famine or related calamities, and now much of humanity has never experienced any of that.
  • October808
    More than ever?


    The black plague wiped out a significant amount of the world's population. The Dark Ages saw the death/deletion of culture, knowledge, science and medicine. It's a cycle.
  • Gatman34
    You talk about God but if there is another world war Billions will die.
  • mike125800
    It can be chaotic but don't get involved with someone or something that you can't get out of
  • soleil2666
    Many things were swept under the carpet for a very long time - in the 'what you are seeing is not a grey elephant, it is a pink mouse' fashion (where you know full well you are looking at 2m long thick tusks - an interesting mouse that is!)

    And we have a change of generations taking place - the boomers are retiring (and, in a sense, running out of energy to shout and 'compete' (read: elbow us around).
    I am Gen X and can feel how much more seriously I get taken by the day now - truth be told, I do know and understand the world better than most boomers inside out, and am fine with it/with with taking over the reigns and being/remaining calm (but then I was trained for some of this as a child too)
  • Kaneki05
    The worlds gonna end one day hope i get to see it.