How Did Saving The Libraries Go?


We managed to do it! We won! We were able to win the council over, and they've now requested more funding from central government because they refuse to make library cuts when they know how dependent members of our community in our city are on libraries.


Or that's what I would have liked it to turn out.


We didn't do it. We lost. We weren't able to win the council over. And they're not going to request more funding from central government because they probably know they're not going to get any. So they're making the library cuts despite members of our community in our city being dependent on the library.


So what's going to happen to our libraries now?

Well, the plan was to cut paid library staff, and replace them with volunteers. Now in theory that doesn't sound so bad, but in reality...

- Firstly, job losses from paid library staff- I hope whoever's lost their job has found a new one.

- If there aren't enough volunteers to run the library on a particular day, they'll close it early. So whoever is using the library at that time will be told to leave.

- If there aren't enough people willing to volunteer in a particular library- even though members of the public need it, it will be closed down.

Yesterday I was talking to some kid from one of my classes, and he was telling me that his library has already been replaced with volunteers and luckily for him it isn't actually too bad, I mean he was telling me that because he hasn't had a computer or internet at home for a long time- he has relied on the library for stuff like studying.

I don't know if this is true or not but apparently in one of the financially wealthier areas of our city, their library got a very large amount of money spent on it. I don't know if I am allowed to tell you the exact figure or not, I'm assuming not considering it isn't published anywhere- but let's just say it got a lot of money spent on it.

If that is true, then there is a huge funding inequality right there. Why is it that some libraries are getting their staff cut, yet others get a whopping amount of money spent on them?

The only thing I can think of, is if there was something really unsafe about that building so they needed to spend money on fixing that something.

I don't know guys.

I mean at least we tried, got staff striking, put up a good fight... But I guess the reality of the world is that the good causes don't always win.

And pretty soon, I have another meeting with that group I was with who were trying to prevent the cuts- so I guess I'll see what they have to say, and if there's some kind of way to claw back from this or not.

Like I said guys, I don't really know, I'm just some kid who decided to team up with them because an old man was telling me about the cuts and got me to sign his petition on the way home from college, and I wanted to help prevent those cuts, so I'm usually the last to know about everything.

And at the meetings I don't really say anything, I just listen because everyone is older and smarter than me- I mean put one way, I'm the only teenager there and the next youngest person is 24 so that's 7 years older than meπŸ˜‚

But I'll see what they'll have to say at the next meeting, see if we can do something else about this, or see if there's another cause which we can try and fight for considering we couldn't win this one...

You can't win them all.

How Did Saving The Libraries Go?
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  • kymberz
    SpiderManFan2020 - use your freaking super powers! yer just like Spiderman! and he's a super heroe! i don't care how old you are nor what planet you are from or anything like that - you are caring and you care deeply enough to become involved in trying to save libraries? am i in a freakin movie? about a guy with a super power? i call it his voice. you have written and explained all of this to us and so i give you a choice. stand up and be heard. or slink around like a spider. but everything that you are is already inside of you and YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! be loud! raise your voice at the next meeting! speak up about the importance of keeping libraries around for our communities to be able to use. write a speech. send it to me. i'll edit it and we can practice it and then you get up in that next meeting and you BE HEARD! i'm casting a spell on you right now. because i believe that nothing will ever change or get better until we find young people like you who will continue to fight battles. so you find your voice and you make yourself heard! i really enjoyed reading this and hope that you will update in the future! please. please. you are a difference-maker. and we soooo need more people like you right now! if there is anything i can help you with - just ask k?
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    • I know what you're saying but we've already made speeches and they've gone ahead with it anyway. But thank you.

  • purplepoppy
    Typical Tory policy, replace workers with volunteers then brand those who've been laid off as jobshy. Probably going to force them to work in a library to gain work experience. Next your doctor is going to be replaced by Bob the volunteer who just fancies having a go.
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    • Hahaha, tell me about it.

      But hey them working-class tories will be happy because they think for some reason the tories winning means less immigrants on the streets!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (despite our aging population).

Most Helpful Guys

  • winterfox10
    That's heartbreaking... libraries are some of the most important institutions in civilized society, and the gatekeepers of our knowledge and culture are being sabotaged by the likes of the internet.

    Here's what I would do: I would seek funding from a local college or university, maybe a church, or even the state dept. of education to keep the library open. You make the community library an accessible place for students and faculty to meet, host classes, tutoring sessions, that sort of thing. You ask the college for a certain amount of money per year.
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  • Sevenpointfive
    if we didn't have a city library i wouldn't have liked reading as much as i do. i wouldn't be as educated, imaginative or adventurous. so i'm grateful for that one library. if every city could have one big one that would be fine with me.

    you did a good thing and i hope you made some contacts
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  • bamesjond0069
    Well try not to be so much of a commie. Its totally fair the one library has more money than the rest. And if you didn't allow private donations like that, then it would be one more library worse off. Is it fair that my girlfriend is a gourmet chef so we eat amazing meals like you see on chopped and shows like that for most meals while people who can't cook eat ramen and pbj sandwiches? Yes its totally fair.
    • Tell that to the parents who can't afford to take their kids anywhere else, tell that to the kids who can't afford an internet connection but need to do their online homework, tell that to the elderly who have no other place to go.

    • Well maybe they should get a job? You don't NEED an internet connection. I few months back i went like 3 weeks no phone internet computers etc. It wasn't that bad at all. I did make a phone call occasionally but the phone was left plugged in at home so only when i sat down specific to make a call, i didn't bring it. So dont give me no crap that you NEED the internet.

    • MackToday

      Maybe they should get a job LOL! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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  • Iseechaos
    I actually work at a library in New York and the budget cut is a real issue. It's been over a year and a half since they have cut the part time employees hours by a drastic amount. It's tough to work at a library these days and I hope city officials can have a change of heart and give more funding for paying employees and not just for remodeling libraries.
  • JustJen
    What kind of crap is this? Libraries are not a necessity, and sould not be tax founded. You want a library? You pay for it.
    That sucks. Sorry Spidey. Maybe next time. How Did Saving The Libraries Go?
  • Mindwipe
    We're fortunate that or libraries are funded through a portion of assessed property tax rather than by our local city council.
  • BuckWild
    That really sucks. I'm sorry.
  • Pink2000
    That is awful ! You had me in the first part.
  • That's sad to hear that's happening... :(
  • Caplismdie
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Sorry that bad luck struck.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • shorty45
    That's really bad, I sorry
  • trueesportsprogamer
    Good job gratz