"Opening"Economy will get millions of people killed. Coronavirus

OpeningEconomy will get millions of people killed. Coronavirus

The numbre of new cases just stopped growing exponentially a few days ago, because the effects of the lockdown just started to take place, and this bozo is already talking about "reopening" the economy. If we go this way millions of people will die long before the vaccine is made available.

"Opening"Economy will get millions of people killed. Coronavirus
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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    You can’t stay locked away forever. People need access to the economy to pay for food and living expenses.

    There comes a point where staying inside is more damaging than getting back to work. The longer you wait the more harm is done. There’s already food banks going dry, dairy farmers dumping all their milk, vegetable farmers throwing their yield back in the ground because there’s no one to take it.

    People going ‘hurr durr virus’ are fkn annoying. It’s like, no shit there’s a virus, but do you realize there’s other risks out there? There’s other sides to this shit, but they’re too busy rubbing out over their trump hate to even consider the possibility that there’s something else worth thinking about. While health experts like fauci will pay attention to the medicine and will advise that everyone need to stay safe, there’s also financial experts who will pay attention to the economy and advise that everything falling apart can hurt more than the virus.

    And it’s so fkn annoying and ridiculous that people have this *burning need* for the orange man to be bad and wrong no matter what that they can even hear that there’s the economy failing is a real and *eventually* a greater danger.

    The amazing irony is that it’s people calling trump an idiot for wanting to open things up are the ones being idiots and not seeing the bigger picture.
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    • Girther10

      Yes of course. Extended periods of lockdown are lethal. The “solution” to the virus, has become far worse than the virus itself.
      The Asker would have us believe otherwise, clearly a denier of medical science, which cautions against exactly what the Asker is advocating for.

    • Girther10

      “Millions” of people will be killed he says. Even the worse case models for being infected with this virus have not predicted anything close to a million. The Asker must be thinking of some other virus.🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Jackpot77
    Look at all the symptoms if Covid-19 you could basically have nothing wrong and still have these symptoms so how many hospitals are diagnosing people who don't even have it? Not every hospital has a test. I think there are no asymptomatic cases and most of the cases with mild symptoms aren't even Covid-19. If someone has a cough and a fever then it is time to worry and eventually if you start feeling shortness of breath go to the ER but not before that. These hospitals are throwing just anybody on a ventilator because they get paid 39 grand for doing it. The ventilator kills people faster than the virus. All in all though I agree with you the economy needs to stay shut down until this is dealt with.
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    • They only report "confirmed cases" which means either a PCR test or a CT scan showing "Ground Glass Opacities" from viral pneumonia.

    • Jackpot77

      No true they are even admitting that thousands of cases are probably not confirmed.

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  • Is that what's happening in Sweden now where there's no lockdown?

    How well do you think people will deal with economic collapse?
    • Girther10

      I believe that all of the organs highlighted on this so callled “chart” are the ones who are negatively impacted by being locked down, especially for extended periods of time.
      So opening the economy will absolutely help society at large, less depression, less suicides, less domestic violence, less drug and alcohol abuse. The longer these lockdown orders are in effect, the more severe these health issues will become.
      The “solution” to the virus has become far more deadly than the virus itself.
      That’s a fact.

    • @Girther10

      100%, but I also think that many people are so concerned about the virus that they're completely missing so many other negative factors also. The impact that a much longer lockdown would on the economy especially. As well as the loss of our freedoms that are probably coming, which these people are stupidly begging to be taken because they trust too much that those in power will do to keep them safe, and not for their own reasons.

    • Girther10

      Yes the conomy is the first victim. This is the left’s dream come true. The Dems and their media propaganda cnn and msnbc play up the severity, and exaggerate all the time. They see this as the perfect vehicle to bring down Trump. No matter how well Trump does or doesn’t do, they will twist and lie and create false narratives just like they’ve been doing for three years. They have no shame. They are evil af.

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  • Girther10
    @Asker- I don’t see any letters like “Dr., “ or “Md.”, or “D. O” after your name , so what makes you think you are qualified to make these claims? ? Did youprovide this nursery school diagram of the human body? Who is the “bozo” you reference in your hilarious narrative? Is that your dad? I don’t see a question here, did you forget that part?
    How about I help you:
    Why do these ignorant people here 9n GAG become so easily brainwashed into thinking they actually know more than the experts on the task force, who are world renown specialists in the field of epidemiologists?
    There, now you actually have a question.
    You’re welcome.
  • msc545
    First the asshole encourages everyone to take a medication that doesn't work and that kills a few people, so he can make money. Then he wants to "open" the economy and kill even for people, again for money. VOTE BLUE. Your life depends on it.
    • AceStar

      In a group I'm in they had the a discussion about this and one of the guys said "have the asshole and the giant corporations pay up for the economy instead of being f****** and not doing shit", and other members we're saying that "only people with common sense don't listen to him, it's only his sheep supporters that will"

  • Thatsamazing
    Millions? No, not even close. Thousands? Yes.

    This isn't much of a take anyway man. You only wrote two sentences.
  • bulletbob555
    I do think its too early. Maybe leveling off but is it a blip in statistics or a continuing trend? It should be put off for a bit to fully stabilize.
  • andreasderjuengere
    That's the idea behind, perhaps. No one important has ever died from work...
  • Ratmuffin
    And now that he's closing it again people are striking... what do u say to that?
  • zagor
    Yeah, well, stupid people are running the country.
  • We not sure but anything can happen
  • Anonymous
    So the moronic small pecker clowns protesting will make the rest of the normal people wait longer in their homes. How nice America has a leader that got so upset at not being crowned king he had to incite protests that will spread more Covid 19.
    • msc545

      Waitr - he will attempt to postpone the election in November.

    • Anonymous

      @msc545 Who knows. Every week or even daily he proves what a moronic, compromised pig he is.

    • msc545

      At least he is consistently stupid and a prevaricator. Also, the pigs wanted to to tell you that they feel insulted by the comparison...

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  • Anonymous
    It doesn't matter what "this bozo" does, people like you will whine about it regardless.

    You already have an illness that is far worse than coronavirus.
  • Anonymous
    and not opening the economy will kill the entire nation. Did you know we're letting food rot in fields because there's not enough people working to pick them and process them and send them to stores? Meat plants are shutting the eff down. Fact! Meat shortages coming our way soon. Milk is being poored down the drains because not enough people working to transport it.. and oh yeah, food banks running dangerously low on food because no way to get it. How many people would starve to death sitting on their couches watching Netflix if we left the economy closed for 18 months for the virus to possibly go away?
    • Girther10

      Allowing the economy to be shut down for 18 months would not be survivable. Those who advocate for these shutdowns are ignorant and ignoring medical science that says extended lockdowns are now more harmful than the virus itself.

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