The One That Got Away... Fear and Love

The One That Got Away... Fear and Love

The irony is kind of funny. They say that the person who cares least in a relationship has the most power. So you have a society racing toward a downward spiral, treating each other like shit. We do this because we are afraid appearing needy.

In reality, during that time with the one that got away you could have simply said, "I love you."

It's a cold world. Very cold, apocalyptic world of divorce purgatory.

The One That Got Away... Fear and Love
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  • Poppykate
    YES! THANK YOU! You have to love genuinely and authenticity with your whole heart... otherwise what is the point in life. But not just with relationships, but with family and friends too. Life is about making lasting connections and spreading the love! ❤️

    Yes, you might end up with a few broken hearts. But the more you love wholeheartedly, the stronger your heart gets, and the richer your life is of beautiful experiences.
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    • Apope16

      Meanwhile... im limiting my text to texts or calls to the girl I like... because i am a scared hypocrite.

  • Anonymous
    I am mean to others because I assume they hate me first... but honestly I don't want to hurt others, I just want to protect myself. Protecting myself sometimes means hurting others. I know you are talking about marriage and relationships. I am talking about in general with people.

    With that said, I am happily married.
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  • monkeynutts
    Yeah, people enjoy having power over others, the world is turning into a place where sociopathic behaviour is acceptable, or considered the norm. The other issue is that most people play the game safe, they choose not to feel. It's ok to have an aversion to painful emotions, but if you make decisions, not because you have nothing else better to do, your world will not be cold. And you will not regret all the partners you have.
  • NiWash
    That power trip is really toxic. I have constantly been open with my feelings but I have withdrawn because of this.
  • akanetuk
    The person who cared less had the most power: very interesting
  • respecturelders
    @Apope16 you seem to going be going through it a little behind this women my friend.
  • Twalli
    My girlfriend is almost addicted to me. I care for her more than anyone else, including my family. We both know this.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Joker_
    Wait so who was the one that got away?
  • Anonymous
    My cat got sweped away by a wave, there I stand in my wet speedo, Frisbee in hand and me thinking wtf has just happened