Ten Things Mother’s Forgot To Teach Their Sons About Proper Etiquette!



Sit down like a good boy!
Sit down like a good boy!

OMG! ...how many times have you seen pee all over the toilet seat and on the floor? ...can anyone say DISGUSTING?

First, by telling them to Sit Down instead
First, by telling them to "Sit Down" instead


  • Lift up the toilet seat first!
  • When you’re going to pee in the toilet standing up, because your mother didn’t tell you not to, and you miss the water …as you always will! …please wipe off the toilet seat that your mother failed to tell you to lift up first, hopefully with sanitizer, or the rim of the bowl if you did lift up the seat …there is ALWAYS PEE THERE NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRIED TO MISS IT! …HELLO?
  • When you are standing up to pee in the toilet, because your mother didn’t tell you not to, wipe up any pee that you spray, or drip, on the floor as well please!
  • When finished, wipe off your penis with toilet paper so you are not staining your underwear unnecessarily.


This is basic common courtesy. No one wants to see what chewed up food looks like while you are talking to them ...yuck!

Ten Things Mother’s Forgot To Teach Their Sons About Proper Etiquette!


It is unlikely that your mother is equipped with a Haz-Mat suit to pick up those kind of toxins

Ten Things Mother’s Forgot To Teach Their Sons About Proper Etiquette!


Is that really too much to ask for those not living in the Stone Age?


No, the radical feminists have not completely taken over the planet yet, even though they are trying.

Yes, it is OK to be courteous and manly and open doors for ladies, even though you have never heard of such a thing ...lol

Ten Things Mother’s Forgot To Teach Their Sons About Proper Etiquette!


If, you want to have children, then it is important for one parent to be home to take care of the child during it's infant and toddler years and not be out working while a stranger takes care of the child, with the possible exception of that stranger being a grandparent or close relative. If you are unable, or unwilling, to let the mother of your child stay home to take care of it, at least until it enters pre-school...THEN DON'T HAVE ANY!! ...HELLO?


Please take care of the things that are private with your door locked so that your mother and sister are not walking in on you ...get it?


Again, do it in private with your door closed and earphones on (OK, agreed, this is not something that most mothers will have to teach there son, as this should be pretty instinctive, however, it is good to go over it so they are do not suffer unnecessary guilt because they are going to do it which many mothers have a way of finding out about)



With a few exceptions, you don't have fun with a girl by wrestling with her and body slamming her to the ground! Most girls are feminine and more fragile than boys are...HELLO?

And, again, we are not in the stone age ...you don't drag a girl into the bedroom unless you want to be arrested and in many cases she may have no interest in going there at all until the 2 of you are married.

If she does agree to go there, use protection to prevent pregnancy and disease and understand what the laws and age of consent are in your area.

Come on Baby, you know you want it!
Come on Baby, you know you want it!


OK, there are many more but I will limit this myTake to these 10.

Girls, sisters and mothers, please list some that I have left out in your comments below.

For the guys reading this ...Aren't you glad I'm not your mother? ...lol

Ten Things Mother’s Forgot To Teach Their Sons About Proper Etiquette!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • arabgoddess
    I'm already teaching all these to my 6 yr old.. He's ready for marriage I must say lolol.. Shame my husband didn't learn any of it. My son is like the 38yr old and my husband the 5 yr old
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    • I'm proud of you for teaching him good manners Ms AG, keep up the good work! :)

    • Thank you ☺ it's called early intervention lol ♥ ♥ ♥ thanks for the post...

    • Yes, one less toilet seat we won't have to clean off first, and disinfect, before we can sit down on it! ... lol

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Most Helpful Guy

  • jimmy2
    God thank you so many many men needs this.. lol
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  • MzAsh
    Nice list! But why should moms get all the credit? Fathers can and should teach these things too.
  • David92506
    I still open doors for women. However, I've had several women frown at me when I do this. One woman said, "Thank you but don't do that." But most women accept it.

    I could be wrong, but as the women's movement continues, I believe more and more women will frown on having doors open for them.
    • Some will, some won't.

      Hopefully the ones that do will grow up :)

    • David92506

      When you are out in public do most men have manners? Do men always hold the door open for you? In general, are men courteous towards you?

  • BlackViking357
    All of this is fine because it's common sense and manners. But I bend the rules on #6. And I'm starting to get a lot of this, but when I open the door for any person and they do not say thank you, then I'm letting the door close on you. I don't care who you are or how entitled you are. If you don't say thank you, the door will.
    • Agreed, please and thank you is #6 and applies to girls too, of course :)

      Great opinion..."Thank You" ... and now I won't get the door shut on me... lol

    • ... oops, I meant #5

    • Exactly and lmfao you're good 😂

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  • EmmaMary
    OMG. Never a truer word spoken, however I must totally agree with @MzAsh in saying that there are some really exceptional Fathers who can teach just as well.
  • LaPrincesita
    As a mother all I want to say is maybe it’s you? Choose better men and stop blaming people’s mothers for your shortcomings.
  • CozyNadia
    I disagree with you on an issue the first one being number one, sitting to pee. I think that all men should stand to pee it's more masculine. I have never had a boyfriend that peed on the seat. I know that in Europe it is common practice for men to sit when they pee i think that it is very feminine for men to do that.
    • Thank you very much for your thoughtful opinion Ms Nadia.

      What many don't understand is that it is not possible to pee into the toilet and not get a mixture of toilet water and urine on the toilet seat and or rim of the toilet. There is splashing and a fine mist that can not be wished or imagined away even with perfect aim.

      It is OK if you want your guy to stand and pee but make sure that the toilet seat and toilet rim are properly disinfected each time after.

    • MrNameless

      if they stand, they should aim well, and if they miss they need to clean it up. No questions asked. I think a better compromise is leaving the toilet seat down

  • yrdady
    This is great, very enriching. Where can I find the 10 things mothers forget to teach their daughters? (or is it fathers teach their daughters?)
    • We are all anxious for you to post it :)

    • yrdady

      Nah I don't have the chops. But listen, I'm a viva la difference and a live and let live (live and let die) kinda guy. Maybe it's the Zen Buddhist in me but I like balance in all things. I also like to enable masculinity and femininity in a yin-yang kinda way. Most of these are pretty good besides the pee sitting down but a girl with manners is not common these days but always a HUGE turn on. Like a fucking titan turn on. Especially in young people. It just makes me want to be nice to them- in a non sexual way if they are out of my age range, but manners are fucking missing in both genders. And FFS don't troll us with peeing sitting down unless you pay the mortgage but yeah it's fair to make guys clean it up. I love a clean bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.

  • PrudentGuy
    What the Military teaches:

    1+2) Aim before you shoot. Learn it well.

    3) Eat and keep quiet!

    4) wash your own underwear.

    5) don't be men pleasers. Be serious!

    6) open the door, not the zip.

    7) fight for your country and family. You're a man.

    8+9) share your ration with your brothers. Not your girlfriend or wife.

    10) if you have to shoot, make sure its accurate and protected. Collect your protection from the Medic later. 😄😄😄
  • Liam_Hayden
    And some things parents forgot to teach their daughters about proper etiquette.

    1. Don't cheat.
    2. Be thankful
    3. He's not your ATM
    4. You are not the center of the universe.
    • PatKirby

      "1. Don't cheat." Agreed, however parents forgot to teach their daughters about this one won't work since it's built into their psychological makeup - it's called hypergamy/monkey-branching or the fine art of dumping you for other men who have more resources or attractiveness. Today's Western woman feels entitled to cheat so much that they even verbalize it openly with pride.

      Date foreign.

  • andreasderjuengere
    You have a right to set up this wishing list.
    ONE thing: I will allow no one to tell me how to pee :D
    There are 'techniques' by the way to prevent a mess. It's just: you learn that from Dad - not from Mom.
  • Levin
    Any mother that tries to enforce #1 will have a castrati on her hands.

    10# a lot of women are craving rough sex, I wonder why.

    I ain't opening the door for her. She can open her own car door. I wouldn't even open the door for QE2. Well, maybe because she's old, but otherwise. Passing doors, then yes, for everyone, common courtesy.

    Women can't expect to be treated like princesses. Because they are no longer princesses.

    But I always treat the ones I care about well.
  • wingattebaby16
    I love it , Laurie!!

    Esp the peeing on the toilet seat... and they gotta put the seat down when they are done!!!
  • AdithyaR
    Agreed with the others except the peeing. What's the point of being a guy if we can't pee while standing?
    Also, it's ok for the guy to be a provider but it's also ok for him to stay and take care of the child while the mother works. It can go both ways
    • I agree also with last point you mentioned.

  • MannMitAntworten
    Since this is about gentrification I will make an observation... this was traditionally something men taught other men. Not women teaching their sons. Which number one clearly illustrated as men are not supposed to sit to pee unless your name is Howard Stern. Now, lifting the seat before peeing should be taught and if a father were present, this would clearly would have been passed on as I would lynch my boy for peeing on my damned toilet seat for which I must at times sit upon, too.

    Dirty underwear... apparently ‘mom’s’ would fail here too as daughters are equally guilty of this and the only parents I ever see getting in both son and daughter alike in this area are referred to as “dad”.

    Mouth open while eating... again, fathers typically correct this behavior and at times heavy handedly when necessary. I cannot tell you how many dates I have been on with women who talk with their mouths full as well as lack complete table decorum.

    Please and Thank you might be the only thing listed where both mother and father equally participate in passing on to sons and daughters alike.
    • This door opening matter is becoming a area to tread lightly upon. As in, know your audience. Some women with appreciate it. Others wit hmm ardently detest it. One must figure out which she is and whether you can live with that.

      Provider... again, not all women are drawn to this arrangement, and again men must figure out where she falls and again if they can live with this arrangement.

      Private things... women can be just as chatty about their private lives if not more so than men. After all, a large number of women who have women friends sure live to talk about their sex lives and their boyfriend’s/husband’s sexual talents (or lack there of) and dick size with her women friends. Whereas if my friends know about my sex life is is most likely because my girlfriend has shared with my women friends... which has happened.

      Manhandling... again, depends on the woman and also depends on the moment. Man must figure that out.

      Boys learn how to treat women through their dads or other men figures in their lives. If the mother has bad men in her life, they will be his examples...

  • While I agree with the peeing stuff (to which I would add washing hands), why do you blame only the mother? Isn't the father responsible too? Plus, it is a man thing so another man saying it may feel more comfortable for the kid.
    • Also, if they just wipe it you will be sitting on dry pee, which is still gross.

    • Men wash their hands just as much as women.

    • esova

      @emily what about men paying for a woman’s life while she stays home?

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  • I just dont like the door thing. It gets annoying fast
    • Well, there was a couple of guy comments on here saying they would rather to let it shut in your face, maybe you can tell them to "Bring it on!" ... lol

  • pleasestopthis
    It's common courtesy to keep the door open for the person that comes right behind you, not just the ladies.
    • Exactly! I remember dating a girl who opened the door for me if she got their first. I opened it for her a lot too. It was nice to see someone being courteous and showing me that she cared.

    • @MyExBackCoach yes it is nice. Don't people regularly do that where you live?

    Lol im glad i was taught better. But Laurie nowadays some new mothers would rather go back to work and if that happens its the dad that stays at home. So there is that too. 😉
  • NellyShines
    Some guys have indeed lost their manners. Thank you for sharing this.
    • Your welcome and thank you for taking the time to read though it Ms Nelly!

      It is amazing how many guys are saying they want nothing to do with having good manners.

      How do they expect to keep a good relationship is my question? :)

  • Hermes-Paris
    Yes some good points. A coworker of mine got very tired of his wife screaming at him to put the toilet seat down. So he fixed it by starting to pee in the sink a few times with the door open so she could see him. She decided not to bust on him for leaving the lid up after that. 🤣🤣🤣.
  • I-am-a-nobody
    You might as well castrate us!
    It's not like we're peeing where you're sitting...

    You are absolutely right here!
    Men should provide and she stays home.
    However, if I'm providing , I get to pee standing, PLUS I get to leave the toilet seat any way I want (up or down, just not wet).
    • Men SHOULD be the provider and she SHOULD stay at home... Yeah, right 🤣

  • akihon
    Now do one teaching women to behave like the ladies they want to be treated as and I'll give it my thumbs up, until then it's just another woman trying to tech me. How to be men, funny that but what you actually doing is teaching men how to behave like women and putting them in a position where they can be labelled as sexist, how's that then, your best advice to men is to be sexist faux women.

    Seems a bit shit to me
  • BloJo
    1 is a waste of time, just aim.
    2 should be irrelevant.
    3-5 are simple manners. They apply to everyone.
    6-7 & 10 are what separate men from boys.
    8-9 duh. No one ever needed to teach me these.
  • devilman666
    Things mothers forgot to teach their daughters: How to cook, how to keep a home clean, how to raise children, how to be supportive of their husbands, how to behave in a feminine way.
  • thothahuramazda
    Women don't respect men who respect women. Fact. Two rich muscle men, one says do what I want or see ya I don't need you. The other guy says oh baby I will do whatever you want. What happens is the women will take the nice guys offer to get his support and sleep with the rude guy. Teach your sons to be a provider to women who will cheat on him nice Karen real smart.
  • jemismyname
    hold/open the door for everyone, actually... everybody likes it. nobody doesn't like it... it's common courtesy!
  • Aaron_Stone
    Well first of all, Are you a mother?
    I can understand all points except 6th. It clearly implies woman as some frail, spoiled princess. Woman is clearly adult so expecting special treatment just because she's woman is bullshit 🐂💩.
    If you want equality then it should be everywhere not where it suits you.
    last thing I want to say.

    I liked the grin on ancient man's face. 🤣 Quite funny 😝.
    • and also peeing stuff.
      Men have different anatomy so you can't dictate how they should similar to how we can't dictate yours.
      So better not teach on that part.

  • Jaximus-Lion
    Am born in the 80's, my parents taught me all of that and more. Respect is earned not given, be a gentleman, be handy, humble.
  • kev_alpha
    Oh boy.. If only u gals had penis for a day then u would understand.. well I can explain but I am not going to here. I agree with cleanliness part. Wetting the rim? it is only the amateur who does that 😁. Expert pee-ers aim straight for the hole 😁. Instead of asking him to sit down train him to aim better..😉
    • kev_alpha

      I have a peeing class for boys. May be u can enroll him

  • Rabbit_Hole
    I don't sit because my d*ck will touch the bottom of the toilet! 😂 And if for some reason i make a mess while standing, I'll clean it 🌝
  • That's a cool stone age picture. Men then were far bigger than women. Now men are so weak a lot.

    Also, I don't aim my pee for the seat and make sure it hits the toilet.

    I open the door for women, especially the delicately dressed women.
  • hi_it_is_me123
    Why are many guys here such pussies and ge triggered by every shit? She mean it good and just want you to be an adult.
    • I ain't peeing sitting down. Even if I did, I'd snap my penis in half in the mornings trying to pee sitting because of morning wood

    • She talked how you should wipe your piss and be clean.

    • morrowlow

      When you put all those rules together you get a weak pussy and not a man. Women wanting special treatment doesn't equal being adult

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  • msc545
    You may want to revise this and list 10 things that fathers should teach their daughters. Here is a preliminary list:

    1. Don't hit or tease your brothers, or other men. Hitting men will often get you hit right back.

    2. Don't order the most expensive thing on the menu if you aren't paying at least half.

    3. If you are on a date or with friends, offer to pay your fair share, or on a date, at least half.

    4. Don't talk trash about other people no matter who they are.

    5. Don't talk constantly so nobody else can be heard. Learn to listen.

    6. Don't cheat on anyone, male or female, that you are involved with.

    7. Put the toilet seat UP when you are finished if you think a man will use it next.

    8. Graciously admit when you are wrong.

    9. Do NOT falsely accuse anyone of anything, EVER.

    10. Treat everyone you meet with dignity and respect. They are just as special as you are.
  • WhereAmI
    It's hard to learn proper etiquette when your dad takes you to pee in a trough at the ballpark as a kid. 😂
    • likelyOK


    • Is that a snapshot of a YouTube video? If it’s not, I’m only asking because I’ve seen that video. The dude on the left is weird. 😂

    • WhereAmI

      @CuriousChick101 Oh, I dont know. I just grabbed a comparable pic to the one at the ballpark I went to ass a kid. Now I'll have to go look! 😂

  • Wolkmi
    How can women want to be mothers at home and complain about the salary gap, why does the man have to be the ONLY provider, there is no economy for only one spouse to work, neither in the US nor in any other country, maybe when he is a baby but even in the 3rd year or so the children are not so dependent. You think is easy have only one salary for two and half people? My parents both worked and have three children, there are single mothers...
  • anniisa
    Lol Muslims have been practicing number 1 for centuries.
  • FakeName123
    "you don't have fun with a girl by wrestling with her and body slamming her to the ground!"
    Speak for yourself. I love body slamming girls to the ground to assert dominance.
  • jaybee281
    I can't be the only dude that didn't give a shit about what she wrote just kept reading the HELLO? s as if like they were a parody😂
    • jaybee281

      Alright i read it And yes I'm so glad you're not my mother😂😂i agree with much of this take you did write some good shit the point in which you said that it's not a problem if a man is the provider while the woman sits at home.. I must say that at this point it's a problem that women don't like not men as in women think it affects their independence negatively if they stay home or take care of their child instead of going to work and making taking care of the baby shifts with her husband🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • jaybee281

      Why did i get 3 dislikes by women while most of them agreed on what has been said in the take but it's not acceptable if it's the same fact from another perspective🤦🏻‍♂️

  • TCredo
    Great points - and do shake my head with why all these things aren't ingrained in human beings... so good to remind folks :)
  • grega239
    6 and 7 are no longer applicable. Women are strong and independent and can provider for themselves and open their own doors
  • blkzmb777
    This list is weird as hell. First off I'm not sitting down to take a piss. If I miss I will clean it up but I'm sure as hell not bout to sit down. And it's in a mans DNA to be a provider. Most men feel bad if they can't provide for their families so I don't know what the hell this list is talking about. And women have some of these same issues fr so it's like what is this lost talking about
  • ovixs90
    I am sorry do guys tell women how to pee? Women should stop being so controling and stop trying to change men for there own benefit because thats what your trying to do. Men you must be provider, you must pee siting , you must do that and stop saying whst man should do. Thats feminist nonsens
  • 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9 are fair enough. As for the rest , 1 dont tell me how to pee, 4 I'll leave my underwear wherever I want, 6 I open the door for anyone male or female , 7 fuck you I'm not your personal atm. And 10 while I mostly agree I make exception for if the girl hits me first. After that you reap the whirlwind
  • Snakeyes7
    Most of this came naturally to me although I am confused about the first two. You addressed the issue with standing up to urinate while forgetting to put up the seat then your second rule is to put the seat up when you urinate. I am probably missing something.
  • Bananaman177
    The guys women are most disgusted by are the ones raised by single mothers.
  • coffeewithcream
    Ever wonder where those hen-pecked quiet little boys who become mass murderers come from?
    Now we know.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    3, 4, 5, 8, 9 can be directed at women as well. Holding doors open should be done for anyone who is going to be going through the same door as you a few seconds later. Why should only the mom have to be blamed for guys bot foing this when the dad should take blame as well. Just because a guy doesn't any nunber of these does not necessarily mean he wasn't taught these things.
  • TallAnon
    1,2,3 sure.
    4, My house, fuck off 😁
    5, I haven't said "please" in.. years.. I don't ask for favours, so I don't see why I would.
    6, of course I do that, but more because that gives me a chance to flirt with the girl.
    7, Sure.
    8 and 9, again, my house, speakers, surround sound, don't even have curtains, don't look if you don't wanna see.
    10, girls are best when happy, let's try to keep them that way.
  • akanetuk
    Good lessons, in short the first lessons of life begins at home
  • LeeannaDD
    This is stupid and sexist lmao. Hey guys bet you didn’t know girls can pee on the floor too source: was a girl in college dorms