No Floyd's killer is not a racist. It is laughable to suggest that these riots are justified.

No Floyds killer is not a racist. It is laughable to suggest that these riots are justified.

The Riots Are Without Reason

Let's start with this, the riots, and even the peaceful protests, are stupid and unjustified. This is due to the fact that there isn't a reason for them in the first place. Supporters of the riots espouse the idea that rioting is in fact justified, because George Floyd was killed by a racist police officer, and that this reflects a larger systemic problem in the American criminal justice system. This view is simply not accurate. George Floyd was killed by a moron; not a racist. In fact, there isn't a shred of evidence to support the narrative that George Floyd was killed because the perpetrator was racist; it makes ZERO sense to assume otherwise. When a white person dies at the hands of the police, the general presumption on the part of the public is that there wasn't intent on the part of the officer(s) involved unless there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that there was. By assuming that Floyd was killed because his killer was racist, you are implicitly ascribing a motive, and therefore intent to the officer involved. So that has to lead you to thinking: why are we deviating from the regular framework of assessment? Isn't it arbitrary and nonsensical? Perhaps one of you can provide me with an explanation, but I doubt it.

However some of you may still find the riots justifiable on the grounds that even though there may not be any demonstrable racism in the Floyd case, there is a broader problem of systemic racism in the criminal justice system which needs to be addressed aggressively. This is also not true, and does not appear to be born out in the relevant statistics. For example in police confrontations with perpetrators of violent crimes, 4/10,000 white people are killed, compared to only 3/10,000 African Americans. Obviously, this one statistic is not a good proxy measure of systemic racism in the criminal justice system; I would be stupid to claim otherwise. I am merely showing it to you because I get the sense that many people on this website base their misconception of the police as racist, on the pretense that black people are killed at a far higher rate in police confrontations than white people are per capita. It isn't so. If you still want to assert that there is systemic discrimination in the criminal justice system, the onus is on you. If you're making the positive claim, then be prepared to adduce evidence that can support it. Until I see such evidence, which after conducting a bit of my own research I have not, I have no reason to believe that the criminal justice system is racist.

So now why I don't see a reason for these protests in the first place. There is no evidence that Floyd's killer was racially motivated, and although I am obviously not going to do an extensive statistical analysis on the matter, there is no reason to believe that the criminal justice system is racist on the grounds that it claims more black lives than white. The protests, and the riots are arbitrary. So what are the implications of this? To be honest, I think they're pretty dismal. If you're a supporter of these protests on the grounds highlighted above: that Floyd was killed because of racism, then you will support violent riots in response to LITERALLY any fatal mistake the police make that costs a black person their life. It will happen again. There are hundreds of thousands of black people who commit crimes, and hundreds of thousands of white police officers. Another mistake of this nature is inevitable. If the prevailing logic is always to presume that racism is to blame in such incidents, even in cases like this, where there isn't even evidence supporting the presence of a racist motive, we will never know peace again. All in all, the riots are stupid and evil; they should be condemned as such. There is absolutely no justification for them whatsoever, and I challenge anyone to demonstrate otherwise.

No Floyd's killer is not a racist. It is laughable to suggest that these riots are justified.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    That moron of a cop did not intend to kill that criminal. Regardless of whether that moron of a cop is truly a racist or not, he did not go out to do his duty with the intent to kill anyone. His only error is his excessive use for force. His idiot partners should have assisted him to relieve the pressure on the perp. Those are the facts. Activists blew this way out of proportion.
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    • Floyd is no martyr or angel. He's a felon... a criminal! It's unfortunate and tragic he had lost his life due to recklessness. However, he shouldn't be glorified or honored.

    • @Twinrova: Thanks for the other MHGirl. :)

    • Twinrova

      no prob :) ty for your response

  • Anonymous
    I believe that americans has always been looking for ways to steal and do criminal acts and George Floyd death is best excuse for that.
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  • scarlett774
    Let’s start here he was a racist, he was seen going to kkk meetings and he often wears a hat that says “make America white again” he was obviously racist. If this would have been a white person that person would have been alive. This officer was involved in many shooting and has killed people before base on there race. Racism was the root of how America was built and it has never gone away. People have been peacefully protesting for years and no change has happened. I don’t agree with innocent people getting killed or local businesses being destroyed but let’s not forget that these protest were peaceful from the start and then the police showed up and made it violent for absolutely no reason. Police are being violent towards children for no reason during these protest. These protesters did not make it violent. Also with the looting, it’s not the protesters who are looting, like people are traveling from states away to go steal stuff and and post it in social media. Like Logan Paul who looted a mall for a YouTube video. People are not only protesting for racism but they are also protesting to get rid of police brutality. Did you know that two police officers pushed a black girl off her balcony in Canada and then tried to cover it up and make it a suicide? People are tired of being racially profiled and killed for their skin color. The police is handling this situation horribly and so Is the government. There have been many riots in the past 30 years in America and no one has such opposite views to them Exocet now when the protest is for the justice of Black people, suddenly people care and have a problem with it.
    • Twinrova

      No... the officer is not ther pseron you're talking about. That is a rumor and it has been debunked, my friend.

    • Nope there is a rumor that he maybe was or was not seen at the kkk meeting but there’s many pictures where he wears a “make America white again hat”

    • Twinrova

      It isn't the same person. I'm telling you it is a confirmed rumor , my friend.

  • diamond567
    There has always been racism here in America mostly by the white people when in fact they WERE IMMIGRANTS TOO so that’s something I will never understand. I don’t waste time with the white supremacists or the KKK clan because they are just seriously dumb stupid ignorant idiots who disgust me. This country was founded by immigrants the first people to inhabit this country were not the white people but the Native Americans who were not white colored. I don’t care how much those disgusting white supremacists rant that everyone who’s not white needs to get out of America well they should too because this country wasn’t there’s originally and that’s history it belonged to the Native Americans they were the first people to to inhabit America and that’s facts. I don’t support the violence and looting, but something about the murder of George Floyd needs to be done, this has to stop! And no matter how much you want to put it saying that Derek M. Chauvin wasn’t racist well he was and there is a video proving that he is he literally put his knee on George Floyd for 8 minutes because he was a black man. Derek Chauvin is racist he had precedents of killing Ira Latrell Toles a 21 year old unarmed black man, Leroy Martinez a Alaskan Native American man, and Wayne Reyes a Hispanic man so don’t come saying the man wasn’t racist because he is and I hope he rots in jail gets what he deserves he’s a devil not a human a person who has a heart wouldn’t do monstrosity he did!
  • 007kingifrit
    yup and ironically after all of this we are going to need more tough policing

    these riots just justify the killing of george floyd, he was a monster who put a gun into a pregnant woman's belly once and i have no sympathy for him

    police have tough jobs, they are constantly under threat and i generally start out siding with them. i see more and more data that police are not fundamentally racist or in need of any changes
  • TheLittleInnocent
    People pay a lot of attention to the racism part of it but what I'm concerned with is that an officer of law did something like that and could have almost gotten away with it
    • Twinrova

      But why? Every single relevant official (the mayor of the city), the president, the police chief, all said he should be prosecuted. At no point was there any indication that the officer would get a way with what he did.

    • @Twinrova He tried to get away with it, the first doctor who inspected the body kept insisting that George died because of natural reasons and the officer had nothing to do with it, it's a bunch of funny lies which everyone apparently saw through.
      But that's pretty much it considering an escape from justice.

    • Twinrova

      @Syrian_survivor The coroner spoke about their being no evidence suggesting death by suffocation and instead mentioned that it may have something to do with Floyd's heart condition (he had coronary artery disease). How did the cop try to "get away with it?" If studies came back sugesting you're not responsible for the murder of someone, would you want to be charged for murder? Like what do you want him to do exactly? Should he say, "I don't care what the evidence says, find me guilty for murder!"?

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  • Wealthydentist
    So if he was white you think the same would happen. Omfg
    • Twinrova

      Can you give me any reason to believe otherwise.

    • Twinrova


    • When does this happen to white people? Black people always get treated unfairly. Look at the looting, black/brown people get affected. Even Corona virus is racist and harsher to our brown/black communities.
      I’ve seen other videos in riots where dark skin black people are detained properly on the floor yet a cop is kicking them looking around them to see if anyone is looking. There’s also a more hate that because black people are more intimidating and involved in crime more they deserve harsher treatment. C’mon it’s obvious man.

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  • hellacray
    I thought the same thing. When I first watched the footage.

    My first thought was why did he get arrested in the first place. And apparently it was over using counterfeit money.

    Like you mentioned it doesn't seem to be racial at all. It's just one stupid cop abusing his power. Who knows he might have done something similar to white people.

    So yeah the riots are definitely not justified. I mean it makes no sense you're destroying more lives than you are helping.

    If you want to protest that's fine, but when you start destroying other peoples property and forcibly involving those that don't want to be part of it then that's when I have a huge problem and it pisses me off.
  • masonderek6994
    Floyd's killer it's definatly a racist fucking pig. Any color can be racist and any color cab be the victim of racism
  • DudeII
    I’m wondering, if you stick you tongue in a light socket and it kills you is it the light sockets at fault?