Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Do Black Lives Really Matter?

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Of course Black lives matter.
Conservative policies, values, and principles have demonstrated over the decades deep concern and compassion for black lives, black futures, black upward mobility and black educational progress. Meanwhile, liberal Democrat Progressive policies, put in practice in Democrat-controlled cities across America and the national education system from K through graduate school, have created, nurtured, and empowered the most devastatingly racist outcomes in the past century for black Americans.

Why should conservative Republicans take a back-seat to the failed progressive leftists, on these issues, who have allowed decades of squalor and urban decay from Baltimore to Detroit to Chicago to Los Angeles, while enjoying one-party domination and control? Make no mistake about it. Left-wing Democrats have had free reign with completely unencumbered power to institute any policy they've wanted in every major city in America since the late 1960's. Look at the state of African-Americans in those cities today. This is the moment for conservatives to stand up and be heard and why black voters should give them a chance.

Black education matters. That's why conservatives decry the failed government-run schools that have devastated opportunities and futures for black Americans for over fifty years. It is far harder to fire a lousy teacher with tenure in a government-run school than to fire a corrupt, ineffective cop who abuses his authority because of internal protections and labor agreements? If black Americans think we have "systemic racism" in our government, why on earth do they want to hand their children over to that same government and entrust them with their education? Perhaps we should defund government-controlled schools and allow black Americans to use their tax dollars to choose a better school for their children.

Black churches matter. That's why conservatives are in favor of empowering black churches and faith-based communities to have private-public programs to tackle societal dilemmas like drug addiction, homelessness and domestic violence. It is true that law enforcement officers should not be the first responders for issues that involve cultural decay and mental health concerns. Criminalizing addiction and schizophrenia was not a construct of conservatives. It was a construct of the political philosophy that holds that all of society's ills can be remedied with another new government program and bureaucracy.

If Black Americans think there is "systemic racism" in our government, why on earth do they want to create more government-controlled social programs and community centers and feel-good initiatives? Black lives DO matter. Defund government-run social programs, run by ineffective Democrat bureaucrats and reinvest those tax dollars into black churches, faith-based programs, and mental health facilities that have shown to make a real and significant difference for homelessness, addiction, and domestic abuse.

Black jobs matter. That's why conservatives want to throw off the shackles of taxation and regulation, where Black entrepreneurs can thrive. Black Americans, whether they wear a blue-collar to work or a white-collar, should keep their hard-earned money so they can spend it on the things that improve their lives and their children's futures. It's not a coincidence that the economic decay in America's largest cities coincides with the highest tax rates in the country. Black Americans want a bigger paycheck, just like everyone else and not have their money disappear down a corrupt rabbit hole. If Black Americans think we have "systemic racism" in our government, why on earth do they continue to empower big city Democrat governments to confiscate more and more of their hard-earned wages and wealth? No WONDER they feel they see White Supremacy. But they continue to elect it. Defund the tax-collecting apparatus in America so that Black Americans can keep and spend their money on improving their lives rather than building a bigger government that will keep them poor, hopeless and dependent.

Black families matter. That's why conservatives decry the culture of abortion and fatherless families that have grown exponentially in African-American communities and are the consequence of progressive Democrat programs since the 60's. If progressive Democrats value black lives, why are they so eager to fund and promote abortion as a means of birth control? Abortion has devastated the black family. The modern abortion movement in America was invented by Margaret Sanger, a racist eugenicist who is seen as a hero by the same radical leftists who march for black lives while marching for the killing of black unborn babies. At present, 40% of Black babies are aborted. In some cities that is more than 60%. If Black Americans think there is "systemic racism" in our government, why on earth do they support that same government to kill more and more unborn Black babies and encourage welfare programs that replace Black fathers in the home with that systemically racist government's money? Defund Planned Parenthood and welfare programs that incentivize families to be fatherless.

Leftist Democrats will tell us that "Black Lives Matter" is about systemic racism in the criminal justice system and police departments need to be defunded and reimagined. Nobody can deny that law enforcement is capable of abusing their power and behaving as though it is above the law. If you've followed the so-called "Obama-gate" saga and the corruption at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and FBI you'd have to agree that James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Loretta Lynch abused their power, infringed on American's civil rights and railroaded Gen. Michael Flynn with false charges, bullying, and intimidation. The last Republican that tried that, Richard Nixon, resigned in disgrace.

If the FBI and the Obama White House can be so corrupt and abuse their power so easily without any hint of criminal repercussion (so far), then why is it so hard to believe police officers, in corrupt Democrat-controlled cities, would do the same? Power and authority can corrupt. Government players from the beat cop, to the clerk at the DMV, to the IRS auditor, to a school teacher, to the FBI director to the president of the United States are capable of abusing their power. All government authority figures must be held accountable for their actions and face the same criminal repercussions we commoners would face.

We just don't buy into the solution promoted by the radical leftists that have controlled the governments, schools and our culture for more than 50 years, that have contributed to the problems Black Americans face in their communities. It's time to try something else. And what do Black Americans have to lose? The solution to a systemically corrupt government, whether it is corrupt due to racism or due to the kind of abuse of power we've seen throughout world history, when a government has control over its citizens, is not to implement more government programs and bloated bureaucracies that are doomed to fail the communities the Left has been promising to help for half a century.

Every white, liberal politician from Joe Biden to Nancy Pelosi to the Cuomo Crime Family has been promising black Americans that if they could just have more money and more control they'll be able to fix everything. In Baltimore, New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Minneapolis and dozens of other cities, they've had their way and have given us the mess we are in now. How's it working out? The solution is to defund the ineffective, neglectful, and power-hungry government at all levels and empower the individual with their own freedom and their own money to live their lives and make their choices unencumbered by the all-powerful fist of the state.

Black lives matter. It is said that when you keep doing the same things and they keep failing, that's insane. How about we try something else, if for no other reason, for the sakes of variety and sanity?

Do Black Lives Really Matter?
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  • Anonymous
    I agree well said.!
    Is this still revelant?

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  • glock33sig357
    Black Lives Matter !!
    #1. But not to Caucasians who will never experience what a day looks for us.
    #2. And not for those of us who are willing to trade progression of the group for profit or position.
  • Rebeccalions
    not going to read all this, but of course black lives matter. The problem with the movement is that when viewers see black people looting stores, setting things on fire, vandalizing and burning books, they see it as a violent radical group and if this group is supposed to represent ALL black people, then the movement is only perpetuating racism and not ending it
    • I somehow remember caucasians doing the same in Greenwood Tulsa, at a baseball game, a hockey game and other lame ass events and exactly what was they prepetuating wholesome family values? Please explain.

  • BoountyHunter
    I think many liberals have lost the message today

    but to be honest
    conservatives have rarely ever had the right message to begin with
    • When have conservatives EVER has the wrong message about race. I have no doubt you evidence. A baseless, vacant statement won't wash.

    • Well lets see
      Southern Democrats and Conservative Republicans who were part of the "Conservative Coalition" that largely denounced the Civil Rights Bill of 1964
      Southern Democrats that supported pushed Segregation oriented polices in the American South
      ^ this was a normal aspect of Southern politics until the "Republican Revolution" in the 1990s when the Southern Democrats were largely overtaken by the Republican Party

      This is why TODAY, Southern States (and Southern Whites) are mostly Republican backers
      when throughout most of History, they were Democrats
      ^ Southern Democrats, and the Democratic Conservative movement doesn't exist today
      being that Liberal Democrats have consistently been taking control over the party since the day of FDR.

      The Confederacy itself was built upon Conservative policies
      It was the Liberal elements of the Republican Party that led to the Abolitionists

      Which is confusing to most people today
      because we often think of Republicans are Conservative and Democrats as Liberal
      but during the late 1800s and early 1900s, both parties has Conservative and Liberal movements

      it wasn't until much later that both Parties actually became more static in their positions.
      also take into consideration organizations like the Neo Nazis and KKK are Far Right (Extreme on the Conservative scale) in their positions.
      These are very well known examples of Conservative racism

    • "Southern Democrats and Conservative Republicans who were part of the "Conservative Coalition" that largely denounced the Civil Rights Bill of 1964"
      *But it was Republicans that got it passed. We aren't angels, but some of us are.
      "Southern Democrats were largely overtaken by the Republican Party"
      *In what way? Another vacant statement.

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  • BillieJean1070
    I'm sick of all the shit that's going on in America!
  • -Low revenue from property taxes, not government inefficiency is why black education is so poor. Having a single pool that property taxes go into that is distributed equally to each school (relative to their student population size) would remedy this problem.
    -Sex education (which conservatives and churches oppose) prevents unwanted pregnancies, abortions and fatherless childhoods.
    -A stronger social safety net allows for greater economic mobility.What a pathetic attempt to shift blame.
    • Then you give your paycheck to them

    • @Blondegirl1214
      1. First, reimburse my taxes.
      2. Rissyanne is that you LOL?

    • I don’t know who that is. But you are getting good at telling people how to spend their money

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  • lolcraft
    Call me crazy but I don't agree that black lives matter.

    Black life's matter. That's a distinction that is more than semantics.
  • OpenNudist
    Every Single Human Life Matters Beginning And End Of It!
  • not329446
    No life really matters.
    End of the day, dead or alive, you are just a $ on someones tally sheet.
  • MountAverage
    Nice try.
  • Blondegirl1214
    Only if a non black person harms them.
    • Mrsao

      What's that mean

    • @Mrsao It mean's that she has her head stuck in the Anti-SJW shit hole and ascribes any conceived discrepancy in the popular response to an event to contrived leftist hypocrisy.

    • @Ad_Quid_Orator tell me why doesn’t liberals address black on black crime?

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  • standingUP
  • Anonymous
    yes all lives matter
    • Except white men.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone means everyone. All lives matter except ET the Alien