Girls more than guys are more free market capitalist individuals


Hear me out. I know it's the reverse in terms of economics and wealth, but in terms of body and dating, they're like- too bad nice guy. The wealth of sex is not distributed.

Girls more than guys are more free market capitalist individuals

I don't know why people don't see this connection. Many guys want sexual socialism or welfare- and when I say sexual, I mean romantic and intimate primarily. The idea one guy gets five girls and 4 guys get zero is ridiculous to them because the guys are the more socialist or at least feel they deserve subsidy or support, a level playing field.

Women are the ones that are totally fine with the unequal distribution. Women are more capitalist and want to be free of government or social interference. Her body her choice. They think such things would be wrong and repressive.

So why the f does everything flip flop when we talk about wealth and income and jobs and so on? Is love life any less important of an issue? I bet people start imagining starving children emaciated on the streets and death death death and poverty but that's more just something that happens between the brain synapses.

Both women and men in general know what it's like to be capitalist and socialist just in different key areas. Me, I'm like most people, wanting a balance to achieve good end results. Of course everyone's selfish, and they should be, because it's how we stay grounded, but let's not question each others' morality in the process of arguing. It's not a moral argument. Women are business like. Women are more business like, where relationships are concerned. They are more shark like than men in the bedroom, if men are in the board room. They are ruthless capitalists, and that's fine. So I am just against trying to one sidedly fuck with the system through politics. There is so much politicians and their voters should just stay the fuck out of. I want people to think about that- that women are ruthless capitalists and men are generally the complainers about inequality- but only as far as the bedroom is concerned.

Girls more than guys are more free market capitalist individuals
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  • YungWarthog
    I see you point but if you think that sex should be socialized I'm really worried about you. We can't force people to distribute sex equally. That's so gross and oppressive. That's just as bad as those cringey Muslim countries that have state mandated chastity and arranged marriage. We cannot go down that road.
    • yrdady

      No it was more like we shouldn't have so many women be so pro socialist like they can just take the fruits of man's labor willy nilly, particularly as it's the thing that gives him a life that gives him attractiveness. And they shouldn't think it's moral to take from a man or female worker and redistribute. It's self serving and I hate serving shit that occurs via politics and I hate lack of self awareness.

  • 6suejsjsj
    Are you dumb? Of course the advantaged group likes their benefits that has zero to do with capitalism.
  • jb2622
    It's true but men control commitment.

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