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Prepare to cry and wish you were a better person.


Sometimes in life we get so caught up in what would make our first world lives even more amazing. We want wealth and food and happiness and love for ourselves, and then once we're satisfied we just sit and do nothing. Esmerelda's song is full ironic imagery, but the best part is when she stands in the light of the rose window, a priceless work of historical art, and the beauty of her compassionate heart makes you just hate that the window even exists and that people give it so much importance.

Not all heroes wear capes. Nothing i can say can add to what this scene conveys.

I'm as guilty as the rest of you. I don't love my fellow humans as much as I should. Lets all do better ok?

Prepare to cry and wish you were a better person.
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  • AlexUnleashed
    Thanks I really love this post. Remembered when I almost died crying from watching Schindlers the first time.
    Like right now I'm super alone and finding it hard to relate to my surroundings. But that's not because of egoism, but because of a lack of self-pursuit. I'm sure. The weak and compassionate seem to rot on low energy levels. Maybe I'm dark, but it's my reality right now. Convince me otherwise please 😢
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    • But I'm happy already. I don't need a phishing link for that

  • Emanon_18
    There’s always good things hidden inside ourselves
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  • Kaneki05
    "Why cry when angels deserve to die" I don't have faith in humanity so this is my response. And logically there is no reason to love humans. But sadly i have emotions for people i like or love lol.
  • jshm2
    You're confused.

    Both are shams and you are a better person than either.

    The problem with Hollywood and Disney is that they built an unrealistic and rose tinted ideal of situations, add lots of syrup to it, and carve out the reality.

    Esmeralda's song while speaking out against racism and discrimination, cuts a rather different message in the dark passions and sympathy for taboo relationships the film heightens.

    Schindler, for his part, was basically a people trafficker and made a profit from his victims. He didn't do what he did out of good intentions, it was just unintended good that came out of it. Though a lot of what actually happened is still not known to the public.
  • Edanurus
    Ironically this just made me remember what a fool I was to not be more selfish in the past.
  • Browneye57
    You wanted a race war, a civil war, you got it.
    • What the fuck are you talking about?

    • Browneye57

      What the fuck are YOU talking about?

    • Did you even my mytake? It has absolutely nothing to do with race or civil war. Are you just insane or what?

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