Let's all trash the planet and bring on the apocalypse!


Feast on as much meat as you like!

Gorge yourself on a wild-caught seafood mukbang or have a large platter of beef steak every day! Who cares if the environment is polluted or if anthropogenic climate change is under way? Who cares if tons and tons of perfectly edible meats are discarded just because they reach their best-by dates? Let's all eat a ton of meat and waste a whole lot more!

A mukbang feast, yum!
A mukbang feast, yum!

Destroy all the forests!

Destroy all the rainforests and deciduous forests! Kill all those conifers! Die, die, die! Make way for human civilization to advance!

The Amazon Rainforest should be completely deforested for the benefit of the capitalists!
The Amazon Rainforest should be completely deforested for the benefit of the capitalists!

Kill all the fish in the ocean!

By 2050, the world's oceans are predicted to be empty of fish. But who cares? Fish tastes good, and they are "healthy" for you. So, you should eat as much as possible and encourage others to eat as much as possible. Just eat as much fish as you want, until you destroy marine life globally! Muhahahaha!

Who doesnt like some wild-caught, nutritious fish?
Who doesn't like some wild-caught, nutritious fish?

Pollute the air with greenhouse gases and other pollutants!

Humans should breathe polluted air, because they will suffocate and die. The more pollution, the better. Pumping out greenhouse gases (animal agriculture industry, automotive industry, food waste, fossil fuels) regularly will ensure global climate change and anthropogenic mass extinction.

We have already seen zoonotic diseases rising in Africa and China because of animal habitat encroachment and related zoonotic diseases. The next big pandemic may just be within the United States of America, started from a handful of workers in the animal agriculture industry, killing millions more people and putting the economy into a Second Depression. The more people killed, the better. Humans deserve the consequences they've caused.

Bring on the apocalypse, baby!

Let's all trash the planet and bring on the apocalypse!
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  • Wewladdy
    Fuck off schizo.

    I'm on a high meat/protein diet, drive a v8 mustang, shoot regularly. I have my AC on at the moment, body's optimal temp for sleep is 68 or so, I've found.
    Guess what? I put my own health before anti human agendas. Sorry kid. It's just how it be. Please do feel free to get triggered over me living a lifestyle I've worked for. And God, please, do go ahead and get triggered that most people aren't stupid enough to believe all of what you wrote.
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  • allenwants2
    Excuse me but when you plan your day does another living soul cross your mind maybe what they might need does any of this hold on let me cut the crap and tell you how I feel about your post that could very well effect me. i love trees when it gets hotter to sit in the shade I hope it not the kind of person that throws all there trash out the wind
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Most Helpful Girls

  • scarlett774
    I agree with all your points but the meat one (coming from someone who’s vegan). Yes people do tend to over eat and abuse meat. But also take into consideration that cows, pigs, chickens etc. are in shampoos, crayons, chemicals, and sooo many more products that you don’t even know. So yeah I agree most of what you states are huge climate change issues that could be irreversible in the next 7 years so we should definitely try to do something to change it !
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  • I wanna believe we will be okay and be positive but im seeing strange things happen.
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  • AdithyaR
    I don't know how but you made conserving seem cringey.
    Please just sit down and let the ones who are serious about sustainable environment preservation do the actual work.

    It is true that the planet is in danger and needs a lot of work, what you're doing isn't helping, if anything it's making things worse by making people lose respect for the movement.
  • hornyafbi69
    Let's "go green" and fuck up unesco historic natural reserves from all the mining and within a few years having more waste than the plastic waste already everywhere
  • captain_voidwalker
    Meat is murder, and murder is delicious. Lol greenhouse gasses. The only gas thats making the earth hotter is hydrogen gas. Lots of it, I mean massive amounts of hydrogen, in the middle of our solar system
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    Well, the thing is donkey, those are the ways of an ogre. None of the deforestation, or fish stuff. But the gorge thing and Sara Lee cheescake, yes. (This is just a joke, I don't like cheesecake at all, and... Behold, sounds of sexy ogre.https://www.youtube.com/embed/YLnutZT9KFA
  • allaboutyou2
    Your only coherent point was destroying the forest and vegetation.
    Eating meat, fish and any other renewable resources is exactly what they were created for. To object is overreacting.
  • havingfun101
    "Meat dunnit!" ... How're you mad at one of the three food groups: soup, salad & steak?Let's all trash the planet and bring on the apocalypse!
  • Tamera952
    Yeah, no, I don't think so -- You must be a fatalist Rupubli-tard operative
  • jamesgoldman
    Could we just nuke things to hurry things alongLet's all trash the planet and bring on the apocalypse!
  • Hydrogen
    Another cringy Greta Thunberg wannabe. Get your SJW ass out of here.
    • Wewladdy

      Posts like these are fucking hilarious. To think people like this *actually* exist is both appalling and humorous.

    • Hydrogen

      Probably her boyfriend dumped her so she's turned to climate change topics now lmao

  • 007kingifrit
    now this sounds like a girl who would be willing to give a rimjob on the first date. i need this in my life
  • Conspiracy_Theorist
    Pollution and global warming has never existed change my mind.
  • Vote Republican! Be a money-grubbing ignorant cunt!
  • peedy
    I could go for steak right now with a side order if beacon
    • Beacon...🤔

    • peedy

      Im going to give you the benefit of doubt and say you know what I'm talking about even though my phone does not and likes to change what I write to what it thinks I'm writing
      Oh by the way we all love the good work you and other grammar police out there always pointing out out mistakes, well done bravo

    • [Tackles You]

  • DiversityHire
    Sounds good to me. I'm going to go dump my barrel of waste oil all over my yard.
  • michael1469
    Trump is president... thr apocalypse is already here.
  • SexyAshh
    Okay antifa
  • Sounds good to me
  • memer2020
    time to scorch the earth
  • Anonymous
    K. Ill do all that. Sounds fun. :)