The World Will Explode If You Don't Read This!

We are anonymous. We are infinite. Expect us. We do not forgive. We do not... MOM GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!

Hey guys! It's me! Connor! You know me. I'm the ugly red headed egalitarian bigot who's always ranting and raving about how messed up the world is and how I want it to blow up!

The World Will Explode If You Don't Read This!


BOOOOM!!! My every dream come true right there


So one thing I hear a lot of people saying to me is "who are you?" and things that are more entertaining like "stupid bleeding left" to which I reply "stupid toupee worshiper" and then I chuckle to myself before receiving death threats for mentioning everyone's favourite wall hugging racist.

The World Will Explode If You Don't Read This!

Now to describe who I am entails a lot of things. I've been here on the internet for a long time and I like to think I've made quite the name for myself through making music on YouTube, Vlogs on YouTube, and gaming videos on YouTube. I also like to think I've made myself a little bit of a name on #GirlsAskGuys as well. I write an article here and there when I have an idea for one. Recently I've been stepping down from my anti-SJW bigotry and decided to take a more lax approach to the GAG community. Honestly lately all I can think about is politics though.

When people accuse me of being left wing or being right wing it frustrates me. Though I vote and I keep up to date with most recent political news in my country I'm not on one side or the other. Personally, I'm in the middle of everything. Thus I am effectively alienated from both sides giving me a rather unique perspective on local, international, and national politics. Frankly, I don't want to see either of the presidential candidates become president. I think both of them are gonna start World War III. Trump may cause it faster than Hilary but Trump will cause a race war. Hilary is gonna cause Nuclear Armageddon.

There's this little rule in politics called Mutually Assured Destruction. Which basically means, "You blow me up, I blow you up" so if the US fires nukes at say China, China is within full reason to fire them back, then that would cause China's allies to fire nukes at America's allies which means me and I don't want that. I like my skin on my bones thank you. Not melting into a Connor puddle on the floor.

The World Will Explode If You Don't Read This!

Lately there's a lot of people being dicks about there political views. Now personally I'm always down for some good dicking. But this is new dick. I want good old dick. I don't want bad new dick. Give me the dick I know! Give me the dick I love!

The World Will Explode If You Don't Read This!

Now I think both Trump and Hilary are garbage. So let's start the #JarheadforPrez campaign and maybe I can assimilate America into my ways of malt liquor, bag milk, and maple syrup! Let's all drink rum!

Seriously though, I just wanted to write something to make you all giggle. Get a few jokes in there and give everyone a good laugh to get through their Thursday and the following weeks while talking about some issues. If you guys want to take a look at my latest vlog and listen to me ramble for 28 minutes about how stupid I find Feminists and MRAs then scroll down here and there will be a video.

I now leave you with one final thought...

*clears throat*

The World Will Explode If You Don't Read This!



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Most Helpful Girl

  • Ironically, the whole point of MAD (mutually assured destruction) is that it PREVENTS conflict from breaking out.

    The basic idea is:
    If a war starts, BOTH sides will be annihilated.
    Each side understands this -- so, neither side will actually start a war.
    (Neither side will ever disarm, either.)

    It's not a perfect theory -- for instance, it assumes that the ability to retaliate won't be destroyed by the first strike -- but, yeah. The whole point of MAD is the opposite of how you're using it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think you're hoping for MAD a much too much.. The good ol dick is gone lol. fortunately you have more options of bad dick.

    • I'm not sure if you got it but it was a reference to an Adult Swim cartoon. I laughed for like 10 minute when I heard it for the first time. But you ARE right. Plenty of bad dick out there and not much good dick.

    • I don't think you got the reference that I didn't get that pointed to the reference that I made, which I think neither of us got.. I stopped paying attention to Adult Swim like 5 or 6 years ago :( It was becoming limp dick, which is worse than any lol. Oh yeah, i forgot to watch your video. Send me a follow here and I'll watch and comment!

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