Think of the positive side of the COVID-19 pandemic!


If you are still staying at home, unemployed, and reading this, then your head may already be filled with so many negative thoughts. When can I safely go back to work? How am I going to find another job that will pay the bills during this pandemic and economic recession/depression? How am I going to feed myself? Are my family and friends okay?

But hey, look on the positive side! The COVID-19 pandemic has already brought numerous changes to the global society.

Show Your Positivity!
Show Your Positivity!

Public Health Awareness

Asian countries, despite being so close to China, seem to have managed the pandemic fairly well. People tend to look out for each other and don't want to get each other sick. Wearing face masks in Asia isn't unusual, even before the pandemic. What makes this pandemic different is the scale. This pandemic has forced Western nations to go into lock-downs and increase public health awareness among the populace.

Keep your distance!
Keep your distance!

Emergency Preparedness

During the pandemic's early days, there was a supply shortage in supermarkets and retail stores. Totally unprepared people went to the market all at once and waited in long lines, and they all wanted to stockpile on supplies - including toilet paper, food and guns. Well, this just shows to you that it is important to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse (aka natural/man-made disaster).

If you are not prepared to survive through a disaster, then you can always prepare yourself to die and rest in peace forever.

Toilet paper power!
Toilet paper power!

Environmental Protection

Hopefully, this pandemic has brought enough awareness for environmental protection. If we don't protect the environment, then the world's oceans will become de-populated, leading to human starvation (as many humans depend on fishing as an occupation), the land will become de-forested for agriculture and human development, finishing the mass extinction that we are currently in, the air will be filled with pollution and greenhouse gases, warming the planet up, and massive pandemics.

Animal agriculture is unsustainable!
Animal agriculture is unsustainable!

Universal Basic Income and Social Welfare

As soon as the state governments mandated lock-downs, employers held onto employees on the payroll for little/no pay or laid off them. Without a paycheck or a job, people struggled to pay for the bills and rent/mortgage. Tens of millions of people filed for unemployment benefits. The US unemployment benefits are not equipped to handle a massive pandemic, with such a huge unemployment rate. What the USA needs is better social welfare for its citizens, perhaps experimenting with Universal Basic Income.

If every single legal adult citizen of the USA receives $2,500 a month ($30,000 a year) as a Universal Basic Income check funded by a robot tax or a wealth tax, then that can raise the minimum standard of living. The poor average Joe may be able to afford the basic necessities, and middle-class and rich may have more assets to re-start the economy. The UBI may just be temporary, only to serve the needs in the post-pandemic world; when the economy recovers to pre-pandemic conditions, the UBI may be removed.

Universal basic income - will it work?
Universal basic income - will it work?
Think of the positive side of the COVID-19 pandemic!
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  • glock33sig357
    It separates those who are logical from the illogical thinkers, we can see who are truly racist in society and how the injustices people of African decent have faced for centuries are now being shown to the world and it still it goes on. The using of a pandemic to gain political points against each other without consideration to the millions that died and are going to die and it shows that the rich will take advantage of the measures put in place to assist the poor & the small businesses and leave nothing for their survival.
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  • najekim
    The best thing is I'm working from home. But I'm still putting 50-60 hours a week for work. At least I can have a smoke while working (Yah!) and a beer every once in a while.
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  • zeitgeist057
    Application of current technology. Things like ZOOM and Skype; the technology was there, but underutilized.

    How many jobs can be done remotely, saving fossil fuels, commute time, and improving efficiency and the work-life balance (think of the thousands of commute hours that are now put to either personal or business use!)
  • not329446
    I'm not saying it's bad but your idea of positive is little more than a dream. We live in a capitalistic society which covid will not change. Covid does little more than offer opportunity for the rich to exploit pain and suffering for profit.
    • Anonymous

      In that case, start a revolution! Overturn the capitalistic structure, and create a socialist oasis!

    • not329446

      Neither is appealing that's like deciding Trump or Biden

  • 1) There is nothing positive about Universal Socialist income. It destroys the economy. It runs up more debt. Puts the country in a bigger hole. It has been tried by Russia and it failed.

    2) We don't know how many people really died in Asia. Especially China , based on population , probably 2 million at least died because they were trying to hide the information. They didn't want world to know they were making biological weapons. China doesn't test as many. They don't use autopsies like US. If you are a farmer and die , they just kick you off side of a mountain, or throw you in unmarked hole somewhere.

    3) Only a young female that thinks she is smart with no life experience and no facts on history would think this.

    4) Only good thing about the lies and Covid is it will take pressures off social security short falls for awhile ,, since 99% of those that do die are receiving social security payments. And these people were mostly Democrats and Biden supporters. Now Trump can win easier. This is why Democrats want to cheat.
  • ahmadali01
    As the coronavirus pandemic continues its deadly path, dramatic changes in how people live are reducing some instances of other medical problems. Bryn Nelson writes that the irony may hold valuable lessons for public health
  • monkeynutts
    I think the slowing down may have a calculated change in the environment, water and air pollution being the most obvious. Personally I have enjoyed the extra time, and excuse to take off work. It would be better if I had someone maybe a lovely lady to spend some time with.
  • Angelo75
    I can work from home.
    See my wife the whole day.
    I get WAY more stuff finished (working from home).
    No more time-wasting travelling.
    When I finally get in the car, it is mostly to do something that I AM INTERESTED in, instead of dealing with traffic jam... just to get to work.
    I can be way more pickier to who i give attention, since you tend to only get in contact and give attention to people you are really interested in you.
    Also the other way around, when you get contact from others, you mainly get contacted from people who really care. And colleagues for work ofcourse.
    But it easily filters the fake ones out.
  • Alwayreckles93
    Well here in Canada I am working on a normal schedule as long as I am wearing my face mask and carry my own germX. I can make good fashion statements and combinations with so many face mask options.
  • havingfun101
    No UBI will be had, ya filthy commie!
    Evidence from the negative income tax experiment strongly suggests that a comprehensive universal basic income program would significantly reduce work and increase dependency.
  • Meatunnel69
    I have dry flaky skin unkempt nose hairs and a weak incel chin. My teeth are rotting out due to not going to the dentist so my breath smells just like my shit.

    Wearing a mask solves all of these problems
    • Do you ever lift, bro?

    • @havingfun101 I do Kegels

    • Everyone does kegels. How about... you know, workouts? Lots of women are fat with bad genes and yuck mouth. Get right or get left my guy.

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  • Lynx122
    This year has been one of the best ever for me personally but thanks :)
  • SavageGirl101
    I can sleep all day now without being bothered I love this quaritine 🙈
  • i guess the positive side is that before covid, i had to go to the doctor to get paid sick leave from health ensurance. now i get free health leave when even just someone at work calls in sick xD
  • joeldalton
    The only positive is that the governments are starting to overplay their hands, and regular people are starting to see that their authoritarian rules are nonsense.
    • joeldalton

      @Ad_Quid_Orator see what happens if Biden does get elected and tries another lockdown or national mask mandate. I know you’ll drop to a knee, but the rest of us don’t go that way.

      Don’t you have some rodent masks to make?

    • Nope, because of the way their nasal cavity is shaped they're more resilient as is.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    You forgot one: critical awareness growing of the magnitude of centralist corruption.
  • Darcia
    It has affected students and young adults with psychological disorders. All the work they put into coping and the skills built up to live has been strangled out and hung.

    As I work with many different people their experiences are the same. They aren’t able to communicate they feel this isolation is a slap in the face.

    It’s difficult to gain the sense what is lost and what you can do moving forward. These individuals just want a chance at life being independent and having a sense of their own.

    But as many of my colleagues and departments have shared is that isolation is not good for someone who struggles with mental illness and the disabilities that come along for the ride.

    Yeah sure there are positives but it is affected in different groups unproportionately.
  • mrgspoter
    But you say all that and nothing is really changed or been done just knowing it don't mean a thing so nothing good had come from covid only knowing how little government or people actually give a shit.
  • hornyafbi69
    Positive side like how if your under the age of fourty no pre existing conditions then you're chances of it being fatal are.0056% or if you live with your family and test positive your family is positive as well without a test, they don't ever say if the "cases" are actually cases not antibodies. Or that 97% of deaths were in nursing homes, the never say if it's a death from covid-19 or with it, I'm in Florida someone literally got hit on a motorcycle guess who died of covid-19? Durning the "worst" parts where everyone had it even a suicide could be thrown in as a covid-19 death
  • Red_Arrow
    Public health awareness. Many people are aware and follow guidelines. Many do not, adhering I rallies and the like, picking up Corona virus then taking it away and spreading it to those who are honestly doing their best to stop the spread.
    Environmental concerns? Trump has already rolled many far back and is looking to destroy other regulations.
    Any other president would have fought to protect us and make things better during this pandemic. Trump uses it to increase his wealth at our expense.
    Not so positive, is it?
  • Faheem_akhoon
    The best positive effect , was that i was able to work on my core , which wasn't very far for me if it wasn't covid, also i learned coding , language skills.
  • Wewladdy
    This entire post is bullshit. Stopped reading at the universal check idea. Get a damn job. I'm not working for you.
  • captain_voidwalker
    Ubi worked out great for Venezuela. Man people like you make me glad I own more guns than an army base
  • MannMitAntworten
    Empty freeways... while it lasted. I already miss the lack of traffic.
  • JesseCraft07
    There's nothing positive about covid, people are dying and I haven't seen my friends in months also I've been inside for 6 months. Nothing can make this situation more positive
  • Gedaria
    When you consider the worst is over. We have got to know what it can do how to avoid it. And soon there will be an effective vaccine.
  • Twalli
    I can only see the first two as possible. Unlikely, considering Vegas and Pearland did norlt lead to a discussion about gun control, but possible.
  • sensible27
    I don't understand ubi, I'm not sure where the money would come from or is coming from.
  • Jltakk
    It woke people to the very harsh reality of what PROC has done to the whole planet in a span of decades. That's a positive.
  • CuriousMufuxka
    Hey those people in the free stuff line aren't social distancing!
  • chapawapa
    Don't have to see people.
  • iseekpinetrees
    Itll be over in at least 5 years like the plague.
    • It won't last 5 years, science is actually good now. I give it 2 years max, we will have a vaccine then covid will be no more

    • U realize the plague still exists right? It never went away just lessoned

  • lpoots
    there will be less humans to screw the planet
  • Rangers
    There is none, this is the apocalypse
  • OceanMelon
    The memes
  • KingChris08
    There is nothing that is positive about it tbh
  • Tim-loves-it
    ONLY thing is Los Angeles cleared its smog
  • Anonymous
    Yes, no kissing with anyone, no hugging, no handshaking, no visiting. And this thanks to chinese people. God bless the Chinese. Yes Chinese, I love you all so much. 😘
  • Anonymous
    Lots of free time as well
  • Anonymous
    fuck where do I even start goddamnit you are so stupid. Do you want to learn? I actually want to help you

    you can't raise the standard of living with universal basic income WHERE DO YOU THINK THE MONEY COMES FROM you are the kind of person that doesn't think things through very much yeah?
  • Anonymous
    Well since Trump supports are to stjpid to wear them, natural selection will rid the world of their stupidity.