Concerns About Marijuana Decriminalization


Here are two concerns I have about decriminalizing marijuana after reading article about House passing federal legislation decriminalizing marijuana.

1. Uneven Easing

In the article "The unintended consequences of marijuana decriminalization" written by Nikolay Anguelov, he cited study done by ACLU concluding that minority youth are disproportionately found guilty of marijuana charges to explain how decriminalizing marijuana have indirect impact on American youths. I find his article concerning because policy makers who advocated for marijuana decriminalization could result in worsening racial problems in juvenile justice.

Potential Consequence of Marijuana Decriminalization
Potential Consequence of Marijuana Decriminalization

2. Increased Car Accidents Caused by Impaired-Driving

In the article "The case against legalization and decriminalization of marijuana" written by Kyle Reynolds, he explained that marijuana is most frequently discovered drug in the blood of automobile drivers by citing the article "Does Marijuana Use Affect Driving?". I believe that another potential repercussion of decriminalizing marijuana is increasing number of car accidents because it hinders drivers' judgement.

Car Accident Caused by Driver Impaired from Marijuana Use
Car Accident Caused by Driver Impaired from Marijuana Use

Concerns About Marijuana Decriminalization
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  • Not_Average
    2. Increased Car Accidents Caused by Impaired-Driving

    I'm a former sheriffs deputy, and I can't tell you how many car accidents I've seen because of this. People think that you can't drink and drive, but can drive faded in a safe way. When you're faded, your reaction times are drastically slowed down. It's incredibly dangerous. Also, we don't need a breathalyzer to arrest you which is another misconception. If you want to light up at home, go for it, but don't behind the damn wheel.
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  • The_Inquisitor
    I keep away from it, I hate the smell.
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  • BedheadGreg
    We allow all alcohol so weed should be legal. Weed at least has some medicinal property.

    Alcohol does not.

    More people die from alcohol poisoning and drunk driving than weed driving.

    Ban alcohol and cigarettes if you really care about health concerns.

    See what those big company do
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  • DarthBlackblade
    I would have thought that the federal government would have learned from the first time they banned a substance (alcohol). The bootleggers were there to supply a need.

    Today you have the cartels functioning much like the mob did during Prohibition.
  • Kaazsz
    Freedom is never justified. Freedom is always bad. But we know that when you take people’s freedoms away, you create a worse situation than you had when you were controlling people’s actions.
  • codyccc
    Marijuana reduces your risk tolerance alcohol increases your risk tolerance so well obviously you should drive high its less dangerous than drunk driving
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  • mich15smith
    1. by decriminalizing it wouldn't the police not be able to arrest them? 2. Alcohol is legal and impares driving/judgement more than weed does.
    • They tried outlawing alcohol it failed miserably

    • @The_Inquisitor decriminalizing doesn't mean that we are making it illegal, it means the opposite.

    • No I was saying in reference to alcohol being legal but weed not, Alcohol was illegal for a time but they failed to keep it so.

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  • bulletbob555
    The only problem I found about driving is wondering and having to remember where I'm going. I don't think its an issue. Have to say I'm not familiar with the edibles concentrates on legal states
  • 007kingifrit
    0.5% of caffeine users are addicted, 30% of marajuana users are addicted, yea its a huge problem
  • OddBeMe
    What are the rate of deaths in car accidents involving marijuana?
    • That's a good question. I would have to research online to answer your question.

    • OddBeMe

      Seems like that would be a good barometer of whether mj or alcohol is more important to worry about. I think drunk driving is at about 10,000 deaths per year.

    • @OddBeMe At this moment, drunk driving & driving after taking marijuana is equally dangerous.

  • Sabretooth
    not to mention an increase in suicide and murders linked to psychosis.
  • Bratsondanielle
    Well itll never go through Senate anyway
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