3 Good Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

3 Good Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Disclaimer: I do not use Marijuana myself, I have no intention of it either even if it was legalized. The very smell of it makes me nauseous and before anyone says, "Then why do you support it being legalized." The Smell of Mustard also makes me sick to my stomach, should I want to ban mustard?

There are a LOT of reasons that it should be legalized. Here are some of the most compelling.

1. How potheads act compared to how drunks act

3 Good Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Lets get this out of the way first: There are plenty of people out there who when drunk will beat their wives, their children, their pets, or random strangers. It's by no means anywhere near all of them but it doesn't change the fact that alcohol does affect some people that way. However when someone does weed, they don't beat their wives or children, they get hungry and lazy. However this argument doesn't stop there. If any of you know police officers, ask them whether they'd rather deal with someone who is drunk or deal with someone on Marijuana and its pretty much a guarantee that they'll say someone on marijuana.

How do I know this, I asked the cops I know myself and that is what they told me. They told me that most cops prefer dealing with someone on pot because they know that its pretty much a guarantee that they aren't going to get violent whereas someone whose drunk is a complete toss-up.

2. The fact that its illegal makes a mockery of our laws and legal system

3 Good Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

If someone wants to stay at their own home and smoke a joint. They aren't doing anything to anyone else. Its pretty much the same if they wanted to sit home and drink or smoke a cigarette, only Cigarettes are far worse than Marijuana. Its not any of our business if someone smokes pot in their own home. Then you have the fact that our prisons are overcrowded and filling them with non-violent drug offenders is an awful idea and then it makes them far more likely to actually do something that is criminal for a good reason, like I don't know, rob a liquor store.

3. It really would be a really great economic move.

3 Good Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

When people just dismiss the economic impact it would have it just shows their ignorance of just how much money the market for this drug is even though its illegal in most states. Marijuana is depending on where you look either the largest cash crop in the country of one of the largest.

Now the states with the highest poverty are in order

1. Mississippi

2. New Mexico

3. Louisiana

4. Arkansas

5. (not a state but) The District of Columbia

6. Georgia

7. Kentucky.

(I'm NOT bashing or criticizing the south here. This has far more to do with the economic benefits it would give the south.)

It also happens that those are the places where this would have the largest economic impact.

Marijuana is already the largest cash crop in pretty much all of those places. If you were to legalize it. Then these people wouldn't have to hide what they are doing, they wouldn't have to find a way to launder their money, and they could put it back into the community. It would lower poverty rates, it would increase the GDP, and it would increase the amount of money the governments make through taxes. This is not a negligible thing, this is a 35 billion dollar industry and getting it legalized and out in the open would be an awesome economic decision.

So these are the reasons why despite me not using pot or ever planning on using pot I do think it should be completely legal

3 Good Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    The reasons why it's illegal in the first place had a lot to do with race, actually and Nixon hating hippies. With that said, while I think it being illegal is totally stupid, I'm for it being illegal for nothing more than I like seeing potheads suffer and get absolutely butthurt that their precious good good can't be smoked legally. Basically, I'm a cynic who enjoys watching potheads suffer 😈... Also, I hate the smell and people abuse that shit so much they become emotionally dependant on it. I've been to college. My friends did kush. The only thing that annoyed me is how much a lot of them and people in general constantly talked about it or how they needed a blunt... Do y'all have nothing else to do? Can y'all do anything without being smashed and blazed?
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  • Prettyapathetic
    If my mother says I can't smoke weed neither can you...
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  • madhatters4
    certainly should be legal. states are missing out on close to a billion dollars in tax revenue and even more when you consider how much money can be taken out of law enforcement of dumb marijuana policing

    colorado had estimated about $500million in annual tax revenues but made close to that in the first quarter.

    prohibition of vice has never been effective. the prohibition lead to higher alcohol consumption, unsafe procurement and consumption, and created a market for organized crime (the mafia grew from low level crime numbers running to a million dollar industry importing and distributing bootlegged booze). regulation of vice (cigarettes, booze and marijuana) has proven to reduce crime and even reduce the number of users
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  • Nuala
    The difference between pot and alcohol is: if you take one puff of marijuana it will start destroying your brain cells. For alcohol to damage you're brain you have to get completely hammered.
    So if you have a cup of wine with supper, it doesn't hurt you. If you have a couple beers at a party, it doesn't hurt you. You smoke a joint, it damages your brain.
    That's why I don't support it.
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    In short, regardless of our reasons, the very fact alone that alcohol and tobacco is legal should inevitably entail the legalization of marijuana since it is no worse than either of the two. Even if we concede that there are legitimate reasons why marijuana should remain illegal, the fact that alcohol and tobacco are legal forces us to have to legalize marijuana otherwise we are being inconsistent.
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    • Waffles731

      I was going to put that in there and I completely and utterly agree with you.
      However I know people who just think its fine to be inconsistent and hypocritical when it comes to drug laws and who acknowledge what you and I know they just don't care

  • alaysatlorp
    I totally agree with you. I guess reason why people believe it shouldn't be legal is because it causes very negative effects to brain but I believe people have right to choose what they want to do and what they don't.
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    • All it does is make people act like they have ADHD or ADD. Even then that won't last if you stop and would take a while for it to make it permanent. So saying it damages a persons brain is some what saying people born with adhd are damaged people.

    • yeah it temporarily impairs certain parts of the brain while increasing activity in others. the crosstalk between short term memory and long term memory is impaired, and so is semantic reasoning. while the parts of the brain responsible for creativity, abstract thought... these get increased. you can understand quantum physics or abstract theory or make art easier. and the impairment isn't long term, the only long term effects are when you use it when you're supposed to be learning. you just don't make as many long term memories about what you learned. DON'T GET HIGH BEFORE YOU GO TO SCHOOL KIDS. Get high after school. we need to educate people on the effects of weed so they can use it responsibly. just like you don't drink and drive, don't get high and learn. unless its quantum physics or philosophy or art class.

  • godfatherfan
    Most of my life I was against drugs. Very Very much so. Growing up I had a cousin that was such a nasty horrible psychopath, and it was known that he took drugs, that I said that if that is what pot and other drugs did to you, I wanted nothing to do with it. Friends new better then to even ask at parties.
    It wasn't until I was in my late 30's I found out he was Schizophrenic. That was what caused him to be such a horrid person. The drugs just made it that much worse.
    A few years ago I got into podcasts. One of them was the Joe Rogan Experience. That is the primary one, but it also led me to a few others like "The Skeptic Tank", WTF, Bill Burr, etc. On many of these, esp Joe Rogan, they Dr's and leading people in the marijuana field. After find out the actual facts about it, I have done a 180 on the topic. While too much of anything is bad, I much rather find out my Sons were using marijuana then alcohol. It is WAY safer then alcohol. I still have not ever tried it but I do plan on it at some point. Due to a back injury and back pain, I am on some heavy drugs already. I take Opana (morphine) and percocet multiple times a day. So I have to be careful. But I think that the marijuana would be much better for me then those hard drugs and probably do better. I doubt I could smoke but they have all kinds of edibles. I think that within 5 years it is going to be legal across the USA. So it is just a matter of time. Once I cannot lose my job because of it, and once there isn't an issue of my doctor not giving me my normal medications because of it, I plan on trying it.
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    • oh yes if you're a schizophrenic you should not smoke weed. it will only exacerbate the symptoms. sucks for them, but thems the beans.

  • Mustachekitteh
    People are too stupid listen too reason when it comes to Marijuana.

    Funny thing though, weed actually helps people with adhd and add with their focusing problem. XD
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  • TesticleMonster
    Yeah so i had my medical card out in cali, which SHOULD be legal at the dispensaries here in nevada, but since i now have a nevada ID, i can't go buy it unless i drive all the way back to cali. they want me to pay 200$ i can't afford, just for a slip of paper that tells me i can buy and do something legally. half of that is the doctors, we call them paper mills because its just a high priced slip of paper, but the other half is state fees. like a don't go to jail for smoking weed hall pass. you pay the toll you can do it legally but you have to bribe the government first. and some doctors who can already prescribe it for practically anyone, because it works just as well as advil or sleeping pills so anyone with insomnia or headaches, or any kind of aches can benefit from it. it should just be on the fuckin shelf at a drug store. its cheaper than that shit. but i literally can't afford to legally do something i would otherwise barely afford to do. thats stupid. and now if i want it i gotta go to some gangbangers house with all the hard drugs and shady characters, shit i do not want to associate with nor am comfortable being around. i miss ordering weed like i order pizza. sometimes i'd order them at the same time, the weed would come faster. they always cared about my business, or gave me free shit... their customer service is excellent. its not just the weed, its the fact that i got a taste of what small business in the us used to be like, and now i realize how fucking bad the world is. to know someone can pick up a phone and you get an actual person instead of a voice machine, and they care about their product and explain it in depth, versus reading from a script, they go out of their way to make your experience memorable... i felt like i was living in a bygone era where people actually gave a shit. thats what a whole new industry unpolluted by corporate bullshit can do. and i know some of them USED to be drug dealers, now they're legit businessmen. gardeners. they make better gardeners and salesmen than the people who do it now. they deserve that opportunity.
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  • NatashaJ
    Well I'm fine with it but chances are there are going to be people going to get high and drive and that might cause issues.
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    • I car pool with a man who has been high everyday for the last 3 years. He is literally never EVER sober and he drives just fine. This is just my personal experience though I don't know how other people will drive under the influence.

    • NatashaJ

      @someguy3091 Ok but seriously? how you know he not going to get in a car accident?

    • singlebee

      Being high and being drunk and driving are two different things...

      I have never crashed when I was driving or riding my bike when I was high.

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  • FingerDancer
    I am looking at this my take strictly open minded. I have no interest in the product, distribution or taxing entity.

    It just makes sense to me that the Feds attach this to the ATF confines of the law and monitor it the same way as alcohol, tobacco, firearms. The licensing, inspection, distribution, and most importantly taxing are all controlled under the same umbrella, then allowing the states to adopt or decline the product just like alcohol. Just my opinion!
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  • Rocket_Queen
    Medicinal purposes. The best reason. Not a supporter of people just toking away but a huge supporter of it for seizures, copd, and so on. Expecially these kids suffering.
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    • Pinkbeauty

      I used to have seizures and i don't any more I didn't no that marijuana was good for seizures

    • What doctor have you been to that writes you a prescription for medicine and tells you to smoke it? Any medicinal value any drug has can be made into a pill. Anyone who thinks smoking is an efficient delivery system for medication has definitely been smoking something.

    • @Ratiocinative well as I said in my comment, I'm NOT a big supporter of people just puff puff passing it along but for medical purposes I am. You realize they extract the oil don't you? They aren't rolling children joints. And it can be made into so many things besides pills. Topical creams for example. It's very effective from what I've seen.

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  • singlebee
    Actually weed is the best thing ever... it's better than drinks and cigarettes...

    Drinking has made people kill, abuse, rape, assault and accidents and all... But weed had never done that thi g to anybody...

    I smoke weed quite occasionally.. And it makes me very happy whenever I do it...
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  • FallOutBoy2001
    I mean Carl Sagan smoked pot, and that man was a fucking genius
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    • Josht13

      I don't think there's a correlation there are probably some geniuses who smoked like a chimney.

    • @Josht13 oh I'm sure there were, but there's a feeling that all pot-smokers are lazy idiots

    • poe was a morphine addict, freud and edison did cocaine. both steve jobs and bill gates did LSD. feynman too. you gotta be on drugs to think up something like quantum mechanics.

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  • SvetlanaSavachenko
    I've always been for the legalization of pot! You brought up some pretty good points. Well done!
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  • somebodysaycheese
    You know in certain states you cannot by a gun if you have a medical marijuana license? They consider you a danger with a gun. The government still says its dangerous. Which is funny because they allow people on the No Fly list to buy guns.
  • LoveHorses
    It's legal in my state. Funny how the conservatives like alcohol but hate Marijuana. When alcohol is worse than Marijuana.
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  • MrAtticusLebowski
    Some of the arguments against marijuana come straight out of the 1920's. Along with the shit like, women become infertile when they read books and black people can't see at night.

    As a life long Californian i live in a state where it's been defacto legal for a long time. Not an issue at all. In fact the only issue that comes up is dispensaries inability to use banks to maintain cash. Banks don't want to deal with dispensaries till it's legalized federally.

    Alcohol, meth, heroin, prescription drugs are a huge problem. Weed isn't an issue. You know someone that's a Paramedic, ER nurse, Cop, bar bouncer? ask them how much physical harm is caused by alcohol.
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  • Borginborg
    Roll roll roll that joint pick out the seeds and stems...
    My question is how can it be controlled like the Controll liquor? That is the only obstacle they haven't solved.
  • ProfessorMother
    Love Gary Johnston. I agree, Marijuana should be legal in all 50 states. It's 2016 and we are still behind compare to other first world nations.
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    • its johnson. like the thing between your husbands legs. and we're gonna stick our johnson in the oval office

  • Saoirse_Nua
    If alcohol and tobacco are legal - No reason why marijuana should not be.
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  • TheButterfly
    I think marijuanna is harmful to your body, that being said, so are cigarrettes and alcohol, so why not legalize it?
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  • N192K001
    4. Aside from its usage as a hallucinogen when smoked, it can actually be used as a medicine when its oil is consumed... and the U. S. Federal Government knows it!

    In fact, why else would the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office carry the patent of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services for the use of cannabis oil against neuro-degenerative diseases like "Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and HIV dementia." It's not just my word. It's Patent #6,630,507.
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  • GanjaJuice
    People often give negative reviews about raw cannabis or marijuana because it is a kind of drugs and excess consumption of these things can become risky for the health. However, if you consume a moderate amount of ganja or marijuana, then it can also provide numerous of health benefits
    1. it’s less dangerous than cigarettes
    2. it’s great for your mental health
    3. Reduces diabetes and obesity
    4. Fights cancer cells...
    For an in-depth guide with pictures visit website.
  • BrittBratt2416
    Only for medical purposes.. the only reason most people want legalized is so they can sit on their butt and get high all day and do nothing else.
    • Waffles731

      Doesn't really matter to me, people want to do that and have the money,
      Why not?

  • RainbowFanGirl
    I need to smoke weed. Maybe it will help me come out of my shell.
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  • EmpatheticLady
    If that happens, Taco Bell should start delivering. Their sales would skyrocket. :P
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  • Nitanica
    Legalize it! Marijuana is a plant, are you going to make broccoli illegal next?
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    • Nitanica

      Maybe someone should try smoking broccoli lol! Let me know how it goes.

    • i tried it, and dude, you will not believe the amazing high! how the fuck have people never smoked this shit before?

  • Ratiocinative
    The economy is more than just money. If money was the end goal then lets just print everyone a billion dollars. Obviously that doesn't work. An economy is not just money, but it's about goods and services. If people can legally grow marijuana then that just means there's more marijuana in the economy for people to buy and consume. Now people in poverty who can't afford things like healthcare can now (maybe) afford to buy marijuana since it would be legal and cheaper. How does that help them?

    The only ways to improve the economy is to do more work, such as employing unemployed people or by developing more efficient ways of working (such as building a robotic assembly line). To suggest that growing a recreational drug instead of other crops will improve the economy because it is "more expensive" is so ridiculously absurd, but also ironic since it sounds like something a hippie stoned out of his mind would say.
    • Waffles731

      The market is larger than any other crop,
      Colarado made 500 million dollars in taxes the first quarter after recreational legalization.
      Futhermore, people who grow weed illegally can't fully put their money back into the economy effectively without money laundering. They make small purchases and rent an apartment as anything over a certain amount in cash and the IRS gets notified and that can lead to problems.

    • As I just said money by itself is worthless. How much money can be made has nothing to do with the health of an economy. What matters is what people can buy with dollars. If you grow less food and more marijuana, that just means food is more expensive and marijuana less expensive. That doesn't help people in poverty. It would only "help" people who like to get high with cheaper marijuana.

  • Alex88F
    yeah legalize it so stoners will be finally able to talk about something else in their lives. lol fuck hippies
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  • Ghassan
    I don't think it should be legalized. Weed makes everyday good moments just ''moments'' and it makes you age significantly faster. If weed have benefits which is very few, it is generally bad for the body. If drinking makes you act worse than weed then alcohol should be banned. Look at how many problems alcohol did, how many people are in prison because of alcohol, how many relationships are ruined because of alcohol, how many people just died because of overdrinking or driving drunk or got an std... etc. It does more bad than good and that's the whole point why it should be banned in my opinion.
  • Mustang1919
    Drugs are not illegal. It is illegal to compete with the government by selling drugs.
  • Reallio
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  • Ntnrmlchck
    Well said, get out of my head 😉
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  • I agree, it's awesome and not very harmful!!
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  • HeelLover
    Love smoking weed!! It's not that bad
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  • Anonymous
    This is so dumb. In my country if someone take that and drive then he ll go to jail and have to wait a lot of years for being able to pass his drivers licence
  • Anonymous
    It is the duty of the government to protect it's people. Marijuana has very negative effects on the human brain (don't try to tell me, someone with an MD and a PhD otherwise), which are much worse than alcohol. Some alcohol, in moderation, is healthy, while no amount of marijuana is. Now you can downlike me all you want, but smoking pot will cause memory degradation as well as problems in the brain. My colleague, a neurosurgeon, is looking at what can happen to brain cells after smoking marijuana and it is not good.
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    • Josht13

      It is not the governments duty to decide what people do with their own bodies by your own logic we should ban alcohol, cigarettes and fast food or food high in non-natural sugar and saturated fat.

    • On the other hand, it's scientifically proven that Marihuna is good because of cancer. It's such a relief for affected people. Plus, there are much more ways how to use weed, not only smoking. You can make a Marihuna milk and made a cookies and so on. Plus I believe that alcohol is worse than weed. One of the reasons is, that's much more publicly tolerated than weed.

    • N192K001

      Cannabis's potential as a medicine is hindered by the legal prohibition. Don't believe me? Search the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office's website for Patent # 6,630,507. Anything interesting in the "Assignee" section?

  • Anonymous
    your preaching to the choir on here.
    weed will probably be legal in CA in November.
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    • zagor

      It pretty much has been for a while; getting a medical card is about as hard as buying gum.