We all need to start purging Google from our lives.

42 anti-privacy apps preinstalled and semi-permanent on every Android phone.
42 anti-privacy apps preinstalled and semi-permanent on every Android phone.
We all need to start purging Google from our lives.

(Note: This post has a lot of cursing and swearing in it, cause that's how pissed off they got me.)

If you're a typical online user, do you realize how much control Google now has over our lives? Google itself, Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Play, Android... If they wanted to, they could fuck up your entire day with one decision, and here's how they did to mine.

Just yesterday, I had a small emergency and had to check a reservation on a public computer in the office. But MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF SHIT Google locked me out of logging into my email because "it wasn't a recognized computer." I'm sure you all had this fucking dogshit happen to you before! Where they then make you get out your fucking Android phone and "get Google's permission" to log into your own fucking Gmail account! My phone's battery was dead, though. And even if it wasn't, there was no WIFI or phone signal where I was. So basically, this piece of fucking shit company locks me out of my own Gmail account where I needed to get quick access to something on it. If I didn't a backup email through Outlook that forwards all Gmail through there, I'd have been screwed! Only, I almost never use it, hadn't logged in in months, and pretty much forgot about it until then.

I don't usually curse because I feel like it brings on bad mojo and negativity, but you should be able to tell how furious I was at Gmail always doing this CRAP! My FUCKING phone was unavailable and I Gmail always locks you out of any "unrecognized computers" cause they like to stalk you! It was AT THIS MOMENT I decided I needed to free myself of all Google websites. Gmail, the search engine itself, YouTube, Drive, Google Maps, Android, Google Play... These assholes have taken over our lives without us even realizing it! And with one decision, can fuck up our whole day because we "need Google's permission through our Android phones to log into our own Gmail accounts."

I've already been using DuckDuckGo for close to a year now after that "Men can [have babies, get pregnant, cry, lactate, get periods]" auto-complete progressive propaganda shit from earlier one in Google. Type in "Men can" and see the messed up shit they suggest for you. DuckDuckGo sucks, but I've been using it over Google. Now, I realized I need to purge them out of my life as much as possible. Sadly, I still need to rely on Drive, Google Maps (one of the few apps that can work offline) for work, and YouTube for entertainment, so I can't completely purge myself from Google in 2021. But I'm definitely through with Gmail after this incident. And I'm going to try to find a non-Apple smartphone that doesn't use Android.

Start purging Google out of your life as much as possible! Here are some alternatives:

DuckDuckGo or Yahoo! > Google (or Bing)
Outlook > Gmail
OneDrive > Google Drive
Bitchute > YouTube
Mapquest or Maps.me > Google Maps (or Waze)
MS Office or WPS Office > Google Docs
Various APK sites > Google Play
Blackberry (or IOS) > Android

We all need to start purging Google from our lives.
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  • DizzyDesii
    I hardly use google for anything. I have an iphone and an android but i only really use the andy to make calls. Everything else i do is pretty much safari
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Most Helpful Guy

  • BloJo
    I try to avoid google at all times.
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  • Lliam
    It's true that Google is evil. You can't even get results when you search for things on Google because they have a political agenda and show you what they want you to see instead of what you searched for.
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  • Stoner710
    I agree with you but do you know how hard that would be? . google controls pretty much everything youtube the ability to back up your files email all the major email sites. That pretty much saying don’t use the internet at all, Google has its hand in everything
    • MCheetah

      That's a cop-out. I gave a list of alternatives to start using. And you don't have to get off of Google if you don't want to, but I am through with their misandrist, woke "1984" shit, and won't feel sorry for anyone once they start really screwing people over (with Biden now in office, they'll probably start as early as 2021).


    • Stoner710

      Bing and yahoo and the worst search engine ever I would never use then as an alternative it’s like using Microsoft edge they ever get what your actually looking for I use exept YouTube Bitchute won’t even load for me so I can’t use that one unfortunately.

      Also Mapquest doesn’t know my area it gets me lost all the time I normally use Apple Maps. YouTube is pretty much the only one you can’t live without same with the search engine since bing is absolutely terrible and yahoo is a joke id rather just not use a computer then use those search engine

    • MCheetah

      Well, I never suggested Bing at all, because everything Microsoft makes is shit. Bing, Edge, Windows 10, all the other Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One... I'll give the 360 a pass though, cause that console was awesome.

      Also, you don't have to go cold turkey. I am still forced to use Google sometimes, because it's the only search engine that isn't shit with the results, but I try to avoid it as much as possible. I use DuckDuckGo, which at least isn't as bad as Bing.

      And I can understand people being addicted to YouTube, even if I'm not. But getting off Gmail and Google Docs should be easy.

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  • Ram0n83
    Interesting that you post this since Google is being sued. Arguments in the lawsuit include anti-trust and monopolizing.
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  • EaterPeter
    Agree. It's like selling our soul to devil when we accept any terms and agreements online. So long of a fine text I wonder how many attorneys it takes to write such thing and as a user we are on our own. All the best in bad way.
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  • Jjpayne
    Yeah that's not good 😬

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