Why I supported and still support Donald Trump

Why I supported and still support Donald Trump

This is a random essay I had in my head right now. As a writer, I decided to transfer from brain to fingers to G@G.

In 2016, I wasn't a Trump supporter. I voted for him in the way you'd choose a punch in he face over a hard kick in the balls. Put simply, Hillary was worse. I was a lifelong liberal (still am, if you go by the pre-2015 definition of a Liberal) and always voted Democrat. I'm black if it matters, and from a hyper-liberal part of America: Philadelphia; which literally had massive Hillary building posters down the street from where I lived in 2016. The city is like, 98% Democrat. The thing is, I wouldn't call myself a "Trump Supporter" considering I don't really trust any politicians, and the closest one ever would be Tulsi Gabbard. It was Barack Obama that convinced me that ALL politicians lie. Even Tulsi. They ALL lie. But I do support Trump, technically. As 2017 and the years passed by, I started to like Donald Trump more and more. The reasons are simple. There's plenty of them, but I'll stick to three. These are the three reasons why I ended up supporting Donald Trump.

1. EVERYONE WHO HATES DONALD TRUMP ENDS UP BEING A HUGE ASSHOLE. Plain and simple. Now, I don't have a problem if you dislike Trump. If you think Trump is garish and undignified. If you think Trump is unfit for president. I hold no ill will towards you for that. I am talking about people who HATE Trump. Or "despise" might be a better word. People who have what would later be coined Trump Derangement Syndrome. These people are total pieces of shit. For several reasons. For one, they are so selfish, they'd rather see America fail, via its elected president, than wish for him to succeed and overcome any prejudices or setbacks you assume he'd have. To wish your country suffers just so you can be "proven right" is some petty-ass bullshit. It's not what a respectable adult would do, let alone ANY person I'd consider righteous and good. You just come off like the bad guy doing that, no matter what.

Also, there's reason number two: Most things said about him is wrong and makes his haters look like morons. If you wanna hate Trump, fine, hate, him. But have VALID reasons to do so. And hate him for his leadership as a president, not whatever bullshit was spoon fed to you by CNN, like "he's a racist" or "he hates Islam" (not that there should be any reason not to hate such a backwards ideology, but I digress) or whatever. You can hate him for climate change or making America look bad, but rarely ever is it that logical. It's usually some emotionally-driven, factually nebulous, "can you even prove that?" bullshit. And I can't respect HATING someone based on rumors and hearsay, especially if you're a grown-ass adult engaging in this high school, Mean Girl, gossip and rumor bullshit.

Which brings me to my third point Their hate isn't even their own. Getting back to the "morons" thing, everyone with TDS seems to hate him based on what CNN and corrupt "news outlets" have said about him. Not a single thing has ever been stated that seems organic. It's ALWAYS the same bullshit that any SJW will accuse you of: some form of bigotry and "hate." As I stated, if you hated his leadership, or how he makes America look internationally, or his views on climate change, or how he handled COVID, whatever. That's all fine and good. Give me that, instead of "HE'S A WACIST!!!!" If Trump deserves all the hate he gets, you'd have PLENTY to work with besides some hyperbolic, social justice warrior horseshit of hurt feelings and wacism!!! It wouldn't be very hard to come up with logical reasons to persuade people who were on the fence to hate Trump with, if he really deserved the hate. But people never did. So...

2. TRUMP IS THE UNDERDOG OF THE STORY. Donald Trump may be a powerful billionaire and a media darling up until 2015, but when you have the entire mainstream media against him, as well as the entire tech industry, as well as all Democrats, as well as a good 40-50% of Republicans, it's hard to not see him as having an uphill battle. They tried to cancel Trump back in 2016 with that leaked Access Hollywood clip. Something no feminist would give a shit about. Real men say far worse things, daily. But in the 2020s, we know now how corrupt media spin is, and how badly they'll try to paint a narrative against someone.

Ever since Trump got elected, he's been the target of millions of psychopaths, around the world. Not just Americans, but even people in other countries, who have no dog in this race. And the thing is, as I alluded to, MOST of the people who hate Trump are pieces of shit. I won't get into the everyday social justice, social media clowns. I'm talking about people like AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Chelsea Handler, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, Kathy Griffin, Madonna, and so on. The people you wouldn't trust around a young child, are the ones expecting you to listen to their hot takes about Trump "putting children in cages." The sad thing is, I don't think they're paid shills, either. I think all fo them are saying this on their own accord. Not just to make money, but because they 100% genuinely believe this shit.

Then we have social media scumbags, like Susan of YouTube, Jack of Twitter, and Mark of Facebook. People who already have made it known they hate YOU, the consumer, trying to cancel and silence Trump. At least when AOC and the Democucks (yeah, I said it; I don't care how it sounds) tried to blame Trump's win on Russia and impeach him the first time, one could argue they did it in their best interests of their career. But the social media people actually LOSE money when they go against Trump. One could also argue they did it because Trump was going to break up the social media monopolies and take away their Platform status and turn them into Publishers, which some argue would've made things worse, as they would've gotten more anti-speech due to risk of libel and slander lawsuits. But as evidenced once they finally DID censor and ban Trump off of Twitter and Facebook, they lost billions of dollars almost immediately after.

Of course, we have to consider the fact that they don't want more money. That would make them greedy, not evil. THEIR evil comes from being the gatekeepers in the new Orwellian dystopia being planned that we now know as The Great Reset. What good will money be when nobody will own anything and they'll be "happy" with it? To think a social media company can ban what's supposed to be the most powerful position in the world, the United States President, off social media, while also claiming to be a mere platform for discussion, and not a biased publisher, and dozens of other millionaires and billionaires can also do the same thing against him, is absurd! Trump is 100% the underdog here, and the ones who have the true power in society just made that January 8th, 2021. A few pussies like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey hold more power in current society than the president of the most powerful nation in the world, all while the media tells blatant lies and literal propaganda, and somehow we AREN'T living in a Black Mirror episode?! V for Vendetta was only supposed to be fiction! (And yes, also the more overused "1984 wasn't an instruction manual" line.)

3. TRUMP REALLY IS THE LIVING EMBODIMENT OF AMERICA, BOTH ITS GOOD PARTS AND ITS BAD. Donald Trump is a billionaire, who has lived the American Dream and then some (albeit, with a hell of a headstart from his parents) who speaks his mind and loves America. He definitely has flaws and faults; such as being a bit of a loudmouth too much and being a bit brash and hasty. But the thing I've seen over the four years is that his positives outweigh the negatives. It would've been pretty easy of him to call half of Americans "snowflakes, cucks, beta males," etc., in the same vein that the left has done non-stop to everyone not on the far-left (not just conservatives; even centrists, non-political people, and everyone else). The left has called everyone not on their cult side, "racists, sexists, incels, misogynists, Nazis, white supremacists," and so much more. They've been pieces of shit to their own neighbors, friends, and family for four years non-stop. But Trump hasn't done any of that.

Like him or not, Donald Trump was pretty positive, overall. He's never resorted to the hatred and vitriol that his detractors have had. His campaign tagline was "Make America Great Again." But if you just go down the Constitution, you can see Trump embodies all of the Bill of Rights, including free speech, protecting gun rights, and standing up against tyrannical government (or more so, the ones currently controlling the ones who control the government, which are the big tech corporations and mainstream media).

I already said how Donald Trump is FAR from perfect, and has many flaws, including using Twitter in the first place, before he got censored off it. But I feel he is as American as you can get, and all the people who despise Trump, equally despise "AmeriKKKa" for the same reasons. Makes one think why don't you just move your sorry asses to Canada, then? Or better yet, Mexico? Geographically, you probably live closer to Mexico than Canada. But of course all the people who HATE America - not criticizing America, but natural citizens who outright HATE America and Americans - would hate Trump. They're NPCs, sheep, and social justice warriors, after all. There's almost no one who has TDS but still actually loves their country or what America is a symbol of. A few may exist, and they may have valid points, but I have never seen or heard one before. Whether it was for altruistic reasons or purely for ego, Donald Trump did put America first. And these people hate him for it.


I will make it 100% clear: the people who support big tech censorship, media propaganda, rigged US elections, a clear puppet being put in as "president" as if we're living in fucking Venezuela, and an immediate call to destroy the Constitution "because of White nationalists, hate speech, and bigotry" are either idiots, evil pieces of shit, or both. I am very tolerant, but never in my life have I ever had tolerance or patience for idiots. As in, DESTRUCTIVE idiots. As in, every social justice dipshit and pawn ushering in literal Communism and Marxist rule in present-day America. But the fight is long from over. And this war will be won not on the battlefield, but with words and balls of platinum. It means not allowing yourself to be "cancelled." It means standing up against corruption and hate. It means not letting cowards sitting in blue offices in Silicon Valley to control what you're allowed to say and do. There will always be another way, and these assholes do not hold all the cards.

That is why I support Donald Trump, even if I may not always like him. Because put simply, The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.

Why I supported and still support Donald Trump
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  • 888theGreat

    Well the Republican Party must react to what Trump decides he is going to do, not the other way round. The Republicans can block him from running as a Republican but lose election , not only President , but also many Senate Seats and house seats, or they can allow him to run as a Republican and have a chance of winning and keep more Senate and House seats. If I were Trump, I would run as an Independent after Republicans turned on him over false and made up charges. I think Trump gets most votes for President whether he runs as a Republican or not.

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  • Jjpayne

    Thank you for sharing your view

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    • MCheetah

      You seem way too polite, respectable, and well-mannered for the internet, man.

    • Jjpayne

      Yup 🙃. to me, I like to see both sides of the argument. To see, the pro trump and pro biden are interesting 🤔 they help to provide an insight into why people believe what they believe.

      And I think I'm also a little funky myself, my opinions don't always make me friends either 😔 I've lost quite a few and miss being able to share with some long time gaggers 😔

      But I do think, it's good to have some positivity whenever possible 😊

    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • Serjoka

    I hate democrats, I don't think Trump is racist, I don't think he is necessarily sexist, and I don't think the color of your skin or the nature of your genitalia should determine who you vote for, nor do the skin color or genitalia of the candidates.
    That being said, I think he was a terrible president and I'm glad he lost the 2020 elections.

    • MCheetah

      It's fair to think badly of Trump's run as president, even if I disagree, but do you think the current person in the White House is doing, or will do, a better job?

    • Serjoka

      I sure hope so. I think Trump was very bad, and Obama before him was also very bad, so there's nowhere to go but up.

    • MCheetah

      I very much disagree, but I respect your opinion and polite conversation in the manner.