How do your countries address school violence/bullying in schools and workplace?

How do your countries address school violence/bullying in schools and workplace?

Did you guys have a lot of bullies or bullying scandals in your middle school or high school? If so, what happened and how was it solved? Ever since like three days ago, there's been a lot of bullying scandals involving different celebrities (female and male idols/actors and athletes) and 'victims' coming forward with their stories. Some of the accusations have been debunked and some haven't yet. South Korea is known for having a really bad bullying/harassment problem at least every school has their group of bully/thugs (일진) and it seems like now people are finally starting to expose their stories and truths.

Bullying/School violence (학폭) is such a huge problem in this country, a few years back there was even this scandal about this girl who got bullied by her classmates and was completely disfigured and injured so so badly ( The issue is teachers, police, or anybody in power don't do anything about it and it's not like the bullying you see in some western shows. Bullying in Korea is harassment where people are violently beaten up or verbally harassed, hence contributing to the number of suicides in schools and work place. In cases of school most of the teachers, don't really help and some parents don't care and their students are seen as weak and useless.

There's already a huge list of those celebrities accused within the past few days:
1. Jin Dal Rae (Singer, Admitted)
2. Too's Woongi (Singer, Resolved)
3. Jo Byeong Gyu (Actor, accusations)
4. G-IDLE's Soojin (Singer, addressed and admitted to some of the facts)
5. G-IDLE's Soyeon (Rapper, accusations)
6. Park Hye Soo (Actress, Proven false)
7. Kim Dong Hee (Actor, accusations)
8. Seventeen's Mingyu (Singer, Proven false)
9. Jin Hae Seong (Singer, accusations)
10. The Boys's Sunwoo (Rapper, accusations (resurfaced))
11. Kim So Hye (Actress, Proven false and legal action taken)
12. Stray Kids's Hyunjin (Dancer/Rapper, Proven false)
13. LOONA's Chuu (Singer, accusations (Most likely false))
14. LOONA's Hyunjin (Singer, accusations (Most likely false))
15. EVERGLOW's Aisha (Singer, accusations (Most likely false))
16. MONSTA X's Kihyun (Singer, accusations (resurfaced))

Additionally, there was also a huge bullying scandal around a week ago involving the female volleyball team, where twins, Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young, from the national volleyball team accused the top player, Kim Yeon Koung, of bullying them and belittling them but was proven to be made up and actually false. Another player from the male volleyball team, Park Chul Woo, accused their coach for bullying and harassment. There was also a rapper, Kang Hyun, who was accused of rape from when he was 17 years old. Another scandal was with AOA Jimin, where she was accused of bullying her team member Kwon Mina and mentally harassing her to the point where she was about to commit suicide and was put on suicide watch and medication after multiple psychiatric evaluation.


I wanted this to be a question but it was too long of a description but 'How do your countries address bullying in schools and workplace?'

How do your countries address school violence/bullying in schools and workplace?
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  • Lynx122
    When I was in high school nobody really cared at least that was my experience. You read my mytake about it so I won't go into much detail. I didn't tell my parents so I don't know what the reaction would have been if I did but the general vibe I got from the people around me was that it was expected that you handled this on your own and telling anyone was like breaking the rules of a game or something.

    But I don't think our bullying is quite as bad as this I haven't heard of cases of people beating up others this badly or taking their money etc. It's mostly about excluding people making fun of them and annoying them with physical means but not violence that sense someone to the hospital. And it doesn't happen everywhere it's something that happens and that's unfortunate but it's not something that kids plan to do it usually happens when there's socially awkward immature kids that annoy others or don't know how to build up relationships with classmates well etc.

    I got the feeling most of the kids just kinda felt like it was a lesson but they wouldn't take it too far. The main guy that bullies me with him I think he got some kind of pleasure from it he had this sick look in his eyes but the others were not that bad.

    There isn't really that much of a response in my country, like there are some anti bullying campaigns (most kids don't take those seriously) or teachers encourage kids to talk to someone, sometimes there's this kind of place where you can go for 2 hours a week if you need help. It hasn't been big in the news for a long time so I I don't know how it has changed since I was in school. I felt alone when it happened to me.

    I feel sorry for that girl...
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    • shinnaeun

      Yes, I remember your mytake and I'm so happy you're doing better now.

Most Helpful Girl

  • UnknownGagsUser
    People dont really talk about bullies or harassment in my place.. they either ignored it or dont care..

    I have never experienced any kind of bullied in my life though.
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  • Paul09
    Schools don't seem to do anything. What could they do? Parents are probably idiots, why else would they be bullies to begin with? I got bullied, I've protected people from getting bullied. Schools are general useless. They need to change so much to make anything affective.
  • David_Bayer
    It was bad when I was bullied teachers just told me not to notice and that was it. Truly horrible times those were.
    • shinnaeun

      I'm sorry you had to go through that :(

    • Weird thing is that my worst bully became my best friend years later :D

    • shinnaeun

      That can happen!

  • jgokgotit
    School districts in the U. S. handle bullying poorly. In the schools I went to, the victim can (and often does) get the same punishment as the bully. I was bullied a lot in school. I had to choose between being suspended for defending myself or go home a bloody mess to avoid suspension. Schools here treat the victim the same as the bully. There is no "who started it and who was defending themselves". It is "both of you fought so both of you get sent home". In real adult life, there are self-defense laws and the police will only arrest the offender and not the victim if they can determine who is really the victim. The schools do not even try to find out.
    • I know, its like the laws dont apply to schools. Like if you beat someone until they bleed outside a school u go to jail sometimes for life like that MMA who hit his girlfriend. But in school u can kill people and get away with it

  • Fromdusktilldawn
    Here it gets completely ignored. I got bullied too in school, nobody ever helped
  • AkshiJanjua
    They don't in India
  • Anonymous
    We immigrated from South Korea in 2005, and as soon as we enrolled into elementary school, my brother was bullied for being Korean. We went to a Christian middle school, and he thankfully wasn’t bullied there. But bullies did exist there as well. I remember, a kid was always bullied by eighth graders, because they thought he was gay. A girl i know was also harshly bullied because people didn’t think she was pretty.. school is so tough and kids can be so mean, no matter what country you’re in.
  • Anonymous
    Agree with you, not only in south korea but the whole world. My life was destroyed by bullying. I was viciously sexually harassed by individuals in the school. Some of the teachers ignored what happened or played a subtle part and are complicit. I used to fear getting raped that I would hide in the girls restroom. Every single day was a port of hell for me there. Ostracized no friends, no support. I went to the police one time because i was beaten and they were laughing at me at the police station. That is why when i got sexually assaulted twice by the guys in my class i didn't speak. I have ptsd 12 years later. Still suffering horribly. I only had the courage now to press charges. But i won't get any justice i know. Because it was long time ago. But it isn’t fair. Because only now i am healed enough to confront what happened
    • shinnaeun

      I am so so sorry that happened to you. I'm glad you're healing and getting better.

  • Anonymous
    I just find all of this annoying really. I think we’re encouraging people to be too soft.

    I was the shortest guy in my year group, and I was a quiet kid. I was seen as an easy target for bullying. I still can’t imagine ever saying “I was bullied”, telling teachers or my parents, I’d be embarrassed/ashamed. I can’t understand it.

    I just fought back and dealt with it myself. Once you give someone a bloody nose they leave you alone.

    Many people would say that I’m an asshole but they’re usually the ones who were traumatised by it, not me.
    • Not always people can fight back. When you are outnumbered or sexual violence is used against u. u r not always able to be that tough

  • Anonymous
    Our country actively supports bulling from social justice warriors and will even fire people that are targeted by SJWs for disagreeing with their marxist idiocy.

    violence is also fully supported byt the Democratic party, as long as it is performed by their storm troopers and the violence and murder is in the name of Black Lives
    • Anonymous

      @kespethdude in real life I would leave you permanently disabled without a single witness

  • Anonymous

    Does your country have a big problem with bullying? But... But... I thought only white people could be bad and oppressive, Mrs. Banana Woman!

    Here in the USA I've never seen any kind of bullying in the workplace, but it's a concerning problem in the school life and it people generally do nothing against it. When I was a student, I always took the side of the victim and, given the situation, I ended up finding out the only possible solution against bullying, which is to beat the bully up. 💪👊😵

    When I did it, my schoolmates who were victims of bullying treated me as if I were their favorite superhero. It was gratifying.
  • Anonymous
    I'm in the US - if male students are being bullied, the school typically ignores it.
  • Anonymous
    They didn’t do anything. But I’m really curious on how common Asian thugs are? I didn’t know that was a thing? What do they do?
    • shinnaeun

      They're like very common in schools but in high school you start seeing less and less because people are busy with their studies and in the work place you don't see them as often because people are busy working. They go around beating up people, steal their money, make them do things for them like buying cigarettes, alcohol and much more. Basically all down that line.

    • Anonymous

      That’s very interesting because i live in the United States and to come to think of it, I have never seen an Asian thug in my life before. Like never.

    • shinnaeun

      I mean yeah, like you said cause you live in America hahahah