Do you ever worry about being cancelled one day due to Cancel Culture?


This is something I've thought about a lot in the last year or so, with all these different examples of people's lives and careers being destroyed by accusations, with some being true & some being false but most concerning - some being completely debatable if what was said/done was even wrong or should be considered a crime worthy of a "cancellation".

the mass banning
the mass banning

There seems to be a lot of grey area when it comes to what should be considered offensive, abusive or a crime, and there also seems to be a bad tendency of lumping it all together even if there are various degrees of severity. (for example, if you bump into someone should that be considered assault, if you touch someone should that be viewed as groping, if you say something sexual or too forthcoming should that be deemed the same as rape, if you say something negative or angrily should that be viewed as a death threat? - this is all hyperbole & ridiculous but hopefully you get my point)

Don't get me wrong, some people definitely deserve to have their careers ended due to the abuse of power or just terrible behaviour in general (Billy Cosby & Harvey Weinstein come to mind) but what about the wrongfully accused like Johnny Depp who was actually the victim of spousal abuse while being called the abuser. Or a lesser known example of a musician named Matthew Good whose career is at a stand still because of a recent breakup with his girlfriend, all she had to do was claim he was abusive without presenting any evidence and he was immediately drop from his record label.

There are plenty of other examples but with all the different variations and the allegations becoming more and more minuscule all I can think of is what is the extent of all of this and where does it end?

That brings me to my question, "do you ever worry about being cancelled one day?"
because I do...
I've said and done things that could be viewed the wrong way, some where jokes & silly antics, some were private conversation through text that could have been easily misconstrued. Some were heated arguments either in person or in a chat log within IG, Facebook, Snapchat, whatever, all could have easily been saved with a screenshot (because I've taken screenshots of some of them). Some of those things were said with people I don't talk to anymore and with some of those people I'd say there's bad blood between us (maybe more so on my end than theirs) some of those things said & done I regret and it makes me cringe (especially the failed attempts of seduction) and with some of those situations I'd say lines were crossed.

- Does that mean I should be cancelled, should the people that hurt me or did me wrong deserve to be cancelled?
- Maybe, maybe not... depends who you ask and what your stance on the issue is.

Either way, with PC & Cancel Culture becoming more and more prevalent and with more books (like How To Kill A Mocking Bird & Dr Seuss) being banned from schools and old cartoons and current cartoon characters being dropped, as well as toys, logos being changed/replaced and of course actors and musicians getting fired, it makes me wonder what is deemed acceptable and how I should conduct myself.

I dont agree with everything in this photo TBH
I don't agree with everything in this photo TBH
No one is perfect and I'm definitely not in anyway... I think about the things I'm interested in like Art & Music and how I would like to make a career out of that one day BUT I'm concerned because I feel like I would have to delete all my social media because of the possibility of something being taken out of context or having everything I worked for taken away because of an accusation with no evidence. It all feels so extreme like burning down your house because there are a few termites in the drywall, I just don't know what to think of it anymore.

Thanks for reading, what's your thoughts?

Do you ever worry about being cancelled one day due to Cancel Culture?
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  • RolandCuthbert
    Haha! That's some funny shit. This whining about cancel culture is a trip.

    Paul Robeson.Do you ever worry about being cancelled one day due to Cancel Culture?In Utah in 1950, Robeson addressed the audience and began speaking extemporaneously, as he often did, about the lives of black people in the United States. Robeson’s main point was that World War III was not inevitable, as many Americans did not want war with the Soviet Union.

    Before he took the stage, however, his speech had somehow already been transcribed and dispatched back to the United States by the Associated Press. By the following day, editorialists and politicians had branded Robeson a communist traitor for insinuating that black Americans would not fight in a war against the Soviet Union. Historians would later discover that Robeson had been misquoted, but the damage had been almost instantly done. And because he was out of the country, the singer was unaware of the firestorm brewing back home over the speech. It was the beginning of the end for Robeson, who would soon be declared “the Kremlin’s voice of America” by a witness at hearings by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Committee chair John Wood, a Georgia Democrat, summoned baseball great Jackie Robinson to Washington. Robinson, appearing reluctantly, denounced Robeson’s views and assured the country that the singer did not speak on behalf of black Americans. Robeson’s passport was soon revoked, and 85 of his planned concerts in the United States were canceled. Some in the press were calling for his execution.
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    • Paul Robeson was a victim of cancel culture and mob mentality, but the mob he faced up against were conservatives instead of leftists with mental illnesses (could argue that both factions suffer from mental illness tbh)

  • cheapshotbob
    me being part of Gen. X which is after the trust no one over 30 , screw everything up and let the kids handle it Gen. and before the Z Gen which is better than the i want too be a Fem guy so i can look more gay and less male to attract girls who are Vegans Gen. , sorry for stereo typing , not sorry lol i think thats what some people say.

    i feel its all stupid , i mean the fact they supposedly cancelled john wane and removed his star plaque from that walk of fame thing and some other dumb things. there is a lot i can understand about this young gen wanting to make a better tomorrow what kid doesn't want that? but i dont get wht they doo so much to get rid of things they dont understand because they refuse to under stand the why and how it was made view?

    i mean are the teachers who earn more than they deserve damaging the nest Gen. just to get back at the people who hurt there feelings as kids? its really dumb to act like they are.
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    • I grew up looking up to Gen X, I'm a middle year Millennial (an 89 baby), not the 1st wave and not the 3rd/last wave... so I was a baby, toddler, and child during the 90s and I use to watch a lot of coming of age films from the 80s & 90s as well as being really into grunge, punk, alternative and golden era hip-hop. AND I gotta say - I was extremely disappointed with my generation and what was going on during my teen & early adulthood formative years. So I felt very disassociated and removed from generation and especially with the trends and customs of the time.

      BUT I am a product of my environment and there are certain characteristics & behaviour/thought patterns that I could not escape that are accustomed to the millennial generation that I truly despise and have spent the last 5 or more years trying to eradicate (which is a difficult task).

      The reason why I shared that was because I had felt a stronger connection with Gen X and Gen Z than my own generation but lately I've been very disappointed & less hopeful about Gen Z with the garbage mentality and behaviour I've been seen from them. It's as if they are picking up where my generation left off in negative trends and stupid behaviour, but I can't blame them entirely because look at what they are presented with (they never stood a chance).

      In the early & middle 2010s (so like 2011 to 2018) I found myself jealous of the younger generation wishing I was 5 or 10 years younger so I could have grown up during that era BUT with what I've seen in last 3 years has made me glad & grateful that I don't have to. Because being a teenager now would suck with all this ridiculous behaviour, policies and ideas being spread around.

    • Imagine being 15 or 16 and your high school crush is selling her nudes on onlyfans and getting older men to buy her shit on sugardaddies sites when she's not hooking up with 20 year olds on the weekend, or Eric in your math class that now goes by Erica and if you misgender he/her you are now considered a bigot, and now you can be harassed at home online with no escape from bullying, and having an entire year of you life (and probably even longer) stolen from you because of the pandemic.

    • that is stupid , these kids nw a days seem overly privileged they dont have t earn anything but yet they think they deserve more, what grand ma r grand pa raised these spoiled kids? and your not telling me anything new it was like that when i was your age but they were nor as pronounced as they are now. i think he they had been raised better and taught to do for them selves they would probably being doing better than they are.

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  • Ellie-V
    No... people have a right to not like you and not support you for any reason they see fit
    We are in this age where we are transitioning from the old and into the new
    At large there is a societal effort to correct human behavior that has existed and thrived forever. We are in An age of getting almost everything wrong. We are evolving and it’s not an easy thing to do because we aren’t slaves to basic instincts. So it is what it is. Nothing to be afraid of, you just have to understand the change that is happening and move accordingly. If you feel the need to delete your digital footprint go ahead but understand that you are not entitled to social capital even when your career is being funded by it. Especially not now where there is more expression of choice.
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    • WowwGirl

      Hi pretty

    • Ellie-V

      Hello gorgeous

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  • penneva581
    No bc I'm not relevant on social media so it doesn't really matter. I personally think cancel culture sucks bc they never seem to consider that perhaps someone has changed. I think there are a few exceptions tho
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  • RagnarRedbeard
    No I'm not worried. If anything like that were to happen to me I'd be unapologetic anyway.

    Forget about cancel culture, what we really need to get rid of if we're gonna fight it is apology culture. The number of "strong" people I see who start apologising to the mob is ridiculous.
    • That's because giving an apology isn't meant to be the starting point for a pathway of redemption, it's done in a way that's comparable to blood in the water full of sharks, it signifies to the mob that they can now attack with impunity.

    • 100%. The moment you apologise they go straight for the throat. If you're gonna have un-PC opinions and you're gonna vocalise them you'd better also make sure that you're in an anti-fragile position as this guy explains:

  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Yes, we all should, regardless of belief. The whole problem with this stuff is that it always gets out of hand. First they come for others, then they come for you. The people who push it always believe it will never be them on the chopping block, but eventually they find themselves there.
    • Totally agree, I don't condone abusers but it's gotten to the point that an accusation without proof is enough to destroy somebody's reputation & livelihood.

  • jshm2
    Nah, don't be silly.

    If you're not a racist, bigoted, White guy, or of that ilk ; then you've nothing to worry about.

    It's only your closet racists, and those with history to it, that worry about so called cancel culture.
  • Aurora1010
    I mean no because I am not famous but with everyone being so sensitive now i feel that everything that i say or do is being judged
    There's like a pressure to be perfect nowadays, I feel this
  • This is America and I will exercise my rights under the First Amendment. If they want to try and cancel me, well, go for it. They won't shut me up by cancelling my Twitter account.
  • Snakeyes7
    Even if I was, the best that will happen is that I will no longer be in that cesspool of rage and insanity that is most social media and I will live in peace as I already do. The worst is that I might have to learn to survive in the wilderness.
  • zagor
    Not really, though I've definitely done things what would qualify me. I don't give that much of a shit about what others think of me - wasted enough time doing that growing up.
  • WalterBlack
    ANYONE can be falsely accused and become a victim of cancel culture.
  • Tartersaucefish
    It’s like a witch hunt and will end like one. People someday will mock us and talk about how foolish and intolerant we were.
  • WowwGirl
    No people here tried. Ego was to strong for them I'm good
  • empiresex
    cancel society cancel state cancel goverment full anarchycomunist
  • Cicero79
    I would love to be canceled
  • Smegskull
    I don't really have social media so no.
  • Anonymous
    Is it any wonder why we don't get the best and brightest in leadership or political positions? No normal person would subject themselves and their families to the bullshit those people have to deal with. Fucking SWJs