Age IS just a number


(For the most part)

Age IS just a number

I've come across a lot of people in my life, judging me by my age. I can't count the number of times I have heard "(...) but you wouldn't understand, you're only (age) years old". Some of the times it has been the absolute truth, but most of the times, it was used as an excuse to say "I do not have any more points in this discussion, so I'll assert dominance by talking down to you".

Judging people by their age, has suddenly become a way of "winning" arguments, instead of actual factual statements. A persons MENTAL age is, even though a lot of people don't care to admit it, only partially decided by the number of years they've lived.

A person can experience 30 years of happenings in just 15 years, and the other way around. Mental age is determined by the environment you were raised, the people you spent time with, the stuff that happened around you, and a great number of other things.

Talking down to someone with the intend of saying "hey, listen to me, because I'm older than you, and my statements are therefore more reasonable" does not make you mature, so why do people still resort to it?

Age IS just a number
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  • kboy808
    What it really comes down to is wisdom. The longer you lived the more experience you'll have. But it also depends on what you lived through as a person. Who would you trust if you can't see well all of a sudden. A 34 year old optomologist with 6 years of experience in the eyes? or a 65 year old anesthesiologist with 30 years of experience in anesthesiology and 0 years of experience in the eye. Some time it's an easy way out sometimes it's not take it as you will. Live and learn that's the way I see it.
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  • Anonymous
    Then why does society put age restrictions on sexual activity, marriage, voting, entering into legal contracts.

    When aren't teens charged as adults?

    Are they all small minded rules or are they based on something scientific and observable
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    • Anonymous

      Restrictions need to be put down. Of course most teens are more irresponsible, that's a given. The brain isn't fully developed yet. However, I grew up with parents always telling me what to do, sky high expectations and huge pressure to be perfect. And why was I pressured? Because "they were older and knew what was best for me". I know now that that was certainly the worst thing they could have done. It caused me to have mental health issues from the age of 6. Teachers were worried about me, because I didn't want to play with the other kids. All of my siblings were the same way. My sister once told my parents she had anorexia, and my father said "don't be dramatic".

    • You can actualy start being charged as an adult at the age of 12

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  • DaughterOfLilith
    I couldn't agree more.
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  • R3DthatDude
    Age is just a number. Just because your older don’t always equal wiser. It’s expected that you are wiser when your older, however this is only a box people use to place people in for a quick size up of someone they don’t really know. In the end your actions is the only thing you can count on to justify yourself.
    • This is very true. I'm 25 and know a lot of people in their 30s who blow their money on alcohol or their smoking preferences. Then they are constantly asking everyone around them for money. These are people with kids and everything. Then they meet me and say "I'm really mature for my age" simply because I pay my own bills and budget wisely. Smh.

  • TheBigGuy9
    People like you are rare. I wouldn’t take it personally. Just keep asserting yourself when you talk and most people will come to respect you. If not, fu*k em. Not everyone grows up. Many people in fact have this problem where they have to be right all the time no matter how low they have to stoop to do it. Those people are toxic.
  • Yes... but science can show the maturing of teenage brains and that’s why 18-21 is the age range for adulthood. And sex.
    • Anonymous

      Yea, that's for women, for men it's at 25. The brains development doesn't have as much to do with maturity as we think though. I've come across many incredibly immature people in their late twenties and thirties unfortunately..

    • OddBeMe

      Ehh, true, but I think that’s different. I’m talking about the experience and maturity to make decisions like sex and liquor.

    • Anonymous

      I mean... I don't think the brain needs to be matured to be able to make decisions about that either...

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  • TheSpaceGnome
    You also can't tell a person's age just by looking at them or hearing what they sound like, so that sort of nonsense gets extended even more.
  • FilmGuy93
    It's just a number up to a point. The real question is about life experience
  • The trick is to live long enough to gain the experience but still hold onto your soul.
  • _no_one_
    Yes i agree. I sometimes feel wiser and smarter for my age. Ig i am who knows.
  • zagor
    Yeah, with everything shut down for covid I packed a week's worth of experiences into a year.
  • djfhsjk
    I don't agree
  • Floppy2112
    Regardless what you call it, your still aging.
  • Pepsiman23
    Age is not just a number
  • Anonymous
    Age is a very good indicator of a lot of important things.
    • Anonymous

      Of course it is