Women judging men alpha and beta but


May be the case women judge men as beta or alpha (with most being beta). I didn't say that. It's out there. Maybe that's true but not all women are the same in so doing.

Women judging men alpha and beta but

It's cultural. People really are cultural robots. They can't for the life of them escape their programming for what's rationally better. Take the typical Minnesota Swede. Let's ignore that they're more basic, opinionated and woke AF and less worth dating and assume they're equally worth dating (cause there's always some who are exceptional). Are you going to tell me their evaluation of who is alpha, or their behavior towards someone "THEY" find not alpha, is going to be the same as an Italian, German or eastern European heritage background?

First, not all women are the same. I generally do better and get more attraction from higher quality more intelligent women. Not a boast, just a fact. It's always the secretly depressed (they're never courageous enough to be open with it) basic girl who see me as beta and behaves accordingly, but more than that, wanna exploit their perceived "power". Girls may always see a guy alpha or beta and that's fine, but girls differ based on what they see as that, AND they differ in their follow up! Nobody wants everyone to be high quality class more than me. Everyone wins when everyone is more healthy, fit and down to earth, (which covers over many sins). Here it seems they see a man as beta and may try to automatically use him as resource and take up center space in a group while he doesn't see himself as under them AND higher quality women don't either. That's the gist.


Women judging men alpha and beta but
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