Do You Still Need to Wear a Mask?


If you have not been fully vaccinated there are opportunities for viruses to evolve into more deadly and catchable strains, like the Delta Variant and whatever comes next.

The current vaccinations are effective against the Delta Variant and according to the CDC fully vaccinated people don't need to wear masks. At least until there's another Covid variant.

CDC Website

How do we avoid a deadlier Covid variant? Get as many people vaccinated as possible.

Do You Still Need to Wear a Mask?
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  • Anonymous
    People have been so brainwashed, they think an immune system no longer exists. While you are getting experimental shots every time the virus mutates, people that have not been brain washed realise that a fully supported immune system will not have any problems with any variants at all. I'm not talking about eating fruits and vegetables either, I'm talking about actually taking the time to understand exactly what molecules assist the immune system (immune modulators). There are molecules that reduce viral replication, block of access to the ACE2 receptor sites, weaken or kill all viruses throughout the body, kill viruses in the blood, stomach, nasal cavity and through the sweat.

    But feel free to ignore the power and intelligence of the immune system. Most COVID patients already did that one hence the deaths from cytokine storm, sepsis etc.
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    • Did you know that a vaccine works with your immune system?

      An immune response works when your body has enough information about a virus to build anti-bodies. When a virus prevalent in animals, spending decades getting worse and worse, and then makes the jump to humans there's no blueprint to build anti-bodies from. Think Wuhan, Ebola, Black Plague, Anthrax, Mad Cow, Smallpox, and Polio.

      If you catch Ebola right now there's no hope for you. Your organs will liquefy before your immune system knows what to do. There's no way to boost your immune system from that.

      If you get bit by a rabid dog, and don't get a rabies shot before the virus reaches your brain, you're a dead man. 100% death rate. There's no way to boost your immune system from that.

      90 percent of Native America was wiped out when exposed to Smallpox before herd immunity could kick in. This is just like when an animal virus makes the jump and a human population gets exposed for the first time.

      You may have seen people who have polio (short limbs, unable to walk, wheelchair bound) before the vaccine eradicated it.

      Turns out you can fool the body into building anti-bodies by exposing it to a dead virus. This is what a vaccine is. This is what eradicated polio and smallpox. This is how your immune system works.

    • Anonymous

      'If you catch Ebola right now there's no hope for you.'


      Although I only mentioned immune modulators and such. There are also other molecules that can deal with Ebola and all known, and unknown viruses. These do not work in the same way as the other things I mentioned, it works to kill all known, and unknown virus, pathogens, fungus etc, and it aids the immune system in a different way. This works in such a way that it does not rely on the immune system knowing or having any data about the threat at all. And the only reason why you don't know about this is due to suppression from the Big Pharma and vaccines that you just mentioned...

      The only reason why most people don't know about it is because the information has been suppressed in favor of vaccines that can bring in a profit. The molecule is blocked on Google, Facebook, Youtube, and even PayPal tries to block any transactions in relation to it. It cannot be patented and is a threat to all known drugs and vaccines regardless of what they do. I only discovered the molecule because it was listed as 'stay away' and 'dangerous COVID fake cure'

      You have fully bought into the vaccine / patented drugs. If you looked beyond the Polio and other vaccines, you will find something very sinister. There may have been a time where these vaccines were being used for their intended purposes, but those times are over.

    • Anti-Vaxer nurse dies of COVID:

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  • MountAverage
    Eh, depends on where and what the situation there is. And also on whether we want to continue to do everything we can to slow down the spreading or not. I'm fully vaccinated, I wouldn't wear a mask for myself only anymore. But I'm totally fine with wearing it on public transportation and grocery stores etc. until enough people are vaccinated.
    The thing is though, once everyone who wants to be vaccinated is vaccinated, we'll eventually just have to let go of the rest and leave them alone with the virus. Some of them will get sick, some will suffer from long COVID, some will die. They chose the risk.
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    • And those choosing to not get vaccinated become breeders for worse variants that current vaccines many not conquer.

    • True. Which is why being vaccinated is so important. So we can be protected against these reckless breeders and spreaders.

    • Ryfyle

      @blacklightshadeDo You know how Viruses fucking work? Cause you fucking don't.

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  • Kha0tiic_xo
    I'm fully vaccinated, and I still wear a mask anytime I leave the house because, while I'm vaccinated I could still be a carrier on or around me that could lead to the possibility of another person getting seriously sick that hasn't yet been vaccinated, and I can't have that! So I'll wear the mask until I'm told otherwise!
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  • Apple1996
    Nope no mask and also not getting the vaccine. I'm pregnant and the stress of thinking about covid isn't good for me so it's best to act like it isn't even a thing anymore
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    • Do you plan on getting a vaccine after your child is finished breast feeding?

    • Apple1996

      No definitely not gonna then considering that's two years away

    • Archerer

      Small coffins are cheaper than large coffins, a good financial decision, at least...

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  • Shamalien
    Begone shill. You are literally an unpaid advertiser for big pharma. Stop being a fking tool. I ain’t gettn no vaccine and I’m not wearing a mask, I don’t subscribe to your religious, unscientific, politically charged views and I’m tired of being told I’m a bad person for believing in real, rigorous science, the kind where you actually make note of censorship of one side of the argument, hunt it down, and cross reference it with the findings of the other side to determine truth.
    • Claiming to trust science while simultaneously denying it.

    • Shamalien

      You don’t know what science is, all you know is how to be a dogmatic religious follower who trusts political authority

    • No. I trust experts with credentials and degree in higher education who have written peer reviewed research articles.

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    CDC says fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks in most situations.

    At the end of the day whatever your state or locks government’s emergency regulations are will decide. No two areas are exactly the same, some areas are having surges others not.

    If spread is out of control masks and social distancing works.

      I’ve been of the opinion for some time vaccination should be mandatory not voluntary. This idiocy with COVID-19 only reinforces that several times over.

      Unfortunately we have too many people in society they don’t care about anyone but themselves. Also a lot that do care but have been convinced by misinformation vaccines are dangerous.

      States have the Constitutional authority to mandate vaccines under Jacobson v. Massachusetts. Use this power, save lives, stop this stupidity. No more COVID-19 variants, no more preventable measles out rages (a disease that was eradicated from the US until morons stopped vaccinating their kids).

      When you have people unwilling to do the right thing and it’s getting innocent people killed and you do nothing to stop it, you’re morally responsible for the murders of these innocent people.

  • Screenwriter
    It is shocking so many people have avoided getting this shot when between 90 and 99 percent of the people infected in hospitals today are unvaccinated.


    But here's the facts about that. We have no idea WHO these vaccinated people have been exposed to, if they're essential workers or have been repeatedly exposed to a host of unvaccinated people among friends or family.

    And the truth about the vaccinated people who've gotten sick: They are almost uniformly NOT AT RISK FOR DEATH. Their illnesses are shorter and less severe. They recover more quickly.

    What about these facts makes people reluctant to get vaccinated?

    As Dr. Fauci said so succintly yesterday on the news. If people had acted this way when polio or smallpox vaccines were introduced, there would still be polio and smallpox. These two VIRUSES have been eradicated WORLDWIDE because of vaccination.

    There are virtually NO CHILDHOOD DISEASES among vaccinated children.

    Few get mumps, measles, chickenpox, whooping cough anymore. I HAD ALL OF THESE. Had whooping cough many times. I missed at least two months of school ages 7 to 9. And the flu? Add another 10 days to get over that and I missed another 3 to 4 months of grade school and high school from the flu.

    I got flu and colds all the time... and was healthy. Not immunocompromised.

    There is an anti-science ignorance that is rampant today. Where it has come from, I don't know. But the world experience of the efficacy of vaccines to eliminate needless suffering from the human condition speaks volumes. Let's hope it drowns out foolish ignorance.
  • JoeyRock
    Yes, absolutely.

    Everyday I beg for humankind to grow a pair of neurons and realize that this is not gonna die out like the flu. Keep your distance, don't leave unless necessary, and wear a mask, of course.

    I won't say much about wearing a mask outside. But if it starts getting crowded or it's an indoors space, then please keep it on.

    The vaccine does not give you complete immunity. Especially when the virus is mutating so much these days.
  • Ryfyle
    I think its bullshit reasoning. A Virus's only goal is to Replicate, not to out right kill it's host. A Virus may get more infectious but not more deadly as that would be counter intuitive. Unless this is a fucked up Virus is being actively updated, I doubt there's much threat.
    • True that a virus only tries to replicate itself and doesn't have any particular intent on killing its host. Killing its host is just a side effect. Ebola is extremely deadly, which actually makes it easier to contain because the host may die before he can pass along. However, some viruses, like polio, may cripple and not kill. Lyme disease makes life permanently miserable for the host. Who thinks we should simply let Lyme disease or polio run its course? Would you seriously not get a vaccine for malaria if you go on a some safari vacation in the Congo? How about rabies? If you get bitten by a rabid bat, dog, raccoon and the virus has time to creep to your brain there is 99% chance of death. But getting a vaccine kills the virus before it can kill you with 99.99 percent effectiveness.

    • Ryfyle

      You know Malaria is a Parasite right? And you can't really Vaccinate against a Parasitic infection. here's the Deal you Dippy Fuck what they have pushed out isn't a Vaccine but more like Gene Therapy. There not using Dead Viral Particles, It's mRNA to make a Protein the Virus has. This Shit was never past by the FDA. So yeah, I got your fucking worthless injection and now I don't know how long I have to live for.

  • TsundereMatrix
    Here in British Columbia, Canada masks are now optional for fully vaccinated people. I only had my first dose so I still have to wear a mask even though the current policy says no proof of vaccination is necessary for those who are fully vaccinated.
  • Oigit
    I did get vaccinated and have not done so since. Though there is a chance I'll simply dressed like a member of the Death Korps of Krieg in my everyday life. Simply due to how crazy everything is goingDo You Still Need to Wear a Mask?
  • tuvwxyz
    Fauci said I didn't at the start of the pandemic, as well as common masks won't stop microbes & that's good enough... somehow this morphed into the idea a common mask could be like a mosquitoe net, with pores more massive than the microbes themselves would prevent them from escaping.
    • The virus needs to be attached to something like spittle to be spread, which is what PPE masks are designed to block.

  • matchrestore
    I work in the event industry and there are some clients that require our staff to wear masks still, but that is becoming more rare. Our entire staff is vaccinated, so when working in the office or warehouse we never wear masks unless we're meeting with a client who is wearing a mask.
  • taboomaster
    If we take the money out of covid for hospitals. Covid wouldn't have been nearly this "deadly".

    Covid isn't as bad as you want to fear.
  • msc545
    Even if you have been fully vaccinated, there is still a possibility of catching Covid and a small but real possibility of dying from it. Why take a chance?
    • Because the Delta variant is on the rise in almost every state and 99 percent of the people getting it are unvaccinated.

    • msc545


  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    No matter what they say, I refuse not to wear a mask
    I have health problems both mentally and physically
    so I can't take any chances, this world is full of cow
  • ImSparkly
    Yes, my kiddo isn't old enough to be vaccinated, so we all still wear masks when out in enclosed spaces, like shopping, arcade, picking up take-away.
  • roy_ricky09
    I honestly don't understand why people are so reluctant on wearing a mask. Are you tired?
    Have you thought about the people who are working every day doctors nurses helping staff... since this whole thing started and wore mask every day.
    Everyone if you are vaccinated, you could still be a carrier and might infect others when it would affect you much.
    • You are looking for people's opinions on this when you should study about it and follow the guidelines.
      And yes, go ahead with DISLIKE

  • loves2learn
    I have been vaccinated. I wear masks when required.
  • Tunasub
    I do still on occasion. Not as much as we were encouraged to... how about you?
    • I am vaccinated. I wear a mask when shopping. I am also extra diligent about washing my hands. There are elderly unvaccinated family members and children in my family.

  • FiftyOneFifty
    I'm just gonna save some time and instead or arguing just laugh at the stupidity of this post.
  • libsaretards
    Nope. There are many diseases worse than COVID-19 that we never wore masks for. We need to quit being so susceptible to what the media narrative puts out. Also, I am fully vaccinated. Yes, the virus can evolve, but so does the flu.
  • red_knight
    Unfortunately you still need to wear a mask... I don't know then what the fuck was the point of the vaccine
  • FriendlyDrugDealer
    I still wear my masks at work or when I’m out and about even if I’m vaccinated.
  • Wiredone
    I'm not vaccinated so I continue to wear a mask. I think even if I was vaccinated I would still wear it
  • Alejandro3000
    The other viruses are likely to spread as people didn't get vaccinated the year before.
    So yes that mask is going to save you from catching the cold/flu etc.
  • Sabretooth
  • menina
    Yes I still need to wear it. It's still mandatory where I live and I don't feel safe if I'm not wearing one. Besides that I'm not fully vaccinated yet, the Delta variant is dominant in the country where I live and most people are irresponsible and don't follow the rules.
    Also vaccines are not 100% effective and this is a global virus. We will only be able to walk around without fear and concerns when all countries are safe.

    If I were you I wouldn't waste my time arguing with Covid deniers. This website has a lot of them and all they do is sucking your energy and getting to your nerves. They're lost causes.
  • natured
    See I'm very neutral when it comes tot he pandemic, some swear to everything it was made up some don't... so in these cases I become neutral.
    I wear masks when I feel that it gets too crowded, but trust me, the mask saved me from getting the usual FLU i get every single winter or season change, like ALWAYS since I WAS BORN... this is the first time that I didn't get it and i'm sure it's because I was wearing a mask.
    But ye, in italy you don't have to wear them outside, but you have to wear them inside public places.
  • abc3643
    When I go to a medical facility, I am required to wear a mask.
  • TommyMountainFigure
    The way I see it is look at the countries least hit by the pandemic and use them as an example.
  • Interstate
    Pennsylvania lifted the mandate to wear wasted medical supplies. So we are exempt.
  • OddBeMe
    I don’t know honestly. I’m hearing the CDC is thinking of starting it again. This hasn’t been managed well, but that’s not proof it’s a conspiratorial hoax.
  • Fion3il
    I am fully vaccinated, for the most part I wear the mask. I have it on in stores and everything, but I dont wear it most of the time when with friends.
  • realDonaldTrumpJr
    You're not gonna give me the jab and I even made my own vaccination card and got it laminated to keep in my wallet in case anyone asks me to put on a mask.
  • CasaNorba
    "At least until there's another Covid variant"

    yeah ok buddy, the news is gonna make up variants until every single dumbass in the world is vaccinated. so if you wanna be a lab rat for the rest of your life believing all the bullshit you hear on the news then be my guess.

    "The current vaccinations are effective against the Delta Variant and according to the CDC fully vaccinated people don't need to wear masks."

    neither do people who refuse to get the vaccine because after all this pandemic is a hoax created to scare people into getting vaccinated, and no those vaccine are not design to WORK WITH YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. they are design to depopulate the world.

    so to answer your question, No, I dont need to wear a mask. I just do out of the respect of the blind sheeps that I'm surrounded by in life
  • genericname85
    i just think it's funny, that every schmuck who wants to call themself "scientist" gets a platform on youtube as long as they repeat after the governemntally enforced opinion. "actual" experts and life long scholars of respective topics that speak up critiquing that the risks of the measures we're currently taken aren't properly accounted for are just silenced and deplatformed.

    meanwhile flat earth and "free energy" and other bullshit like that is still not deplatformed, even though, there's no real question about that being utter bullshit with no actual experts speaking up for it.
  • Guardian45
    They're recommended, but not mandatory. I live in the city with The Longest Lockdown in North America.
  • Still-alive
    I stopped wearing mine. Fully vaccinated with the phizer vaccine
  • Tomisalami7
    I leave all my decision making up to the Government. Whenever and whatever they say goes.
  • 2ndTryatThis
    Great post!
  • hellacray
    If I see workers wearing masks well so do I.
  • Kelly6
    Yes we still need masks
  • NorthwestRider
    I am fully vaccinated so nope
  • stuntbrain
    Always will. People make me sick
  • Sketti2021
  • najekim
    Nope. All shot up.
  • kevyhanma
    No face no case amirite 😂
  • MudRucker
    Fuck no!!!
  • QuietRunner
    70% vaccinated

    F#ck no!
  • CubaPirate
    Unfortunately yes until 19 July
  • Erron_Black
    yes still wear mask here :/
  • Anonymous
    "How do we avoid a deadlier Covid variant? Get as many people vaccinated as possible."

    This ^^

    Unfortunately, as long as there are so many people who are unvaccinated, we will always have a need to wear masks during upticks in infections like we are seeing right now. There is soooooooooooooooo much ignorance about the vaccinations, and unfortunately that ignorance is literally killing thousands of people.
  • Anonymous
    Hear me out, I think people are going to be paranoid about getting sick now regardless if Covid is eradicated or not. Do I think vaccines work? Sure, but we really don't know the long term effects of it do we? Would I want to get some 10 year booster shot vaccine? No, I wouldn't. I was never a fan of the flu shot. However, I did get my two doses of Moderna and I don't want to get more than that. Regarding your question on masks? I would still wear one during peak flu seasons or heavily populated situations (ie: on a bus or in a mall). My answer is not to offend people. Tbh, I didn't go crazy staying inside the house during lockdown. Yes, there were things I missed such as seeing family/friends, going to the movies, sporting events and what not but I am content with cable, food, video games.