Musings about masks

Musings about masks

Masks are symbolic of being gagged, bound, silenced and controlled.

They are obviously bondage and discipline accessories. But there is also sado-masochism involved, because they are restrictive, uncomfortable and unhealthy.

They say "I am submissive and compliant."

They mark people as members of an exclusive gang or tribe that is hostile toward non-members on the basis of fear, self-righteousness and otherness.

Masks strip people of their identity, agency and humanity by making them anonymous.

They serve to alienate people from each other. They dehumanize.

When a person wears a mask, you can't see their face. All you can see is fear, emptiness or resignation in their eyes.

Masks serve to further divorce people from nature by depriving them of the ability to tilt their face to the warm sun, close their eyes, and drink deeply of the cool, life-giving, fresh, scented air.

Musings about masks
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