The 1st step to get rid of Racism


This mytake will not be put together well just want to get out my thoughts quickly.

The 1st step to ridding of racism is simple and really the only step. First we have to look at 2 things... Racism and Race.

There is much more we could look at but to get tot he point we can all logically say Racism is the child of Race. Now whether not Racism was the idea of origin and needed Race to birth is another discussion.

If Race is the parent then it is the head of the snake. Cut off the head of the snake and the rest will follow. Racism cannot exist without Race. Now some of you may be saying but Race exist you cannot just pretend it doesn't...

Well actually Race doesn't biologically or historically exist... Ethnicity does but race does not. In fact there are more biological difference in the ethnic groups in Africa than there are between "Black and White people". When a doctor says this disease affects White people more, it is not because of skin color. Now I cannot get into the science of it all off the top of my head but you can do that for yourself and you should. Go prove it to yourself. Go research.

Sooo if Science and Historical record both back the idea that Race doesn't exist, is there any reason to keep believing in this lie called Race?

NO. Now, I get it, to suddenly now stop believing in this lie called Race is a big ask... But think... What pros come from believing in Race? Now ask yourself do those pros out weigh the cons of believing in Race? Because I assure you Racism will always exist unless you denounce the lie of Race. Same for all labels. That is what they do. They always do. They separate and limit things. That is what labels are meant to do but in the case of race it is not worth it.

So now that you know the truth you have to turn it into a belief. It is not a belief if you just say you believe. That is not how beliefs work. You consciously know race is a bunch of bs but unconsciously you still believe in it. Every time you think of races or say "white" or "Black" you need to correct yourself and remind yourself that race does not exist. Only the human race exist. The repetition of that will cause the belief to happen.

Most importantly teach your damn kids the truth. No one should have an issue with accepting this idea for it is backed by science and historical record. Your kids will be able to accept this truth a lot quicker than you do and most of you will be TOO LAZY and not care enough to turn this into a belief which means your kids are the only hope. Teach your kids the truth so we can all be done with the cons of race and racism.

1 pale guy and 1 dark guy. I dont see no white and black guy. Do you?
1 pale guy and 1 dark guy. I don't see no white and black guy. Do you?
The 1st step to get rid of Racism
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  • Floppy2112
    As long as there is money to be made and power to be gained by racial politics, this 'racsim' problem will never go away. The government is ramping up efforts against 'right-wing extremism' by the creation of a database. That means through the power of big tech, if someone gets dinged on one platform, it basically removes their ability to live. It's designed to take out people's ability to bank and make money. And there is no due process, all it takes is an accusation.
    Further, the definition of 'right-wing extremist' has been expanded to mean anybody who is anti-establishment. They are using the ADL's lists and definitions. The ADL is an openly marxist organization. They aren't talking about the kkk, the kkk is a branding to stain anybody who the ADL doesn't like. And as we heard from Jen Psakis own mouth, that the Federal Government is scouring Facebook looking for these so-called extremists. Which also just means republicans and anybody who is center-right and has an old photo with them doing an 'ok' hand gesture. Damn 4 chan thought it was a big joke, well it was until the ADL and the APLC decided to make it a racist gesture. So, way to go 4chan. You thought they wouldn't be that absurd, but they elitists in this country went for it, hook line and sinker. Getting people fired and canceled because they were indicating they were 'okay'. So now when you escape from a buring car and you are coughing and can't speak, but someone asks you if you are alright, you are flashing a hate symbol to say your are okay. We are dying as a nation. And racism is going nowhere but up. We have already gotten segregated dorms and graduation ceremonies, it's a matter of time before it creeps into the rest of culture.
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  • rcljr
    Ah, grasshopper, you make the same mistake the leftists do. Thinking you can change a word or definitions meaning often enough that folks just accept it… well, not this kid. ALL people are of the HUMAN RACE, while there are many ethnicities and nationalities. The FIRST STEP in fighting racism is to accept that you have no fucking clue what the word means, other than what the fake media told you it meant.
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  • DollAlone
    You make a great point and i understand where you and science are coming from but the bottom line is HUMANS. WE are idiots , superficial, egotistic, sexist, ignorant, naive, close minded and by nature, categorize ourselves into groups and recognize the differences in us all. Im sure at one time, RACE was merely used to identify ourselves and have a sense of individuality which wasn't meant to segregate and cause issues bit because of the petty personality flaws in human nature, RACE somehow ended up being a "card" and something the Human "race" can complain about or debate with others leading to the immature, ignorant mentalities we have now. If everyone treated others as they want to be treated themselves, the world would get along fine. But to some that would be boring or unfair. So here we are
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    • rcljr

      We must also realize that black Africans sold black African slaves first, kidnapping them and making them slaves first, then selling them when the market arose, I’m assuming with the Europeans, West Indies, the colonies.

  • purplepoppy
    While it is somewhat true to claim there's more difference within a race than between races it's completely nonsense (and racist) to claim there are no races. The reality is there is enough major phenotypical differences to make the distinction.

    Another point is africa is huge, it's produced several black races just as Europe has produced many white races. But while anthopologists can tell the differences most of us can't. Once hybridization starts thing get more complex. People are happy to just keep it simple and identify themselves as black, white etc.
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    • HiveBee

      What is a race? The concept of race itself is impossible. It is not scientific and is not used in science.

      Phenotypes, sure, and many other terms.

      "Race" is not a scientifically valid term.

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  • Lliam
    I love it! And you're 100% right, PoliteSpeaker. You destroyed the idea of basing race on physiognomy.

    The Portuguese invented the idea of black versus white in the mid 1400s in order to capitalize on their trade routes between Africa, the New World and Europe.

    Britain began to colonize India in the early 1600s. They used the term "white" to describe themselves as differentiated from the "natives".

    By the end of the 1600s, American colonies had begun to make legal distinctions based on "African" physiognomy; the legal status of black people deteriorated while the rights of white European Americans increased.

    A system of slavery in which enslavement was lifelong, hereditary, and based solely on race was established in Virginia in the early 1700s.

    So, beginning in 1450, when Europeans first began sailing around the coast of Africa, they invented the idea that Africans were inferior in order to justify exploiting them as commodities.

    Race became a "scientific" theory after publication and misinterpretation of Darwin's work on natural selection.
    The use of Caucasian to mean white was popularized in 1775 by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, a German anthropologist. He proposed that there were five major divisions: the Caucasoid race, the Mongoloid race (Asan), the Ethiopian race (later termed Negroid), the American Indian race, and the Malayan race. But he did not propose any hierarchy among the races.
    That "science" has long since been debunked.

    The idea of race was always an artificial construct based on 1) a need to rationalize trading human lives for profit, and/or 2) Eurocentrism. Anglocentrism established the idea of slavery based on race in America.

    I agree that ethocentrism and xenophobia have always existed. People are suspicious of what they don't understand, including other cultures. People are also entitled to their own preferences in regards to physical features. But the idea of race has been debunked by both modern science and history. It doesn't matter if we come from different parts of the world. We all belong to one race. The human race.

    Thank you for your MyTake.
  • HiveBee
    Unfirtunately most racist people are just not on this level. They can't understand science, and they never rooted their beliefs in genetics.

    Most racist people are racist for the most silly ignorant reasons. And no amount of explanation will change their mind. They are literally too stupid to be convinced by facts.
  • pjf1958
    The most popular idea is for two individuals, one white one black, belonging to two different socio-economic classes. Then, have them trade places for a fixed time interval. It's always the individual from the lower economic background that learns the most. The black individual, didn't need to trade places. Because theirs nothing to learn in the white kids world. That's the goal of the black kid. That's not the best place to learn this lesson. The proper set-up is to take the white kid, place him in school with the black kid, so he can learn first hand how difficult it is just to try to learn in that environment.
  • backdoorman
    Racism will never go away until we stop constantly talking about it and politicians stop using it as a tool.
  • Massageman
    one race = human race. simple.
  • MrJMM
    Get rid of people.
  • KrakenAttackin
    Only a stupid white liberal believes this stuff.
  • Abdulwahh
    To change your mindset about it

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