How To Feel Pretty On The First Day Of School

It's the beginning of summer, but it's never too early to be thinking about the start of school. For the next couple of months you're probably going to be in the sun a lot. This can cause some problems. However, with and a couple of fashion and beauty tips, you can feel assured that you're going to look great when school starts.

1. Spend the last few weeks of summer shopping for new clothes. Make a list of things you need. Make sure when you buy something it's flattering ON YOU. This is an easy rule to violate so always try things on. (And if something doesn't fit DON'T BUY IT. No matter how cute it is.)
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2. Get a manicure. This is really important. It may seem like a small detail but trust me, people notice. Try to pick a summery color but nothing too flashy. Light pinks often work very well for the first week of school. (Or anytime. It's just a good color.)

3. After months of sun, your hair needs some help. Look for a new haircut and bring that picture with you. If your changing you hair, get this done at least a week before so you have time to get used to it. If it's just a trim I would suggest about 3 days before.

4. Work on your confidence. Hold your head up when you walk, sit up straight in your chair and smile every chance you get. Makeup won't matter if you don't have a smile. If you act like you look good, others will notice this.
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5. Get all supplies early. This will help you feel relaxed.

6. Talk with your friends. If you feel comfortable that you have friends that feel a little nervous too you're going to feel a lot better. Maybe even have a makeover or sleepover with them so you can all look better- together.

7. Make a list of goals. I would suggest adding "make (whatever number) new friends". This way, you have to smile. Also, you will talk to people more, and the more people you know the more confident you'll feel.
How To Feel Pretty On The First Day Of School
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  • WeaponZero
    Honestly, I never thought about this when I was in school and I looked down on people who did. I know it was wrong of me though, but I still feel that it's superficial to worry about it. But to me school wasn't a place I went to meet people, it was just school.
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  • xlibertine
    Sorry it should probably be under style. Not flirting that was a mistake
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  • metaldave20
    Weapon, saying that you don't care about this kind of thing, is like for you saying you don't care about a bike the first time you see it

    first impressions are huge, girls love to be ready for things like this, and when you're in an interview for a job, you want to make a good first impression by dressing properly, not like a slob

    anyway, nice article, sounds like you really knew how to get through school
  • Toshytosee
    I would wear my brand new clothes after like 3 weeks of school would pass by, of course I would wear my favortie shirt and jeans first.
  • jinxed13
    I think ur article is cool and useful