Did you know the national debt is increasing by almost two million dollars a minute, which is over $700 a day PER PERSON?


Did you know the national debt is increasing by almost two million dollars a minute, which is over $700 a day per person?

The Federal government spends $250,000 of your money ON TOP of what you already pay taxes every year. That's $250,000 a year that my generation is going to have to pay back.

The "Democrats" want to increase it. More and more and more. And that's why I can't believe anyone who is sane and Informed is actually voting for them.

Imagine if the ballot said "increase my taxes by $250,000 a year and/or make my kids pay an extra $500,000 plus interest"

You wouldn't vote for that.
Trump wouldn't seem so bad.

No sane and well-informed voter could still vote for the Democrats. Even if you don't think fair trials matter, $250,000 a year, on top of what we pay in taxes, per person, including babies.... !?!

Would you really vote for the people who want to INCREASE that? Like that isn't enough already? That's fucking crazy.

That hurts people way more than Covid. Especially young people. My Gramma was the mayor of her town for decades. She told me she wanted to abolish social security so I didn't have to pay for her to eat. I was horrified, but she said it was the right thing to do. And, she said that $170 a month didn't pay for shit. She literally drove to the store to buy me breakfast.

Would you really vote to charge me $500,000 a year on top of taxes? My Gramma wouldn't.

That's not going to work out. They don't pay me like that. That will actually destroy our country.

I think that is their goal. Bridges don't cost $2,000,000 a minute in maintenance. Like.. common sense people!

That is absolutely insane.

You don't want to pay my rent, and I don't blame you.

So, why would you vote for the "Democrats" who want to spend $250,000 a year of your money on top of the 28 trillion we already owe, and what you already pay in taxes?!?

That's TWO MILLION dollars of your money by the end of a four-year term. Do you have Two Million Dollars?!?

I don't either.

We already owe $80,000,000 per person. EIGHTY MILLION. And most of us don't have that kind of money.

So, why would anyone in their right mind vote to increase it by $250,000 a year when the average person makes $31,000?!?

This is why I assume anyone who votes for them gets their information from CNN and ABC and doesn't do their own math.

So your own research, it doesn't add up. It doesn't make any sense at all. We need to stop illegal immigration, stop government spending, and cut the military. The Democrats do the exact opposite. And it costs everyone in the country $250,000 a year which is 8 times the average income.

How can you spend EIGHT times as much money as you make?!? YOU can't! That's absolutely insane, it's doomed to go horribly wrong. I'm not a certified accountant but, my Gramma was. And let me tell you, that's not fiscally responsible.

It hasn't worked so far. It couldn't possibly. So I think, anyone still voting for that crap and expecting a different result is insane. By definition. Absolutely bat shit crazy.

Me, I'm not crazy. I'm just good at math.

That's the real reason they want to lock me up.

But seriously, how could anyone actually vote to INCREASE that spending? And... You think they are going to a Two Million dollars a minute MAINTAINING BRIDGES?!?

Please, tell me how people think that makes sense and go vote democrat. Cus I really can't wrap my head around it.

Did you know the national debt is increasing by almost two million dollars a minute, which is over $700 a day PER PERSON?
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  • kc_4308
    Yes and it’s gonna cause mass inflations what we’re seeing now. I just grocery shopped and I spent extra then my normal spending on items that I normally don’t spend extra on. It’s causing people to stock / panic buy because of the prices and limit of supplies. The debt is to the ceiling now and will cause food / shortages big time and an economic collapse, but I can’t stand Democrats ever since the step foot in the White House this country has been declining big time. We have issues at the border, medical tyranny going on, people losing their jobs , homes, and careers behind work mandates, scam going on with c-19, and now they want to jab our children without consent. Let’s not forget what’s going on at the docks with boats importing and exporting out this country.
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    • It won’t cause mass inflation because inflation is not primarily driven by fiscal spending

    • kc_4308

      If you can’t see what’s going on @tatarsaus shame on you- you’re part of the problem

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    They're getting paid to steal everything out from under us. By those who would enslave us for countless generations. By those who'd colonize our land. They're traitors.
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  • BlacklightShade
    Did you know the national debt is increasing by almost two million dollars a minute, which is over $700 a day PER PERSON?https://www.propublica.org/article/national-debt-trump

    The national debt increased 39 percent during Trump’s presidency. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 contributed to the soaring debt.
    https://marketrealist.com/p/national-debt-under-trump/ .
    • Looks like it rose consistently till the pandemic Fauci paid to engineer.

      Presidents don't set the budget, and the Democratics still controllled Congress or were close to it.

      People who think the president makes laws and sets the budget are entitled to their opinions, but if you don't know who makes the decisions I'm not going to take you seriously when you tell me who to blame.

      The republicans vote no way more. Every time it's the same argument. The Democrats want to raise it, the Republicans don't.

      Doesn't matter who is in the Whitehouse when it's Congress making the decision. 🤦🏼‍♂️

      We learned about the three branches of government in 6th grade. And by we I mean... Me and my classmates. Aparently not everyone was so lucky.

  • 888theGreat
    US is all but through. The people will realize the 1950's , 1980's, and 1990's will never happen again. That the Gov't printing money to keep it a float is not going to work and they will stop spending and hoard their money and then it is all over. Or they will work 80 hours a week and after living expenses they will have $1 left over and say , "why am I killing myself , and have nothing left over?" Then stop buying things.
    • I flat out refuse.

      Working all day to end up with the same or less is slavery. Sugar coat it any way you want, I won't bite.

      If I'm going to have no money either way, you can bet your ass I won't be working.

      It's common sense. Too many people are brainless and brainwash.

  • jshm2
    Seems you're too simple minded to understand how economies work.

    Also, the USA has been living beyond it's means for decades. Why else do you think it's debts are going to shit?
    • Seems you are too brainwashed to realize that spending more money than we have is bad economics. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • t-8900
    I've known all this for a long time and yet... i'm not going to point finger but there are certain groups of people that thinking spending more on useless junk won't hurt anything and you can just keep printing more and more money and not have the USD turn in Reichsmarks
  • tartaarsaus
    Lol Trump quite literally passed legislation that substantially increases the deficit while not generating any meaningful economic growth to compensate for it.

    More realistically, tax just needs to increase vastly.
    • Last I checked, Trump is not president anymore. So stop your whataboutism like liberals ever cared about the national debt. Oh wait they only care when they're not the ones increasing it.

    • @SlightlyEccentric

      So can you read? The main thesis of the question is that the democrats keep increasing debt and e. g. Trump would be better. Except Trump without any valid economic reason ramped up the debt

    • Liberals think the president makes laws.

      With that level of understanding... It's no wonder they fall for everything else.

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  • ThrowAwayx404
    Funny how there no mention of the perpetual increase in defense spending which makes up a ridiculous portion of the national budget, is more money than the next 16 or so countries and is almost entirely supported by Republicans.

    It’s a joke to listen to any right winger talk about the Democrats and the budget.

    By the way, I do think Democrats need to chill the fuck out, but Republicans don’t have ANY standing on which to say anything about the budget.
    • I actually did mention that in a comment.

      If we cut the military budget in half we could double everything else we do and still spend more money than China who has way more people.

      Bush was an idiot. Obama lied. Trump actually ended the way, and then Biden made a mess of it, left 80 billion dollars worth of high tech military gear behind for the Taliban and then literally wanted to send them a check.

      So, I'm interested to hear how you think the Democratic aren't the ones throwing money away. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • *Democrats. I don't know why my phone always does that.

      A lot of republicans are idiots. But most Democrats support the ridiculous wars too. It's 50/50 there if you take Trump out of the equation because he isn't real in either camp.

      Obama had 8 years to end the war. He didn't. Trump was set to do it in 5. Biden didn't do a better job, not to mention he was in the Whitehouse for the whole 8 years Obama was president and did nothing to end the way.

      I honestly think they fucked up that badly on purpose then intentionally bombed children to make an excuse to keep people on the ground over there.

      It had nothing to do with helping people. They are laundering trillioms of tax dollars through DoD contracts.

      Obama and Biden did it for 8 years. Trump literally didn't take the $300,000 salary.

      McConnel is as corrupt and dishonest as Joe Biden. But shit, at least they are more up front about it.

      The democrats flat out lie and trick people into thinking they are going to spend $3.5 trillion building bridges and not raise taxes or the deficit when in reality they are giving trillions to their friends all over the US, China, and even less trustworthy groups at our expense.

      The republicans are WAY more likely to vote for less government and less spending. And WAY more likely to actually end wars and DEFEND Instead killing kids and throwing money away.

    • I know a guy who was a marine under Obama. He told me they made him shoot unarmed children in their homes and stack their bodies up to be counted.

      Milly is an unelected democrat pet who ignored the president and tried to take personal control of the military under Trump. The locked a marine up for just telling the truth about what happened.

      They don't care about poor people in the middle east any more than the people they fined hundreds for not being able to afford health Insurance.

      They are frauds, scammers and worse. They love "spending" that's their code word for they take our money and keep it, then borrow from us to pay for their schemes.

      I am more than happy to talk about the military spending. Absolutely agree that is the biggest piece of the problem.

  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Sorry but this is just a pile emotionally driven garbage.
    • Math and numbers hurt liberals feelings.

      But man, if you think numerical statistics are emotionally drive garbage you should see what "social justice" and "open boarders" look like from outside the sheep pen bro.


    • Leftists are literally so focused on 1+1=Racism that regular old math is enough to trigger them. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Unless you were referring to the name above your comment and not my post. 😉👌

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  • supercutebutt
    Republicans only care about the debt when there is a (D) next to the name of the Prez. LOL. Give it a rest, my doofish friend.
    • This has been an issue under pretty much every president.

      It's not about who's president. It's about the 4 trillion dollars the Democrats want to pocket out of the wallets of you and me.

      You don't like the republicans. That's fine. But why are you not outraged that your side is spending 250,000 of your dollars every year, ON TOP of the debt we already owe?

      Do you have that kind of money? If not, YOU should be concerned. Regardless of which politicians are or aren't.

    • You can say the republicans don't really care. I'd tend to agree with you on that.

      But at least they are voting no while the Democrats demand more and more trillions for what?

      Bridges don't cost that much, and the money obviously isn't going to that anyways.

  • exitseven
    All people hear is that healthcare is free, college is free, child care is free. For many of them it is plus a lot of other stuff like housing and EBT cards. Obama was known as the EBT president. For illegal aliens most of this stuff is free forever and the rest of us pick up the tab.
  • Exterminatore
    I was not aware about some of this, I have not looked at it.

    People who vote Democrat, generally speaking live in a fairy tail land of idealism. Defund the police - then crime rises and they’re shocked. Let’s pull out if Afghanistan…today…right now …with no plan and ignore all military doctrine for such an operation - then they’re shocked at what happened. A black kid shoots up a school in Texas and is released on bail…but white nationalism is the problem so no one is concerned about letting a mass shooter out on bail. All this is just they tip of the iceberg.

    I do believe they are intentionally trying to destroy this country. I consider them internal enemies.
    • kc_4308

      What’s going to happen when there is no law enforcement to protect them from foreign enemies? We need law enforcement to protect us and we need our military !

    • kc_4308

      The Democrats are EVIL and their race baiting or trying to start a war

    • I believe the Democrats are evil. On the subject of race I believe they intentionally keep blacks down in order to take advantage of them.

      They continually tell blacks that they are victimized. In the past blacks have certainly been disparaged and treated grossly unfairly, often by law and state and federal government policy. For example Jim Crow laws and segregation.

      Those days are long gone now thankfully. However the democrats continually drill into the heads of blacks that they’re victims. That they face a wall of oppression everywhere they go. They put it in the heads of blacks that basically all across America it’s 1950 Mississippi Burning. While they are busy telling blacks this and reminding them of the past they also provide what they act like is the only solution to the problem, the Democrat party. The solutions they offer are intended to keep blacks dependent on the Democrats. So they put the problem in the minds of blacks and then offer themselves as the only solution.

      For example they talk about unemployment in the black community, the. open the borders so struggling blacks will have to compete with foreign nationals in the job market as the rest of us do. If blacks statistically are the race with the most poverty how does it help them to make them compete with foreign nationals for the available jobs that help might lift them out of poverty?

      They want to teach critical race theory in schools, but don’t have an inclination to teach sex ED. More blacks are born out of wedlock than any other race. Having children one can’t afford will affect individual prosperity. Why aren’t we having classes that teach about birth control and where to obtain it? Why aren’t we having classes that teach how much children cost to raise? Why aren’t we having classes about basic household economics? It seems to me these things would be beneficial. Why aren’t we making birth control easily obtainable and free in black neighborhoods?

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  • worldscolide
    This is what the leftists want.. They voted for this..
  • genericname85
    you should look at how much it shot up thanks to the idiotic covid measures that didn't evidently prevent one single death...
  • Wester1967
    Until you guys decide to reign in the Pentagon and close your yearly 650 billion dollar overseas imperial empire, you just sound like a bunch of clueless wanks.
    • If we cut our military in half, we could double everything else we spend money on and still spend more on our military than China with way more people.

      Trust me, I would change things if I could.

      Blame the people on here saying it isn't a problem.

  • beefy40
    the left want everyone to be poor, but the ones who will run the one party. This is how the USSR union worked.
  • John_Doesnt
    It doesn't affect anybody.
  • humanearth
    Fucking Shame
  • Anonymous
    Thanks, The Fed.
  • Anonymous
    Oh yes. I blame the Republicans since Ronald Reagan took office. Reagan skyrocketed the debt with his stupid tax cuts. It never occurred to that old fool that cutting taxes forces the government to borrow.

    Bill Clinton came in to save the day and managed to make a surplus, but then George W. Bush came and spent out of control so that the debt came back because of his wars. Obama came close to fixing the economy, but not quite. Trump then increased the debt.

    I really don't like Republicans. I don't hate them, I just wish they'd take time to consider the African Americans, the immigrants, the disabled and the poor whites. There's a reason as to why more Republicans are white, American-raised, able-bodied and well off. They never had to struggle as much and they want to keep it that way.
    • kc_4308

      I’m black and Republican soooo

    • Anonymous

      @kc_4308 so that means you should take time to consider that too much tax cuts means more debt we owe China. It's unsustainable.

  • Anonymous
    Monetary policy is similar to the 70s right now but things did tighten in the 80s when interest rates were raised to 18% for a short time and cooled inflation off. There’s going to be a point when this hits the fan. I think that time is coming soon and is why the spending bills are stuck in congress and have been for over 6 months.
  • Anonymous
    Blah blah blah - Republicans only care about the Debt when the Democrats want to spend it on helping people.

    When it comes to war and corporate bail outs and tax cuts for the rich, Republicans don't give a shit about the debt.

    Take your hypocrisy and shove it up your ass.
    • Trump was the one who decided to end the war. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • And that money doesn't actually go to helping people.

      It goes to the politicians and their pals.

      They tell you it's to help poor people but let me tell you, I'm poor and they don't help me AT ALL.

      It's a scam. You don't realize that because you can afford the taxes and you don't need the help.

      They don't help poor people. Obama made it illegal to be too poor to have health insurance. And the punishment was... HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN FINES.

      I know, because I am poor.

      Trump reversed that. I still can't afford insurance but shit, at least they don't charge me fines for not having it.

      It's common sense that doesn't help poor people. You don't care about the poor. You just believe what you are told because it makes you feel good.

    • Anonymous

      Blah blah blah. Like YOU were helped by Republicans. Stop kidding yourself.

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  • Anonymous
    That math sounds off. That would suggest that the annual deficit is in the neighborhood of $82 trillion. It's more like $3 trillion. Still a lot, but let's not get overly dramatic about it.
    • I think you got your decimal wrong and it's 82 billion.

      If you can show me the mistake I'll edit the post but I checked many times.

      Pretty sure you misplaced a decimal.

    • It's actually just a lot worse than you think.

    • 2,000,000*60*24*365=1,051,200,000,000

      If you're right about it being 3 trillion dollars a year, it's 3 times as bad as I said it was.

      Which would make sense because I intentionally rounded down.

      I was shocked too. But, get your calculator out and you'll see I'm way UNDER. Not way over.

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  • Anonymous
    Why would Biden care about any of that when he knows he'll keel over any die any minute?