Burn it to the Ground!


The U.S. is in crisis. Hell, the entire western world is in crisis. At no point in history has there been more crisis's simultaneously, that are all so uniform in their manifestation, so devastating in their real world effects and so enjoyed by the 'Elites' of the world, who have the power, cash, capital and means to bring us out of it, but willfully choose not to. Which means, all this crap is on purpose. They want to burn it to the ground and then rebuild it in their image as if they were gods.

How lies spread. This is an Emperor has no Clothes moment.
How lies spread. This is an 'Emperor has no Clothes' moment.

What the hell am I talking about? Well, for the U.S. name your crisis, it exists. The Southern Border is apocalyptically bad, completely mismanaged and the devastation being wrought will be felt for decades to come, even if it were to stop today right now. Sure, the government can fix it, it's their border. We know it can be fixed because it has been fixed before. But nobody will do it. Why? Because it is deliberate.

"There is no crisis, we have the situation totally under control and coming to an neighborhood near you."
"There is no crisis, we have the situation totally under control and coming to an neighborhood near you."

The economy is in freefall. Folks, we are in real deep trouble here. If you are blissfully ignorant and do not care well, you will and soon. Inflation is at an all time high with no signs of letting up. The labor market is in absolute turmoil and it's the most bizarre situation anybody has ever seen. There is a struggle to explain it all, but there seems no explanation satisfactory for what we are seeing. Jobs exist and are paying higher than ever and nobody will take them. People are also quitting jobs in record numbers. In the August report, over 4 million people QUIT! They did not get laid off, they didn't get fired, they quit. Naturally, the jobs report was absolutely abysmal. The supply chain is in shambles that's why your local grocery store is out of half of everything. And it's going to get worse, not better. Can it be fixed? You betcha, that's not a problem, but it is not being done. It's not even thought about being done. And don't even get to the M1 money stock. The U.S. dollar is going the way of the Italian Lira after Mussolini. It's going to cost $2000 for a Coke and you won't even bat an eyelash about it. What that does do is it makes the rich, even richer and it will wipe out the savings, 401K's, retirements, etc. It is going to put millions of middle class people into poverty in short order. That $100,000 dollars you save for retirement isn't going to be worth crap, though it may have taken you 20 years to save it. Does Janet Yellen and the Fed know this is a problem? Of course they do. Can they stop it? Yes, the answers are very pragmatic and straightforward and it requires no party allegiance to implement, but the government will not do it. The economy is massively screwed up, I could go on and on, but you get the point, so I will move on.

The future of the middle class
The future of the middle class

The purging of civil liberties and the lucrative merger of corporation and state is without precedent.... in the U.S. There are two other times it has happened (no China does not count, it's different). World War 1 Italy and 1930's Germany, make your fascism\ Nazi equivalency here. The fact is, it doesn't matter what you compare it to, it's always a bad idea. When the government uses private enterprise as the enforcement arm of it's unlegislated edicts and these companies just also happen to control the means of public discourse, you have a really bad problem. While 'free-speech' may not be technically, by the book illegal it is being stomped out with mighty force. The ruination everyday people experience at the hands of either mobs, or the entities themselves (it actually a combination of both) is unprecedented. Did you say something naughty 10 years ago? You get to lose your job, have your reputation destroyed, experience public humiliation, and all your future prospects are simultaneously taken away. Ah but wait, "Maybe if you weren't a nazi fascist this wouldn't have happened, you deserve it! Words have consequences, you know. Here is your punishment." What choice does a person have other than suicide? Oh, they issue the obligatory apology for having effectively done no actual wrong, but the cult members demand their sacrifice. This cult never forgives and never forgets. Your forced apology is now an admission and the justification for your personal destruction is now complete. "But I was just indicating that I was okay, I couldn't talk there was blood in my mouth, I am so sorry!", says the poor bastard. But the cult responds, "Ha! You admit it, you are a racist!" Why so many people stay on social media is beyond me. Only bad things happen there and they design it to addict you.

What could possibly go wrong?
What could possibly go wrong?

I could write about the all problems if you wanted but it would take a 2000 page book.The crisis's are everywhere and we are witnessing it everyday. And all of it is at crisis level, not one of these issues is small. Homelessness and crime are at all time highs too, for instance. But I think you get the point, we all get the point. But, that's not the point.

The point is, we know much of this is solvable with the stroke of a pen and would be received by the public with much gratitude. The actual point is this is deliberate. This idea of burning the entire western system down and rebuilding it into a socialist utopia has been around for decades. It was actually the U.S.S.R. who seeded these ideas in universities and colleges in the 1950's. That is not conjecture, that is actual fact feel free to look it up yourself. However, the leaders in charge, the cronies who have all the money and have all the power know exactly what they are doing.

Not sure what it says, but it cannot be good.
Not sure what it says, but it cannot be good.

The 'Elites'; the Bush's, the Zuckerberg's, the Soros's, the Obama's , the Bezo's, the Cheney's, the Branson's, the Xi's, etc., etc., etc. have been postulating this 'Great Reset' for a long time. They all have spoken about it at various different times in the last 3 decades publically. Don't trust me, look it up. They have been pouring money into think tanks, colleges, local legislatures, government organizations and activist groups for years waiting for the grand moment when a crisis inevitably hits and they can take advantage. Why? For power. They do believe they are right, but to get what they want, they have to tear down the system that is in place. It is too restrictive. That is why the world is seemingly going mad all at once. That is why governments and oligarchs are consuming more and more power using 'emergency' measures and then not relinquishing the power when the crisis abates. And just when you think you're about to turn the corner, yet another wrinkle in said crisis arrives. Amazing the coincidence. They need to add that wrinkle to maintain their grip. And as long as you are locked down and your family and fortune is at stake, you cannot do anything about it. It is why you have these massive problems that are pretty easily solvable with a little 'common sense'. But remain not only unsolved and always made worse. The point is to change the world. And the bleating sheep that helped usher them into their kingly positions will be the first casualties once the take over is completed. Every despot kills their most ardent followers first.

"Hey man, wanna fuck over the middle class?" "Is a frogs ass tight? Hell yeah!"
"Hey man, wanna fuck over the middle class?" "Is a frog's ass tight? Hell yeah!"

Will they win? I don't know, it sure looks like it. There is a kink in their armor, a crack in the glass, a hole in their dam, that they cannot do anything about. And those cracks in their foundation will give way one day.

Reality and truth. There is nothing anyone can do about those two things. Either comply and live ethically or be crushed by their weight. Eventually, truth comes to collect and reality does not suffer fools gladly. So the answer is inevitably, yes they will lose and they will crush under the weight of their own lies. The only question is how bad will it get and how long will it take? And that, I do not know.

They say Gandi was peaceful. Maybe, what he had for sure was a set of brass balls.
They say Gandi was peaceful. Maybe, what he had for sure was a set of brass balls.

What can we do? I don't know, it largely depends on your means and your ability to absorb damage, because you will be damaged in the act of resisting. My suggestion is taking small steps that you can manage. The first thing to do is to stay informed. You're no good to anyone if you do not know what you are talking about. Next talk less, do more. Meaning, don't say it, just do it. Civil disobedience, don't obey. You don't have to talk about it, just don't obey. Try with in the best of your ability to not support oligarchs by using and supporting their products and platforms. Do you really need that social media account? Maybe, but at least think about it. Throw rocks into the cotton gin. Smart slaves in the old South, used to 'accidently' put rocks in the cotton gin's of the slave owners which broke the cotton gin and took it down. Then they would play stupid and act like they didn't know they did it. Use that lesson. If you have access to something being used for evil, don't be afraid to accidentally drop a wrench into the gears. You can use this metaphorically or literally, but it's something. And stop apologizing. Don't let some cultist nut job bitch you out in public for calling them the wrong pronoun or not wearing the appropriate symbol of obedience, tell them to shove it, the best way you know how. Write your congressmen and women. Too many people think that this has no effect. So many so, they congress people hardly get any letters at all because everybody makes the assumption that others are filling up their inboxes all the time. Well it is not true. Almost nobody writes their congressmen anymore. It's your right, give them hell. They may ignore you anyway, but at least the know there is resistance rather than believing there is none. And go to these public forums and confront these public officials. No, do not follow them into bathrooms, please don't do that. But, they hold town halls, go there and let them know what you think.

Dont do what they tell you.
Don't do what they tell you.

That is my rant. It was long and I know hardly anybody will read it, but maybe, just maybe someone will and perhaps they can do great things.

Burn it to the Ground!
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  • jimmy2
    Well good job simply put it about to come into a civil war in US. Red State agsin blue. Red got the guns and the people so branch out to west and east coast
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    Good take!

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