They Are Burning Inside


While she is getting ready for work, her tears she can not hide

They Are Burning Inside

As she sees her daughter, and watches her ex husband take her for a ride

His new wife is a younger women with a pretty face

She is determined to be happy, but divorce has sealed her fate

She does not want anyone to see her cry

But the truth is she is burning inside

They Are Burning Inside

He is a young college student who can barely afford books

At his university, there are rich students everywhere you look

He works part time at the luxury restaurant

His father is a rich man who works all day, but he rejected his son because he is gay

He does not have anything to hide

No one knows that he is studying to become a lawyer, his father says he can come home if he stops being gay and abides, but he keeps his pride and he is still burning inside

They Are Burning Inside

They judge her by the way she looks, she is pretty and knows how to cook

She is going to culinary school soon, but she volunteers for the disabled on the side

Keep on keep on you are burning inside

They Are Burning Inside

I wonder how far along in this world we can become

Where we can see each other equally and march to the beat of one drum

The fire of peace, that tears away the violence

The joy of love, that tears away the violence

Within these flames, there is a hero inside

But only we can save ourselves from burning inside

They Are Burning Inside

They Are Burning Inside
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  • Scrambledagain
    love the play on words and epicness of this. i hate how people judge when you don't know what that person has been through.
  • Fathoms77
    Thank you for your creativity! :)