Thoughts on How Men Are Now More Likely to Be Single Than Women. It's Not a Good Sign!

Thoughts on How Men Are Now More Likely to Be Single Than Women. Its Not a Good Sign!

I find it interesting that according to an article written by Belinda Luscombe, almost a third of adult single men live with a parent. Single men are much more likely to be unemployed, financially fragile and to lack a college degree than those with a partner. They’re also likely to have lower median earnings; single men earned less in 2019 than in 1990, even adjusting for inflation. Single women, meanwhile, earn the same as they did 30 years ago, but those with partners have increased their earnings by 50%.

These are the some of the findings of a new Pew Research analysis of 2019 data on the growing gap between American adults who live with a partner and those who do not. While the study is less about the effect of marriage and more about the effect that changing economic circumstances have had on marriage, it sheds light on some unexpected outcomes of shifts in the labor market.

Over the same time period that the fortunes of single people have fallen, the study shows, the proportion of American adults who live with a significant other, be it spouse or unmarried partner, also declined substantially. In 1990, about 71% of folks from the age of 25 to 54, which are considered the prime working years, had a partner they were married to or lived with. In 2019, only 62% did.

Partly, this is because people are taking longer to establish that relationship. The median age of marriage is creeping up, and while now more people live together than before, that has not matched the numbers of people who are staying single. But it’s not just an age shift: the number of older single people is also much higher than it was in 1990; from a quarter of 40 to 54-year-olds to almost a third by 2019. And among those 40 to 54-year-olds, one in five men live with a parent.

The trend has not had an equal impact across all sectors of society. The Pew study, which uses information from the 2019 American Community Survey, notes that men are now more likely to be single than women, which was not the case 30 years ago. Black people are much more likely to be single (59%) than any other race, and Black women (62%) are the most likely to be single of any sector. Asian people (29%) are the least likely to be single, followed by whites (33%) and Hispanics (38%).

Most researchers agree that the trendlines showing that fewer people are getting married and that those who do are increasingly better off financially have a lot more to do with the effect of wealth and education on marriage than vice versa. People who are financially stable are just much more likely to find and attract a partner.

“It’s not that marriage is making people be richer than it used to, it’s that marriage is becoming an increasingly elite institution, so that people are are increasingly only getting married if they already have economic advantages,” says Philip Cohen, a professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park. “Marriage does not make people change their social class, it doesn’t make people change their race, and those things are very big predictors of economic outcomes.”

This reframing of the issue may explain why fewer men than women find partners, even though men are more likely to be looking for one. The economic pressures on men are stronger. Research has shown that an ability to provide financially is still a more prized asset in men than in women, although the trend is shifting. Some studies go so far as to suggest that the 30-year decrease in the rate of coupling can be attributed largely to global trade and the 30-year decrease in the number of stable and well-paying jobs for American men that it brought with it.

When manufacturing moved overseas, non-college educated men found it more difficult to make a living and thus more difficult to attract a partner and raise a family.

But there is also evidence that coupling up improves the economic fortunes of couples, both men and women. It’s not that they only have to pay one rent or buy one fridge, say some sociologists who study marriage, it’s that having a partner suggests having a future.

“There’s a way in which marriage makes men more responsible, and that makes them better workers,” says University of Virginia sociology professor W. Bradford Wilcox, pointing to a Harvard study that suggests single men are more likely than married men to leave a job before finding another. The Pew report points to a Duke University study that suggests that after marriage men work longer hours and earn more.

There’s also evidence that the decline in marriage is not just all about being wealthy enough to afford it. Since 1990, women have graduated college in far higher numbers than men.

“The B.A. vs. non B.A. gap has grown tremendously on lots of things — in terms of income, in terms of marital status, in terms of cultural markers and tastes,” says Cohen. “It’s become a sharper demarcation over time and I think that’s part of what we see with regard to marriage. If you want to lock yourself in a room with somebody for 50 years, you might want to have the same level of education, and just have more in common with them.”

Wilcox agrees: “You get women who are relatively liberal, having gone to college, and men who are relatively conservative, still living in a working class world, and that can create a kind of political and cultural divide that makes it harder for people to connect romantically as well.”

What seems to be clear is that the path to marriage increasingly runs through college. While the figures on single men’s declining economic fortunes are the most sobering, they are not what surprised the report’s authors the most. “It’s quite startling how much the partnered women have now outpaced single women,” says Richard Fry, a senior researcher at the Pew Research Center. “About 43% of partnered women have completed at least a bachelor’s degree compared to a third of single women.” He speculates that women may be going to college in greater numbers because it helps them attract a partner in the same way it helps men. “Not only are they rewarded in the labor market with higher earnings, but increasingly, partnership also depends on educational attainment.”

Luscombe is an editor-at-large at TIME and the author of Marriageology: The Art and Science of Staying Together. She provided some valuable insight on the economic impact and demographic of single men. The parts that I find particularly interesting are that single men are more likely to live with a parent, have no college degree and lower median earnings. It's also interesting to see how marriage impacts the economy and how trends chance and how race also play a factor, with POC having the highest rates of being single and Asian people have the lowest.

The trend is showing that fewer people are getting married and that those who do are increasingly better off financially. This probably has more to do with how wealth and education effects marriage than vice versa. At the end of the day the evidence points towards the fact the people with higher levels of education are more likely to get married, and those who are married are better off financially. With divorce rates for people under 50 dropping and the median age of marriage increasing, this is a good sign. It implies that people are being more careful about who and why they are marring.

Thoughts on How Men Are Now More Likely to Be Single Than Women. It's Not a Good Sign!
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  • Jesuswasahue
    Yeah women are the greater sex, men have been trying to hold them back for millennia. They are getting better jobs, they are hotter, they live in nicer places, have better style, have higher sex drives, and better hygiene. No fucking wonder 20% of men get 80% of women...

    However, finding a good man or a good woman is hard. Women are killing it, don't try to bring them down, ask what MEN are now doing wrong.

    And before you fucks start calling me a cuck or whatever word you incels use that you think will offend me, I was going to post anonymously, but I wan't given the choice. If you don't like the truth, you are part of the problem. It's everything your lord and savior Jordan Peterson says, if you actually listened.
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    • Subarugirl

      Well first of all women in germ all are not the better sex, a persons worth is not based on their genitalia.
      A persons merits based in their actions not their physiology.

    • "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence"

    • Subarugirl

      Then why are the majority or teacher women?

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  • KlinkyCoder
    The most annoying is this juxtaposition of women desiring more rights and opportunities at the same time while men still have to be accountable to their traditional responsibilities and get no new opportunities. If you look at statistics, I can't see how on earth you still think "but men are advancing too". It's articles and studies like these that make me not want to stand modern "women's rights" activists. There are some on here that will start arguments against a take like this, they are honestly participating in a toxic ideology.
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  • Hermitess
    I know men are less likely to get married nowadays because they can’t find a woman who likes more traditional roles. Maybe the same logic applies as to why they don’t even want to date anymore and just have flings
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    • Jamie05rhs

      If the men are having flings themselves, then they really have no room to speak to criticize women.

    • Good point. Its hard to find traditional women. But from my perspective there is no point of a relationship and especially marriage if the woman isn't very traditional. So to me its like i can go on a million dates but only two were even close enough to even consider for anything more than casual sex. So what ends up is i have lots of ons and friends with benefits but usually am single.

    • @Hermitess men are more likely to be single because women are picky as hell with dating and want to only date hot tall guys. Of all the guys out there, nearly all the ones that have it easy with dating are the good looking guys. Average and ugly guys have it really hard with dating. And it is funny what you said about flings. Nearly all the guys that have it easy with that are the good looking guys as well.

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  • Ez-Bri-Z
    Yet another reason secondary education should be easily accessible. We are making people literally too poor to be educated or happy in marriage.

    Great article! Thanks for writing it
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    • bgreek

      You mean a 1 sided atricle

    • Ez-Bri-Z

      Aww i got me a little stalker now. Thats cute.

      *pets puppy*

    • bgreek

      One that bites (LOL)

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  • Electmen
    Men have always been the initiators of deep changes in the roots of society, even the takeover of women in the marketplace was only possible because the industrial revolution provided to them a good environment of services to perform. What's happening now in my point of view is another change in the concept of performance, manhood and ultimately happiness.

    In the past fewer man had degrees, so for obvious reasons it was a good idea going to college. Nowadays everybody can have a degree in some stupid area like gender studies, and if you add the fact that most universities will not teach you watch you really need to make money, plus the decentralization of knowledge proportioning man optional ways to acquire experience, it's predictable that we would have a decrease of men going to uni.

    Having a degree can be useful now because our current economy is based on services. In this scenario it's better to have a lawyer with a degree than one who doesn't own one. But society, because of technology, is changing so fast that before we realized most traditional professions that require the authority of a degree are going to be replaced by machines, and all these women going to college are going to be jobless as well as these dudes out of that.

    Now regarding men being single, this is not good but not necessarily a bad sign either. Now we have less men getting into meaningless relationships with disfuncional women spending money on useless things, less undesired pregnancies, less alimony, less men losing their properties in the court after divorce, less suicide, less alcoholism, etc.

    In the past it was mandatory for men to have a woman to provide for to be consider a real "man", there was this shame and pressure on man to assume the responsibility for the mistakes of society in the exchange of recognition. Since men don't have this burden anymore, they're free to choose things they truly want to do. You women tend to associate happiness with social connection, having a good amount of friendships, followers on Instagram and lastly a partner is detrimental to a woman's happiness, but man doesn't value that.

    The male happiness is attached to sense of utility, and as long as we feel useful we don't necessarily need a partner to be happy. That could explain why men are more likely to be single, since women need more connections than us, they make more effort to socialize and finding a partner while men are look for new things to learn, build and fix. That might also explain with women are more likely to initiate divorce. Since women are way more prepotent in terms of getting new partners, they end up making a lot of bad decisions, having trash friends, and being influenced by bad people in the long run, while men are more suspicious and prudent.
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  • Lionman95
    Glad you´re because now I understand the problem.
    I think there are two reasons of this development:
    (1) Online world: Whereas 1990 today there are so many distractions online many guys prefer playing video games, watching porn or Youtube clips or netflix over the hardship of real life. These things give pleasure within a comfort zone that one doesn´t have to work as hard for.
    Modern video games are made to be addictive and so they are. Guys and boys are more interested in them because they provide self-confidence, they provid acknowledgement, that school, dating or being active in sports doesn´t.
    Because parents and schools are often times overwhelmed, because it´s school to know nothing than being a know it all guys have little motivation to memorize vocabulary or formulas they feel have no importance in real life.
    Leading to the second problem which are school marks. Girls are better at memorizing they are more attentive at school and they are sometimes prefered by teachers because of it. Guys on the other hand come with an anti-attitude, they need special motivation and to know why they should learn something. They rather need to see the reason for a topic being important for their life.
    That way boys have worse grades, that keeps them away from college, it makes them having to live at home because they can´t afford a flat of their own.
    Looking at my grades, I wasn´t that bad at school but I also had an exam that prevented me from studying many of the major subjects, like medicine, law, engineering. I ended up studying Theology also because it grants me a secure income and I wasn´t able to get in apprenticeship because I had marks in important subjects like maths and literature&grammar.
    I think this development hasn´t come its height, because the majority of men has still been born before all this gaming and video games came up so they are less likely to be addicted but in the future that will rise to probably 50% of guys because ambition and discipline are qualities you either have or need to be willing to develop them and some of us are no fighters.
    Not all of us are strong enough to withstand from the distraction and short term pleasures the online world offers.
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    • Lionman95

      I meant glad you´re back because the first time you posted that myTake I didn´t what you were up to.
      To sum it up, I´m not really sure if it´s a "problem" that could be solved easily, I´d rather see it as a general shift of Western society in being more female led.

  • Robber_Baron
    Hey, white female

    You're known here for showing off your "virtues" and talking a lot about race, gender and other "social issues."

    Why am I not seeing your take on the biggest issue in the world today, which is the the situation of the Palestinian refugees around the world, subjected to ethnic cleansing by the Israelis. 2 in 3 Palestinians are now refugees or 8.7 millions, millions are stateless, they live in misery and are subjected to all kinds of violence by Israeli settlers, the IDF and the wars in the Middle East.

    Never seen you talk about that, do you only talk about safe issues like BLM? Do you signal your virtues just to get a dopamine kick and avoid thorny issues?

    You can share your thoughts here If you support freedom, democracy and human rights, why don't you support the Palestinians?
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    • Everyone talks about those issues non-stop, there are other problems that effect more of the general population that get glossed over.

  • t-8900
    So I think a few reasons could be contributing to this phenomenon:
    First lets start with some *potentials* :
    People used to get married young and women tended to place a greater emphasis on financial stability so they push their guy to climb the ladder more I think. Some men need a partner to motivate them because they find happiness in that sort of thing. It's not all men that are like this, but this is discussing 1/3 of men. I know plenty of guys that are just like what I describe. Men need motivation and women used to motivate them. Cultural shifts made them less inclined to care I think. When you aren't really feeling the options in your dating pool and you're alone who do you turn to? Family and friends would be my guess.

    Women in general can get more scholarships by default over men. That's going to play a role too. I think we need to stop with diversity quotas and focus on meritocracy. People tend to like to be rewarded for their hard work. The hardest working and/or best should get the top offers and help for those colleges. Or better yet we can put a hard cap on what colleges get to charge.

    Now let me share what I think is a huge part of the issue right here:

    Men and women also learn differently because our brains get stimulated a little differently. To keep my interest I need to visualize something and interact with it. A good example is I like history so I would read some of it, then watch a documentary, then read some more, then watch a movie on subject, then read some more and maybe look at art work depicting what I am studying, etc. Reading all day is boring. Class lectures are boring. I would usually fall asleep in class lmao.

    Brings me to my last point: Modern entertainment.
    I remember getting so bored in class with my friends we all went out and got PSPs to sit and play Star Wars Battlefront 2, Tekken, and Need For Speed in class. We all put out hoods up, hunched over inside our hoodies like we were going to sleep. Then inside the hoodies we would be playing each other in our favorite games. Kids also text a lot in class and stuff too. And then you have the option to... do your homework or go do crazy sh*t with friends. And yeah, lots of us guys preferred that tbh. Schools need to be able to give us some sort of entertainment value dare I say.

    We never had issues learning via movies, shows, etc. Like in lab we could actually do things like create chemical reactions, or in agriculture we worked with plants and animals. This kept my attention. Also teachers who force students to interact by asking them questions and have the ENERGY to put on a big smile and seem excited. Boring classes result in more heads being down on the desk. And unlike big pharma I would advise against putting your sons on all kinds of pills just to get him to be a zombie and pay attention. Fix the education system, the kids are fine. Minds naturally wander.

    I could be totally wrong or perhaps there's even more reasons but I think this all plays a huge role imho, especially in regards to boys and the education system
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  • NathanDavis
    again... the premise on the title does not quite correlate with the rest of this copy-paste content

    it sounds like bait, but for that works well, it is catchy... but, with a bit of mental workout I can make sense out of it and see the point that is trying to make, is just a bad title from the Time magazine, or site
    • Jamie05rhs

      Are you accusing her of plagiarism?

    • Subarugirl

      GaG literally askes for catchy titles, if you don't like it take it up with them

    • Subarugirl

      @Jamie05rhs plagiarism would be claiming materials written by someone else as my own, which I do not.

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  • Kiran_Yagami
    There's no gentle way to say this, modern women are insufferable. That's why more men are single than women. There's a much more long winded, nuanced explanation to be had, but I can't be bothered.
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    • So you think "modern" women are at fault for men who are less educated, making less, and more likely to still be living with their parents?

    • No, all three of those have to do with society as a whole the diminishment of the value of men. It also has to do with the decline of and animosity towards masculine behavior.

    • The same could be said for modern honestly

  • JohnK123
    Long paragraphs all for this short factual answer:
    Girls will sleep with the football team if they want and could date more than one person at a time or within months etc while men won’t sleep with I don't know the volleyball team
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    • Subarugirl

      You might be able to contribute a useful answer if you actually read the answer..

    • JohnK123

      It’s actually *an

    • Subarugirl

      I actually don’t care

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  • loveslongnails
    On the other hand, 44% of new marriages don't make it past 8 years.
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    • yofuknutz

      Yeah that's pretty fucked up

    • @yofuknutz good thing divorce rates are on a decline then

    • Not by much though. Marriage rates are also on the decline.

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  • PositiveNote
    Because of all the wars we've had to fight in the last century, there have been fewer men to start out. Now that we have not lost as many since Vietnam, a lot of things have changed. I would think this would be one of them.
  • Sbsbsbdnd
    more likely to be more single than woman? what? are u trying to say woman find it hard to get a date? lol ur joking?
    guys are lusting over girls everywhere fucking drooling with all this only fans shit n stuff, simps everywhere... its not hard for u girls to become "unsingle" y'all jus choose to be single cos y'all are picky asf and only want mister perfect, we dont really have a choice lol... girls are too hard to obtain so we jus gave up
    • Sbsbsbdnd

      also pretty much every girl i know is taken and has a boyfriend, i dont reeally know any girls that are single but ik tonnes of guys that are

    • Subarugirl

      There are lots of men who are successful in porn and on only fans…
      But sure, keep on giving up when things are difficult and see where that’s gets you

    • Hermitess

      I’m single. No man will touch me with a 10 foot pole. I’m not picky. No man will touch me…. even the few guys i’ve dated don’t want to touch me.

  • DWornock
    Assume an equal number of men and women, the number of single women is the same as the number of single men. However, it may be that more women choose to be single.
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  • Slartybartfast
    Married men live longer..

    Men who die before they hit puberty don't marryWomen don't marry men who are in poor health. It's not marriage making men live longer, it's simply a result of the selection and who gets to choose. It's obviously not men , we have the same "choices" we always had, work, prison or military. I'm just pointing out that some of the statistics often used mean the OPPOSITE of what you think when you apply a little logic. I'd also point out that men earn more because women prefer rich men. Just like women wearing makeup more...
  • TheFlak38
    she probably didn't get the feedback she was hoping for in the other copy of this "copy paste" article so she deleted it and posted in one more time XD lmao! Typical feminist nut job.
    • Subarugirl

      or you could just ask instead of speculating... and just to reiterate since you were too dense to understand when I said it last time. I am not a feminist I support equity of the sexes, there is a difference hon...

    • TheFlak38

      You don't support equity. You support female supremacy. You have said so in the past and you called it equality. You're the liar, I am telling the truth. But what else can I expect from a WOMAN besides lies and manipulation?

    • Subarugirl

      Well I apologize if it came across that way. I do not support female supremacy any more than male supremacy, racism, or sexism. I support equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation and decision-making; and the value of different behaviors, aspirations and needs equally, regardless of gender.

  • sensible27
    Is this deja vu or a repeat post. If men are more likely to be single women aren't? Assuming majority of the population is binary and monogamous
  • DarkWinterNights
    A lot of men have re-evaluated their priorities, especially if they’re questioning whether or not they want to get married these days. I know a couple married guys, and while they love their families, it’s obvious they’re overworked and miserable. I don’t have a college degree, but I make decent money, it pays for my hobbies and allows plenty of time off for travel and other activities - though inflation is really putting a dent in my saving capabilities. I could go back to school and earn more, but I’m not sure if that will have much effect on my happiness.
  • globetrotter22
    Does women ever get concerned about the 4x suicides rates men have?
    • Subarugirl

      Absolutely! Older adults made up 16.9% of 2020 population, but 19.9% of suicides.
      Middle Aged people made up 25.1% of the 2019 population, but were 31.3% of suicides.

      41% of trans adults said they had attempted suicide, in one study. The same study found that 61% of trans people who were victims of physical assault had attempted suicide.

      It’s a huge issue that many people are trying to fix

    • And now you bring trans as a way to sidestep the issue of larger percentages of hetero white males committing suicide. That doesn’t mean I am sidestepping the trans issue. But it colors the debate and is a specialty topic on its own.

    • Subarugirl

      Sucide is a big issue period. My intent was not to lessen the importance of one group’s rates but to emphasize it.

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  • Naughtyboy71

    nope not a good sign but it tell you not get envolved
  • brutus21
    Tinder and OnlyFans
    Woke Culture
    Antagonization of men through the mainstream media, tv shows and movies
    Antagonization of fathers, sons brothers, friends that are male
    Kardashians probably too, maybe im not sure about that
    Unrealistic Beauty Standards
    Unrealistic Expectations from men
    Fat Acceptance
    Not having a good Social Status
    Unjust Legal System
    They are some of the things not to ponder over for dating but for as a whole of the issues men need to acknowledge
    The impression of men on women and vice cersa could also be a contributor. and not just just these two, but also on everyone else as well.
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    • brutus21

      Impression of women on men and vice versa*

  • alance99
    Nice Mytake, you have covered every problem in detailed 🙂
  • anylolone
    That means that a lot of women are sharing dick.
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    • yofuknutz

      Is that a bad thing

    • anylolone

      @yofuknutz According to them, yes, but they keep doing it, so I don't know if I trust their behavior or their word.

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