The fall of men 21. century edition

The fall of men 21. century edition

Do not be confused by this deliberate thumbnail picture. This is not a men VS women/feminism article nor a shaming topic.

No, this is not about how modern men and modern women and feminism this and that. These complaints have been going too rampant (and for the record, i myself don't believe them). Entire volumes of books can be written about this topic - including the countless of issues modern men and modern women are dealing with in their daily lives - and little would change. And besides I wouldn't read one page if there is. This is not about that, so i'll leave it at that.

I like to think since this hypothetical "Patriarchy" hive-mind artifact of ours, that we so much worshiped got obliterated it may have deprived us with the essentials of being respectable human beings and not mindless savages acting like dominance above everybody else is the only way. Pride, respect, acceptance, valuing yourself and others, having boundaries and fighting back - all diminished. Of course I don't believe that myself. There are still adequate human beings out there.

But how far can we go on until we reach a limit if there is one to degenerate further and further? At what point do you wake up and come to the idea, that maybe - just maybe - it's you, that must reevaluate where you stand and undergo a seemingly alternative approach in life if not a much simpler one? Sure, it doesn't change the global problems happening in the world and society and that's not the point. How can you be so sure, that you are not part of the fallen ones?

As a concrete example think of a popular phrase "Blowjobs are like flowers for men". There is no doubt a huge number of men would agree on it. But what if a man likes flowers too? Or what if whatever.

Or women have the idea, that all men love beer. Then again, there are men, who can't get beer in their mouth because of it's taste, that they can't tolerate. I have personally been on the receiving end of having been gifted beer and seafood but I do not put beer or seafood in my mouth. I felt like I was being put in an abstract category of "all men" much the same way men would put women in an abstract category "all women love high heels".

Where am I going with this?

Current "indefinite trends" are going on. Men changing their gender and becoming trans-girls. They have their reasons and it's their life and their choices and I am not judging them for it. In the end they are happier and I don't have any problems with trans-girls, sissy femboys and whatever. Are they the fallen men or did they make the right choice as they perceive women have it better or easier in life?

At what point do these things become an issue or invasive? Let's dive deeper and see.

C_uckolding is increasing exponentially in popularity. It shows up, it's talked about, it's happening and when I go on p_orn websites it's feeling like I am getting it thrown in my face. This is an example of when an issue becomes invasive. I don't want to see it, hear it, whatever. But since others are total fans of it (primarily men if not exclusively men), it gains in size and popularity. Back to my 3 points earlier about that:

1. how far can we go on until we reach a limit? The consequence here I am most concerned about is that due to it's exponential gain in popularity women may start expecting, that men are into being c_uckolded the same way women today believe we are into blowjobs and beer and we'd reach a new chapter of the fall. And if that happens to me... I'd lose my temper and bad things will happen.

2. At what point do you wake up and come to the idea, that maybe - just maybe - it's you, that must reevaluate where you stand? Very ironic to my previous point. There is no escaping from unseeing and avoiding encountering c_uckold p_orn. In this case I say you can't have a rainbow without a rain first.

3. How can you be so sure, that you are not part of the fallen ones? In other words, how can you be so sure the c_uckolds are the normal and sane ones and the others are the sickos? As far as I am concerned the appalling gut feeling alone is guidance enough.

Why did I bring up this example? I was born in the 1990s before smartphones and social media were a thing. I was perfectly happy with a simplistic life routine without social media and notifications. Just Emails and instant messaging clients (some with VoIP). And some years later I still don't use social media (this is a forum, not a social media) and the issues I have encountered already are that girls are expecting me to have at least some social media (mostly instagram) or else I'm a phantom. So much for the argument "not being on social media makes me more attractive" but soon to be "not being into c_ucking makes me more attractive". But this issue is not a gender specific fall. I consider this real example a chapter of the fall of society. This c_uck example may very well be the next stage. I dread what comes next.

The fall of men/women/non-binary is affecting those, who are no part of the way society develops or falls. The message here is in the end you can't really change it unless you are a very powerful figure (e.g. certain religious leaders, politicians and others) but still it's not your job. But you will inevitably sustain what's coming from it.

The fall of men 21. century edition
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