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What is the Green Cult really up to?

What is the Green Cult really up to?

The Green Cult, aka Climate Changers/Warmists want to severely reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, calling carbon a "pollutant", while it is an element necessary to all life on earth. No organism can survive without it. The entire process on which all human life depends, photosynthesis, requires carbon dioxide. In order for plants to produce oxygen for living beings to breathe, they must first collect carbon dioxide dispelled from living beings, breathing the air they are producing. Scientists claim that areas with higher carbon concentration are more green and more fertile, not less. Some estimate that a doubling of atmospheric CO2 could green the earth sufficiently to end human hunger. So why would the Green cult want to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere?

If Green Cultists are so concerned about the effects of fossil fuels, why are they so opposed to using nuclear energy ; a form of energy production that requires no fossil fuel at all? Why are they endorsing solar panels and windmills, both unsustainable energy sources, at the same time; knowing that the wind isn't always blowing and the sun is only out for about half the day? And both of them use fossil fuels throughout their energy production processes. Could it be because the "climate crisis" hysteria is actually just a mask that their movement is wearing? Do they actually believe this Global Warming nonsense? Or could their environmental alarmism be cover for something more sinister?

It probably isn't a coincidence that many environmentalists, including the mob at the World Economic Forum support the Green Cult. Moral connotations aside, many in the mob believe that, by necessity, human population growth will outpace the scarce available resources and for the Global Community to be stable, the population growth rate must be stabilized or even reduced to match the available resources. The Green cult clearly believes that a steadily growing human population is straining the Earth's resources and is causing irreversible damage to the natural habitat, landscape, and climate. The Environmentalist Mob seeks not only to preserve the ecosystem, but to destroy anything they deem as a threat to it, including humans.

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2100, the population of the Earth will be between 6.3 and 8.8 billion people. Presently, it is about 8 billion people; meaning that the entire population of the Earth will either be fairly dramatically reduced by up to 1.7 billion people or hardly increase at all. Whether anyone thinks this would be a good or bad thing is not important. The point is that the World Economic Forum wants, predicts, and is betting on a decreased population and many in the Climate Change Mob view a decreased human population as a "healthy" trend for the Earth's sake. It may be that the goal of the modern Climate Change movement not just carbon reduction, but human reduction and if population growth is not restrained, then "positive checks" on population growth will result, such as war, famine, and disease epidemics.

Maybe it a coincidence that Climate-obsessed leftist governments in the West are also staunchest supporters of the war in Ukraine, where roughly 180,000 Russian soldiers and 100,000 Ukraine soldiers plus 30,000 civilians have died. It may a coincidence that the ruling classes, which ceaselessly preach about carbon dioxide causing melting glaciers, increasing sea levels, global warming and massive amounts of death are the same ones that allow our State Department and National Institutes of Health to send $1.7 million in taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the place where the first COVID strain likely came from.

Is it a coincidence that the same leftist environmentalist governments like Canada, who also proclaim that climate change is killing people, are at the same time restricting and reducing the use by Canadian farmers of chemical fertilizers required for industrial, mass-production farming that feeds millions of people? They claim it is to "reduce emissions" and slow climate change, while Canadian farming organizations are claim that the fertilizer restrictions will significantly reduce crops, slash the income of farmers, and increase Canadian grocery prices, This may result in food shortages and famines in Canada, the same way it happened in Sri Lanka.

The questions and assertions here are my guesswork based on the effect if a lot of news reading. It's merely a different way to look at current events and trends that don't conform to the usual rhetoric we hear on Cable News. It's simply sensing a scenario and to raise questions from people smarter than I am. Is what we are seeing around us not only to control how we live but control if we live at all?

Or maybe I've had too much coffee this morning.

What is the Green Cult really up to?
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